New Mexico 'Super 8' Motel Guest Claims They Were Hit In Eye By 'Meth' Shot Out Of Faucet

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New Mexico 'Super 8' Motel Guest Claims They Were Hit In Eye By 'Meth' Shot Out Of Faucet


Police in Portales, New Mexico are investigating a strange incident at a Super 8 Motel.

Last week, authorities were called to the Super 8 on U.S. Route 70 after a guest said a "piece of methamphetamine" struck "them in the eye after it came out of a faucet," a news release from the Portales Police Department states.
A spokesperson for Super 8 Motel did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

When officers arrived to the scene, they determined that the substance was indeed methamphetamine, police say.

Police alleged in the statement that a "large amount of methamphetamine had been introduced to the building's water system and then continued throughout the building."
In a follow-up statement posted Saturday, authorities said that more of the illicit drug was allegedly found in multiple other locations, including inside an ice machine. image

In response, Portales has suspended water service to the lodging establishment to "stop the potential for contamination of the city's water supply and to protect those still occupying the building," police said.

Upon inspection, however, Portales Public Works and the New Mexico State Police determined that the city's water supply has not been contaminated at this time, the statement revealed.

Still, state police "are handling the potential hazardous material situation."

"The building is equipped with a device intended to prevent water back flow into the City's water system and the water was turned off to the building for further precautions and safety measures," the follow-up statement added.
The hotel guest, who was struck, did not sustain life-threatening injuries. At this time, the investigation into the incident is going, and no arrests have been made at this time.

visit this link https://www.yahoo.com/ent .. 133144929.html


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All the water and the ice machine


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At a super 8 … somehow I’m not surprised

 4 weeks ago '15        #4
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Nobody sleeping in that motel…

I’m blaming the Chinese…


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Imagine drinking some water from the faucet next thing you know

But nah on the real there is nothing funny about that, because yeah....especially if children got ahold of the contaminated water

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How sway

 4 weeks ago '13        #7
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"Ran up in my spots and now I'm working out the Super 8, Know you n*ggas hungry, come and get a super plate"

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It’s not funny it happened to them but wtf how sway

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Rather sleep in my car

Sign me up


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