Prince Andrew Has a Week to Challenge Court Ruling to Serve Papers Amid Procedure Disagree

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Prince Andrew Has a Week to Challenge Court Ruling to Serve Papers Amid Procedure Disagree


Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is accused of s*xual a*sault from Virginia Roberts Giuffre. The latter's legal team has found it difficult to serve him with the lawsuit papers, as the Duke's legal team claims that the service was not made properly under UK or international law.

The legal team for Prince Andrew has one week to challenge a decision by the high court that the Duke can be formally contacted by UK courts with regard to the s*x a*sault suit filed against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

"Lawyers for Prince Andrew have indicated that they may seek to challenge the decision of the high court to recognise the validity of the Hague convention request for service made by Ms Giuffre’s lawyers", the high court said on Friday, after ordering that all challenges must be made before 24 September deadline.

On Wednesday, the high court*accepted a request by Giuffre's lawyers*to formally reach out to Prince Andrew in relation to the legal proceedings.

The Duke and his legal handlers, however, have insisted that legal papers were not served according to international law. The UK royal's legal team dubbed Giuffre's suit "regrettable" and "potentially unlawful", as the Duke is reportedly "utterly convinced" that it will be easy for him to brush off the s*x a*sault.

Despite his confidence, however, he was reported to have been "stonewalling" and avoiding Giuffre's lawyers who tried to serve him with legal papers. Dismissing the Duke team's claims that the service was not carried out legally, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that Giuffre can use alternative means of contacting Prince Andrew, and noted that legal proceedings are not "a game of hide and seek behind palace walls".

Giuffre, who has testified under oath, provided photos to the court that she said proved that she mailed s*x a*sault papers to Prince Andrew at his home address.

What Is Prince Andrew Accused Of?

Virginia Giuffre is one of the many alleged victims of a s*x trafficking ring organised by late American financier and pedophile s*x offender Jeffrey Epstein. Giuffre claimed that she was forced by Epstein and his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, to have s*x with Prince Andrew - when she was 17.

The Duke of York has denied the accusations, but nonetheless was told to step down from his royal duties in 2019 as the scandal around the testimony intensified. The UK royal claimed that he had no memory of meeting Giuffre, despite the two having been photographed together, arm in arm.
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