Yall ever had a fever dream?

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Yall ever had a fever dream?


I used to get sick all the time as a kid because I played in the cold and the water all day every day. I used to get these intense, super vivid, super abstract but painful dreams where you feel a gigantic nothingness that isnt really nothing and it has this hostile thing about it like a really dark energy from the abyss.

Sometimes I'd see a large white pattern or ball surrounded by what looks like white clouds or patterns in no distinguishable shape. And somehow I'm in it and theres nowhere to run no matter what I do.

I used to get up and run outside whenever it happened. I remember one time I got up and ran to my dad's lap all scared and sh*t and sweating , in so much fear like I just got back from hell.

Idk man, that deep void is like nothing else. It's just terrifying and the reason it's so scary is that I think it's a lot like death. Tye void grows larger and larger and it is cold and seems hostile to us because we're alive. Fever dreams are SCARY as sh*t.


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In my dreams? no never

I be tryna get a glipse of myself in a mirror tho

Tryna see my true avatar

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