What ever happened to the smooth sensual rap and rb of the 90s

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WillyWanka00  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x18
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What ever happened to the smooth sensual rap and rb of the 90s

sh*t like Jodeci, case, heavy d, Keith sweat etc ll etc


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The majority of females who consumed it became less interested in innuendo and more in being called hoes that need to suck a d*ck

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consigliereA  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Jhené Aiko has a song called PWUSSY FAIRY..

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Rishi P 
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Autotune, trap beats, and over produced tracks unfortunately

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If u go back to oldies but goodies like al green everyone had there own unique style or rap during the 80s and 90s everyone sound the same

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consigliereA  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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I was joking OP, I feel what you’re saying..

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soso24  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x16
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The women lost their femininity...

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-- Music is a reflection of culture (era)--- study the culture(s) of society for whatever period of time you are questioning-- realize there have been philosophical shifts in how men and women socialize and interact with one another intimately and otherwise.

The philosophies of love and courting in the 90's (and before) cannot be a message in the music to the subsequent generations that had no love at home and were under the duress of an eroded home and family structure (value hubs), crack, smack, higher illiteracy and drop out rates from school, babies raising babies, etc. and so on. If you aren't taught how to love at home, how are you going to transmit those energies -- especially when it comes to creating a song.

As well, the creation of music is not the same. Literal frequencies of its transmission have changed (analog to digital). I suggest you read up on music and its impact on your chokras (your body's metaphysical/spiritual energy centers) and measure how the music frequencies made now are different from prior years.

Since Reagan-era policies started cutting out programs in schools such as music and arts, what is the result? People who don't actually play music (read notes, operate an instrument, etc.) trying to make and create music. R&B has literally evolved into a music that is bass-driven in its creation. Drum and Bass are a*sociated with warring and aggressive tendencies --especially when you understand the science of BPM (Beats Per Minute). Think about Lil Jon's movement in relations to be labeled as "crunk" (hype music)

There are other factors and dynamics that are at hand but I dont want to bore with a dissertation. Consider the impact of the models of business and the audiences that the music has to be sold to also. R&B has been "bleached" with the blue-eyed soul creators that have shut a lot of the urban artists out of popular and commercial successes. We do have to look at ourselves as to where and why there is an absence of things we once used to enjoy and how we can try to reclaim or restore those indulgences and outputs.

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im a*suming it's the producers man that's a hard genre to produce and with schools getting rid of music classes and less people going to church and learning music that way, and the rise of FL Studio and loops, i b watchin people make 5 beats in an hour with no real effort.

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Bruh there are literally like 5 R&B songs that came out since 2010 that I fu*k with. Not albums but SONGS. It's so soulless these days.

Listening to the music my parents would play spoiled me.

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