Sep 15 - NYC: Neighborhoods hit hardest by COVID now buried under garbage

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Sep 15 - NYC: Neighborhoods hit hardest by COVID now buried under garbage

Coronavirus Update NYC: Neighborhoods hit hardest by COVID now buried under garbage

CORONA, Queens (WABC) -- New York City has designated record-setting funding to improve the quality of life for residents that have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

After the crisis gripped the city in March 2020, an increasing number of people stayed home and city services were cut leading to trash piling on neighborhood streets.

Local officials who toured Corona, Queens Wednesday noted that garbage is everywhere it's not supposed to be, including items that require a scheduled pick up, like mattresses and old arcade games.

"Garbage is where the people are, so the more people you have, the less opportunity and outlets for it to go somewhere, the more you're going to have a litter backup," Sanitation Commissioner Edward Grayson said.

One of the most common problems is the misuse of public garbage cans, which are meant for pedestrian trash only, and anyone who places garbage from a home or business in them is subject to a $100 fine.

The new funding will provide more dedicated trucks to navigate narrow streets and service hours will increase to seven days per week.

Plus, 10 new enforcement cameras will help crackdown on illegal dumping.

Area residents just hope to fix the putrid odor, often beneath their feet...

"When it's a lot of food garbage and not the recycled garbage, it is immensely disgusting," East Elmhurst resident Larinda Hooks said.

visit this link https://abc7ny.com/covid- .. ding/11022921/


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It's the Corona queens apocalypse

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NYC public housing is just depressing to look at


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They only doing alternate side parking 2 times a week now cause of Covid maybe that's why. Used to be street cleaning on 1 side of the street and it would be Mon and Thur for example, but now it would only be Thur. (the last day on the sign)

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There needs to be a NYC Rat Olympics

Even the Cat is Afraid of the Rat.

Jokes aside,It's a Terrible Situation in NYC,Rubbish creates Breeding ground for Rats


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if you click the source link, there's a video of City Councliman Francisco P. Moya (only a**holes include their middle initial) talking about his commitment to solving the problem he created, he's so brave

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Ready to give the irs 80 billion , can always fund the pentagon, always creating enemies to start a war but can't fund city services

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