Greedy BX member gets caught Mining Bitcoin at work

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Greedy BX member gets caught Mining Bitcoin at work


A Suffolk County information technology supervisor has been arrested for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency out of the county center in Riverhead since February, District Attorney Timothy Sini announced Wednesday.

Christopher Naples, 42, of Mattituck, is charged with Public Corruption, Grand Larceny in the Third Degree, Computer Trespass and Official Misconduct, according to a press release from the district attorney’s office. Naples is the a*sistant manager of information technology operations for the county clerk’s office and has been employed by the county since 2000, according to the release.
Investigators executed a search warrant at the county center on Aug. 19 and seized 46 cryptocurrency mining devices hidden throughout unused panels and removable floorboards in six rooms throughout the building, Sini said.

The investigators found that 10 devices in Naples’ operation had cost more than $6,000 to the county in energy bills, according to prosecutors. The investigation into the operation and costs of the other devices is ongoing, but are estimated to cost $4,200 per month each in electricity, the release said. An investigation is ongoing to find out how much money Naples’ could have made from the alleged operation, Sini said.

“Mining cryptocurrency requires an enormous amount of resources, and miners have to navigate how to cover all of those electricity and cooling costs,” Sini said in a statement. “This defendant found a way to do it; unfortunately, it was on the backs of taxpayers. We will not allow County employees, who are already on the public’s payroll, to steal taxpayer money or illegally use government resources for their own personal gain.”
Sini said some devices had increased the temperature of one room that held the county servers and other infrastructure, and put it at risk. The devices also required the bypassing of the county’s internet security protocols and could have “jeopardized the security of the county’s network,” Sini said.

Naples was arraigned on Wednesday in Southampton Town Justice Court and was released on his own recognizance, according to the DA. He is due back in court Sept. 16. If convicted of the top count, he could face a maximum sentence of five to 15 years in prison.

visit this link https://riverheadlocal.co .. bryvhCzZ9Cjjfo


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5-15 years??? I’ve seen murderers get less time…

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 JoeDoe22 said

5-15 years??? I’ve seen murderers get less time…
They don't want nobody shining, just worker bees in debt for the rest of their lives man.

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Dude didn't think any of the electricity or heat would give his scam away.


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He fcked up a good job being greedy

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If he was mining Monero he might actually be able to keep the coins he mined.

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Get xMooney it’s a decentralized mining network.


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Had a guy do this at the company I work for years ago. Except this was 2015-2016 before Bitcoin/Crypto was as mainstream as it is today. He was using the companies resources to mine and got rich then quit after the 2017 bull cycle top. He told my boss he made 12 million and was gonna travel the world. I only met him briefly after he left but he was one of the main reasons I got into crypto in early 2020.

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If he’s smart he cold stored so away somewhere. But doubt it.

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He gone

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