Axios: New Israeli plan targeting Ben & Jerry’s

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Axios: New Israeli plan targeting Ben & Jerry’s


The occupation state is planning to carry out a massive pressure campaign targeting Ben & Jerry’s following the firm’s decision to boycott Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the eastern part of Jerusalem, reported Axios on Tuesday.

The occupation state reportedly sent out a classified letter to Israeli diplomatic missions in North America and Europe directing them to “encourage Jewish organizations, pro-Israel advocacy groups and evangelical communities to organize demonstrations in front of Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever offices and put pressure on investors and distributors for both companies.”

In addition to encouraging incitement and running a media campaign, the Israeli diplomats were instructed to “push for the activation of anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) legislation in several states” while lobbying public officials.

Axios reported that the letter claimed that the company’s decision “smells like extreme cancel culture” and tied it to the growing BDS movement, which the cable also claimed was “motivated by antisemitism.”

Axios also reported that the Israeli Foreign Ministry instructed diplomats to immediately report any new information about efforts by BDS activists to press more companies to follow Ben & Jerry’s.
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