Jay-Z unforgetable lines (just 1 per person please)

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 06-07-2005, 10:36 PM         #41
1up  OP
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Jay-Z is one of my favorite rappers and i couldn't just get one line soo...

:second verse off "moment of clarity"

The music business hate me
Cause the industry ain't make me
Hustlers and boosters embrace me
And the music i be makin
I dump down for my audience
And double my dollars
They criticize me for it
Yet they all yell "Holla"
If skills sold
Truth be told
I'd probably be
Talib Kweli
I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
But I ain't been rhymin like Common Sense <---- that line is fire!!
When your sense got that much in common
And you been hustlin since
Your inception
fu*k perception
Go with what makes sense
I know what i'm up against
We as rappers must decide what's most impor-tant
And i can't help the poor if i'm one of them
So i got rich and gave back
To me that's the win, win
So the next time you see the homie and his rims spin
Just know my mind is workin just like them
(The rims that is)

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 06-07-2005, 11:01 PM         #42
dipboy20  OP
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So I stepped it up another level, meditated like a Buddhist.
Recruited luitenants with ludicrous..., dreams of gettin cream
Let's do this, it gets te-di-ous...So I keep one eye open like CBS. - (classic)
You se me stressed right? Can I live? - (Can I Live)

I dabbled in crazy weight. Without rap I was crazy straight. Patna I'm still spending money from '88. - (Dead Presidents)

Where we call the cops the A-team...cause they hop out of vans and spray things.
And life expectancy so low, we makin our wills at 18.
 06-07-2005, 11:30 PM         #43
YoungPimpin  OP
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already posted but damn...

I dabbled in crazy weight. Without rap I was crazy straight. Patna I'm still spending money from '88.
 13 years ago '05        #44
legacy313 2 heat pts
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 emoney14 said:
Man this might be the greatest thread I ever created but how bout this one....

Daddy-o with the cali cole (sp?)/let the gatty blow/leave u bleeding on ur patio
Ja Rule ft DMX & Jay-Z - It's Murda

or even better

And anything involvin my name, regardless of the fame is hard
I can't even walk through harlem again
Charge it to the game
Im platinum like American Express
My boy died and all I did was inherit his stress
To make every jam tougher
U aint my man fuk ya
I should just let u live right???.....Negative
Jay-Z ft Memphis Bleek - Its Alright

I think Jay stole one of these lines from Big L but it was still tight

All I got for chicks hard d!ck and bubble gum /flip bricks like fred, barney rubble and them
Jay- Z Million and 1 Question Remix

or even better...Props for whoever can finish this one or at least name the song (its not hard)...

I like the mutha fukin sound proof booth-a
New sh*t, Yall say the same sh*t like ya looped up
Yall raps all lazy, Jigga the black scorseze (sp?)
What ur album lack is more Jay-Z

Code name: Jay-hovah, all praise me
Y'all don't paint pictures, y'all all trace me
You've yet to see the day when my squad be done
I represent that sh*t n*gga, Marcy son, what?

Jay-Z- Pre-Game
 06-08-2005, 12:25 AM         #45
JerseyFlow  OP
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"Get Ya Cds out lets go song for song
Im the illest n*gga doin it till yall prove me wrong"

Outro Vol. 3
 06-08-2005, 01:08 AM         #46
Irvgeezy  OP
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"Go find something to do, your a janitor, go find something to screw
disappear like Copperfield, go cop a field
play hide-and-seek with yourself for real
chick came dressed up just to get messed up
she got her hair done ,just to get it sweated up
sh*t I'm tryin to help her out, why dont you help me out and be out"

2 Many Hoes/ The Blueprint 2: The Curse

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 06-08-2005, 03:30 PM         #47
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I remove ya roof n*gga let da sun shine in
38 waist nuff 2 put one nine in
really a 36 wit out da gun im thin
but when da gat is tucked im fat as fu*k.
-Come and Get me Vol 3
 06-08-2005, 04:21 PM         #48
Professor Ali  OP
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"fu*k em feed em
cuz i dont fu*kin need em"

big pimpin
 13 years ago '04        #49
marshall law 2 heat pts
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Sorry some of these are kinda long--but y'all know how it is when you quote hot lines:

"...iron mack, n*gga I am back/ with the team, no "i" in that/ R.O.C., n*ggas not eyeing that/ yall can't see, clearly, 'cause the reign aint gone/ the Dynasty's, no not Ming's but Shawn's, Dame's, Kareem's, n*gga it's the gangsta team/ we stop your run, one of the reasons why they call us gangrene/ the other reason? we got a gang of green/ if there's better at making cheddar, that remains to be seen n*gga" -Hovi Baby, BP2

"I know, pop, you can't stand us 'cause we c*ck them hammers/ run in your crib, no prisoners, pop your grandma/ locked in the slammer? Nope, popped up in Atlanta/ cropped up in the drop, I popped up the antenna/ whoa! watch your manners when my veins pop like scanners/ like raindrops, you'll hear the thunder when I c*ck the cannon..." -Reservoir Dogs, Vol. 2

"And who knew dude that played ball for the NBA would make a mistake on the who knew's estates and throw it away?/ who knew that'd be his last shot? who drew up that play?" -Guns and Roses, BP2 (those are some cold a.ss lyrics, for real--Jayson Williams was lucky he got off without prison)

"I hope she likes pr0no flicks, 'cause she's starring now/if the answer is no, she's speakin foreign now/just let a brotha know, I'll turn my car around/freak'll freeze, if the answer really is no, man, I'll leave so fast she can speak to my breeze/she said "you stressin me now"/she's said "no, no, no" then "yeah, yeah, yeah" like she's Destiny's Child" -Lobster & Scrimp, Tim's Bio

"I hate fake bi*ches, "you gotta wait" bi*ches/"I don't know you, I don't fu*k on the first date" bi*ches/hot shot n*ggas, talk to the cop n*ggas/"Money, that's my girl" c*ck block n*ggas/see you in the club and scheme on your watch n*ggas/talk a lotta sh*t with no gloc n*ggas" -Lobster & Scrimp, Tim's Bio

"I'm like Mariah with the cake/Lord knows, I'm 'bout to retire with Ma$e/all my brauds look like Mya in the waist/all over the country, like Shania in the face... n*ggas acting like they flyin with a cape/'til I bring 'em to earth, then they hiring the jake/monkeys can't look the lion in the face/the king of the jungle, n*gga, did I mumble?" - Flava In Your Ear freestyle, S. Carter Collection Vol. 1
 13 years ago '04        #50
Drehova 1 heat pts
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The cream too long, my team too strong
Bleek is too hot, Beans is gone
Ya'll n*ggas in the crosshair, the beams is on (see ya'll)
Ya'll whole block deserted, ya'll fiends are gone (bye bye!)
The whole Roc is jumpin', we reached our zenith
Got fiends throwin' up on themself like Willy Beaman (*giggle*)
Any given Sunday gunplay's optional
However n*ggas want it like Soul II Soul (however do you waaaaant it)
Whoever got hops get blocked go to the hole
Dikembe Mutumbo of this rap sh*t
Plus the jab is sick, and its Zab quick
Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six
Now run along wit'cha little a.ss hits
Read my rap sheet n*gga, THREE CLASSICS

All I Need - The Blueprint
 13 years ago '04        #51
tmed834 5 heat pts
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U got a couple of beans, and u don't have a clue
the situation is bleek, i'ma keep it real cuz
fu*kin wit me, u gotta drop amil cuz
if u gonna cop sumthin u gotta cop for rell
(the ruler's back) Blueprint

look at my sig too

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 13 years ago '04        #52
Drehova 1 heat pts
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I speak through music, I reach you dudes
We can get deeper in the dirt than cleat shoes
I refuse to lose
I peep you creeps three months in advance
The man that I am and damn you dont know
The harder you go at me the harder I flow
Lets do this
I'm just a mirror reflectin your image
The minute you switch up your face I pick up the pace
There's nothin to it
Pull hammers from my waist
We can clap at this amateur pace
If that's what's crackin
Or we can play this on All Madden
Can you even fathom not havin a fear in the world
I'm cool in my afterlife
If I'm readin these chapters right
Please what have you, I breeze through Matthews
Bleed if I have you, you cowards die a thousand deaths
Fate fu*ks face-down on your house's steps
Are yall even gettin this message?
I aint bein aggressive
But if you testin my life then, sh*t I gotta answer
Gotta cut off the cancer, young'n, pull your pants up
You gettin too big for ya britches
You fu*kin wit a dude that did it wit digits
Breathing's a privilege
Dont you know... when youre defeated?
Wont you throw? Throw in the towel
I'm better with vowels
I'm a man of principles; damn-near invincible
In my own mind now that my soul's aligned
I didnt know before now my role's defined:
Take hold and control what's mine
Come and take my life, you comin wit me
Come and try to take me for granted
I'll take you off this planet
Dammit, man this is the gift from God
This aint have to stand
'Til your arms are too short to box
Plus we knuckle up unorthodox
You can't take me off my grind GET OFF MY c*ck
Whatchu thought? It's da ROC

People Talkin'

I had to double up.
 06-08-2005, 08:35 PM         #53
emoney14  OP
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 legacy313 said:
Code name: Jay-hovah, all praise me
Y'all don't paint pictures, y'all all trace me
You've yet to see the day when my squad be done
I represent that sh*t n*gga, Marcy son, what?

Jay-Z- Pre-Game

Man the beat on this song is so TIGHT. I had to give u props for that one...but its actually Sauce Money's song. Either way..u got the lyrics...i can just hear the beat in my head now.
 06-08-2005, 08:58 PM         #54
emoney14  OP
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Man i got one better than any joint on this thread as of yet...and I heard its actually about Nas's baby mother Carmen.

Now while u home alone
Why she out with me
Room 112 Hotel Balcony
How she say "Jay u can call the house for me"
Its no respect at all
U betta check her dawg
She keep beggin me to hit it raw
So she can have my kids and say it was yours
How foul is she and u wifed her
sh*t.... i put the rubber on tighter
I sent her home, when she enter home
U hugged her up
What the fu*k is up
She got ur whip... got ur kids...got ur home
Don't let him here that he'll hurl
It'll make him sick
That his favorite chick
Aint savin it
Unfaithful bi*ch!!!!!

One of Jay-Z's verses from Memphis Bleek's - Is That Ur Chick ft Jay-Z, Twista, & Missy

Aight I sware last one.....
Gotta hurt i'm your baby mamas favorite rapper!!!! (CLASSIC)
Jay-Z - Super Ugly
 06-08-2005, 09:11 PM         #55
mimoocha2424  OP
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Okay, I'm gettin weeded now..
I know I contradicted myself,
look I don't need that now
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