Crypto scam: Nearly 100k people fleeced by fake cryptomining apps promoting cloud service

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Crypto scam: Nearly 100k people fleeced by fake cryptomining apps promoting cloud service

Seen a thread the other day promoting cloud based crypto mining!image

visit this link https://www.tomsguide.com .. ing-bogus-scam

If some of your cryptocurrency-crazy friends seem a little more sheepish than usual today, it may be because they were scammed by bogus Android apps that promised cloud-based mining services — but delivered nothing.

Mobile security firm Lookout revealed this morning (July 7) that it had found more than 170 different Android apps, 25 of which were in Google Play, that "advertise themselves as providing cloud cryptocurrency mining services for a fee."

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But, Lookout researcher Ioannis Gasparis said in the company's report, "we found that no cloud crypto mining actually takes place."

"Based on our analysis, they scammed more than 93,000 people and stole at least $350,000 between users paying for apps and buying additional fake upgrades and services," said Gasparis.


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Scamming to survive is one thing. Scamming hundreds of thousands though? Dirtbags. That’s dedication to screwing people not just needing money or something.

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Shame but lessons usually cost something. Years ago I got my first crypto from "spinner" games from the play store. Ltc, btc and eth. They sent it straight to my coinbase and it was free. Do your due diligence. There's a lot of scams, there's plenty of free sh*t too lol some might sound too good to be true... you can prob get 20, 25 bucks free on coinbase right now from watching videos

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1. Work hard
2. Cut out unnecessary bullsh*t
3. DYOR/DD/Plan exit strategies
4. Pay your bills
5. Invest what's left into token(s)
6. Store in secure wallet
7. Repeat steps 1-6

I'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. It's actually directions to make a ground pork ragu with linguine.

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sportsbook top 10

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 bilal747 said
Don't let bilal747 distract you from the fact that he lied about coding as a side hustle just to impress random strangers on the internet.

 bilal747 said
My side hustle is programming. I haven't done much recently because I need to travel, but once I get this 2nd shot then I can get back to work. I'm literally studying databases like linked list aka blockchains

 bilal747 said
If you were to check my history I ADMIT I'm not that good at programming yet, but I have zero fears discussing what I do know. I also just said a few comments ago that it was a hobby and not a job.

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Lmfao dumb a*s mofos.

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