A Big Mans Buyers Guide

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A Big Mans Buyers Guide

I’ve been trying out brands over the years and want to give those looking to purchase some insight. I’ve made some bad purchases buying online without having the ability to try things on ahead of time. I’ve also made some iffy purchases buying from brands whose quality turn to sh*t after a few washes. Here’s what I’ve discovered.

Background about me:

250-280 lbs athletic build

Supreme: shorts and pants are not big man certified. At the time I was actively buying supreme xxl wasn’t available, I believe they now carry xxls. My experience with XL shirts and hoodies are as follow- hoodies fit snug (thick heavy weight material) XLs fit like a true XL if you’re tall and slim you’ll be fine. (Last Purchase 2019 or 2020)

Carhartt WIP: not to be confused with traditional Carhartt. Carhartt WIP jackets ( Detroit, Chore, half zips etc.) and hoodies are wearable in XXL but are kinda snug (fitted look). XXL polos are not big man friendly. Pants and Jeans are a no go if you’re 6’5 +. Tees are wearable just more of a slim look. (Last Purchase 2021)

Anti Social Social Club: Don’t waste your time or money. Everything fits a size down. (Last Purchase 2020)

Total Luxury Spa: Size up hoodies and tees. I have purchased any bottoms. Quality is good for price. (Last Purchase 2021)

KITH: Tees are hit or miss when it comes to quality. Some pieces have lasted years while the newer tshirt graphics have faded after 1 wash. Tees fit fine (slim fit). Shorts fit short, if you have an athletic build I would size up. (Last Purchase 2021)

Cactus Plant Flea Market: most items I’ve bought are oversized. Quality has been great across the board. If you’re slim size down. (Last purchase 2021)

BODEGA: TTS in tees and hoodies. (2021)

Everlane: good quality but not tall friendly (2020)

Nudie Jeans Co: I would go true size in the waist and a size down in length.


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Prad Bitt 
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Good taste, Nordic brands lean towards your build, Norse Projects to begin

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ma chis mo  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1 OP
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BornxRaised: a bit oversized. Quality is hit or miss. Sometimes they use heavy weight sweatshirt/pants materials and others it’s the cheap sh*t. Kinda disappointing if you get the latter since they’re priced on the top end. Also they may advertise a piece as having embroidered logos etc but may ship you something that’s just screen printed. This has happened to me twice.

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I find everything I need at POLO.

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 ma chis mo said
Nudie Jeans Co: I would go true size in the waist and a size down in length.
Good post OP, ima semi slim dude who hates fashion but i can understand the challenges for someone at your size who appreciates clothes. Do you tailor your clothes? At the end of the day, prefab clothes rarely fit properly. Ive switched all jeans to Nudies or Levi depending on the event because other brands dont fit well. Nudies have a great cut for 502/511 style Levi guys.
I did runway modeling a decade ago and you cannot beat custom fitting clothing. Cheat code... tailor a shirt, ship to India or bangladesh, have them send you 30 back in different fabrics for hella cheap. You can even embroider your initials on each shirt or send them the fabric. Good luck bro!

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