Lonzo Ball Reveals His Worst Moment In Basketball

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Lonzo Ball Reveals His Worst Moment In Basketball

Lonzo Ball has had his share of ups and downs throughout his career.

Lonzo Ball has been through a lot over the course of his young career and he hasn't been shy to speak about some of the struggles that have come with it all. Having started his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, there were a lot of expectations placed on Lonzo, especially with his father LaVar trying to call much of the shots. Eventually, LaVar backed off a bit and since then, Lonzo has been able to ease into his role with his new team, the New Orleans Pelicans.

Recently, Ball appeared on the Who's Interviewing Who show where he spoke candidly about his career and the hurdles he has faced. Ball admitted that the lowest point for him actually came in high school after his dad told him he couldn't play AAU. After being cut from a high-level team, Lonzo knew he needed to step things up.

My lowest moment in basketball came after my freshman year in high school, Ball said via Lonzo Wire. My pops never let me play AAU or travel ball or nothing like that so I was just local kid nobody really knew about. But I got an invitation to the USA camp to make the team and I ended up getting cut and that kind of shaped my whole high school career from that because I was like Theres no way Im not one of the best 15 players in my class. I went from not even being ranked to I think I made it to No. 2 by the time I was a senior. It just gave me motivation just to chase all the guys in front of me that people thought were better than me.

This off-season, Lonzo is a free agent, and he will have yet another big decision in front of him. While he hasn't let on as to where he wants to go, it seems like the player will be highly-sought after.


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disrespecting Nas

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DeAaron Fox is his pop

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Keep God First 
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his worst moment should be not trying hard until his little bro showed up and started putting up better numbers than him

Melo lit a fire under his a*s to

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