Jun 10 - Pursuing Officer Performs "Pit Manuever" On Pregnant Driver

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Jun 10 - Pursuing Officer Performs "Pit Manuever" On Pregnant Driver


Arkansas woman suing police after PIT maneuver flips her car going 60 mph while she was pregnant

Nicole Harper says the PIT maneuver 'placed her life and the life of her unborn child at risk'

An Arkansas woman is suing an Arkansas State Police officer who she says "negligently performed" a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver that resulted in her car flipping over on the highway at 60 miles per hour in July 2020.

Nicole Harper, who was pregnant at the time, was clocked going 84 mph in a 70 mph zone last summer, according to the lawsuit. Within seconds of Arkansas State Police Officer Rodney Dunn turning on his patrol cruiser's overhead lights, Harper pulled over to the right lane, turned on her emergency blinkers, and slowed to 60 mph.

She was "unable to safely stop her vehicle on the right or left shoulder due to concrete barriers and a reduced shoulder being on both sides of the road leaving [her] with no room to safely pull over her car," the lawsuit states.

Dashcam video of the incident shows that about two minutes after turning on his lights, Dunn hit the pregnant mother's back left bumper, sending her car crashing into a concrete barrier and flipping over.

"I thought it would be safer to wait until the exit," Harper can be heard telling Dunn while upside down in her car.

"No ma'am, you should pull over when law enforcement stops you," Dunn replied as he tried to help Harper out of the car. "We call that a PIT maneuver. When people flee from us that's what happens."

"I wasn't fleeing," Harper responded.

Dunn charged Harper with failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Her attorney, Andrew Norwood of law firm Denton & Zachary, alleged the PIT maneuver was "deadly force," adding that an exit was in just 1 mile and the concrete barriers ended about 20 seconds down the road.

"She wants policy change. She thinks they should look at the policies around PIT maneuver and re-evaluate the use of them," Norwood told Fox News Wednesday. "What was done is ridiculous. It's extremely dangerous what was done."

Norwood said that Harper has some lasting anxiety from the experience and broke down in tears when she saw the video for the first time recently.

"What do I need to do in the future? Do I just stop in the middle of the road? Do I just lock it up and slam on the brakes in the middle of the road no matter where I am, no matter what?" Norwood said of Harper's thinking. "What if I'm on a bridge? Because the officer said in no uncertain terms, in the video, It doesnt matter where you are, you just stop.'"

Harper also contests that she did exactly what she learned to do in driver's education when being stopped by a police officer.

"Pull over to the right side of the road activate your turn signal or emergency flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to stop," the Arkansas Driver License Study Guide reads.

The Arkansas State Police did not return to multiple requests for comment on Wednesday.

A FOX16 investigation last month revealed that PIT maneuvers are increasingly being used by the Arkansas State Police. Between January 2017 and December 2020, PIT maneuvers were used 306 times, with half of those happening in 2020, according to the local news outlet.

At least 30 people have died and hundreds more have been injured since 2016 from PIT maneuvers, according to The Washington Post. Eighteen of those deaths occurred after police attempted to stop a person for speeding or another minor traffic violation.
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Power trip.

Coulda k*lled her and this dumb a*s wants to lecture her after attempting to murder her over his ignorance of the law.

Roast that pig.

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Qualified Immunity.

Tax payers gonna foot the bill further defunding other civic duties from being fulfilled.

Cops gonna be fine.

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Another bad apple huh

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t from the 617 
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piece of sh*t pig

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yeah, pull over on the side of the interstate when there’s an exit near by and risk both of you getting hit…….

which he probably would have told her if she pulled over on the interstate…….

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All that for speeding.

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Few years ago I was pulled over 3 fu*kin times in less than 20 minutes in Arkansas. My license plate was registered but I didnt have the tags yet. One of the officers took an I.D. of mine from another state and said I couldn't have it anymore because I renewed my drivers license in a different state. sh*t made no sense, but I just wanted to get the hell on my way, so I said all right, whatever.

5 minutes later another cop stops me for my tags, then I tell him that I was just stopped for the same thing 5 minutes ago, and I was on my way only to be pulled over a fu*kin 3rd time for the same sh*t...

And the cherry on top was before all that when I first crossed the border into Arkansas. A highway patrol pulled me over and said my plates came back from a completely different vehicle and then claimed somebody was using my name in Indiana. All that was complete bullsh*t. He just seen the out of state license plates and needed an excuse to see if I was doing dirt. sh*t was pathetic....

I've been to 42 states, and Arkansas has the worst cops I've ever experienced throughout America...So after seeing that video, it's not surprising seeing another Arkansas cop doing unnecessary sh*t.

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Well...I’ll just leave this here

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She was doing things to ensure both her AND him would be safe enough to conduct whatever the cop needed to do, like issuing a citation, and this authoritarian took it to mean so much disrespect he decided to inflict violence on her w/other cars around. I'm sorry, but you cannot reform this.

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And what’s worse the sh*t she did was actually in the Arkansas driver’s handbook Not surprised by this tho. Most cops are dumbasses who probably couldn’t get jobs anywhere else. Like 2 steps above being retards. So you think someone is fleeing that put their hazard lights on How fu*king dumb can you be bruh

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