Anyone had to put a pet down?

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B Dotel 
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Anyone had to put a pet down?

My cat has been diagnosed with terminal cancer his days are number now its all about comfort and unfortunately that day will come. I'm devastated man depression is a mother fu*ker. I lost it when his brother died a few years ago then the pandemic hit. Got him as a kitten as my mom was dying. Any coping skills or things to share that might help this whole thing even a little bit?


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I had to do to my first dog. It sucks and it's a hard decision but you just gotta tell yourself you gave your family member the best life you could wether it be a cat or dog. Truthfully if it's at that point in life where they have to go to the next journey in life than it's better that way. Their in a lot of pain and it's better to stop them from having that pain. That's what I told myself at least. You just gotta be there for them when it happens, say goodbye and go through it. I gave my dog the best last day I could, fed her like a queen the last day, spent all my time with her and then the next day I took her there said bye and cried my eyes out. I know she's in a better place now and I keep her ashes. So whenever I see her urn I just remember all the good times we had.

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Tobinmont  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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Damn. My heart goes out to you fam. I love my dog. If he was a cat I would love him the same.

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Parents bought me a rare King Charles c*cker Spaniel…I didn’t know dogs couldn’t eat steak & ribs…that was his main meals…. Died from a heart attack at a young age.

I just had a chow chow hang himself…he was the runt & I bought his brother too…we found out real quick runts don’t like to be with another dog, they want to be dominant. So he would f*ght his brother everyday & try to steal his food…the final straw was I tried to feed his ungrateful a*s & he bit me then took a sh*t on my daughters toys…I was pissed…so the next morning I wake up…this lil n*gga hunt himself with his leash I buried him in the back yard, now he Can do something positive for me, he gives nutrients to my garden. Hid brother is ok now that he doesn’t have to f*ght for food everyday even though I feed them salmon & rice everyday. Remember dont bite the hand that feeds & don’t sh*t on that persons kids toys.

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Tony Franks  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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Damn man. Had tl go give my little guys a hug

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Jonny2soxs  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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Yeah my dog
She was the best dog ever , sh*t sucked she just wanted to lay down but she was sick

 1 month ago '19        #7
PettyGotAFatty  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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Just let my dog go into my woods yesterday because he bit me. After 5 years this mf decides to bite me and left me with 18 stitches. sh*t was hard but it’s either him or my newborn can’t have that.

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Naw luckily all of mine just died when it was their time. It still sucks but making the decision to end their life has to be extremely difficult.

 3 weeks ago '20        #9
B Dotel  OP
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Had to put my boy down Saturday. Might have been the hardest thing in my life.

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