Franchises You Would Compare To Rappers

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PackerTrelli3  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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Franchises You Would Compare To Rappers

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hardly ever misses, and one of the GOATS that you never hear being disrespected. Just solid all-around

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One of the GOATS!! But has had a lot of lackluster sh*t drop that didnt really live up to what was dropping in the past. Witnessed a falloff..... tried to bring it back tho!!

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Hands down probably the most recognized and respected! Very influential and always mentioned as the best to ever do it. Still to this day it’s top 3 in history

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Damn, at a time, Everyone loved it, and you really couldn’t argue about it not being dope, and everyone was on it..... now it seems like it’s n*ggas have no problem talkin down about it and bad it’s been lately and how it’s only about the $$$$$ now

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Had an amazing start that coulda went further, but it was cut short. First 2 installments were dope!!!!! The third one was ehhhh.

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dope game! Something ya gotta have time to get into.... lotta folks say the sh*t is just to boring for them to enjoy.

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yea you know you gonna get some dope sh*t when it drops!! But the WAIT for something new takes to damn long!! And it’s always rumors about it. If u get some new sh*t in 2021... DONT expect sh*t else til 2029


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D1dnt read 
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came in thinking this was a dumb thread, but these comparisons actually make sense

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The Knuckle God 
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Some of these were on point

I'll add one:

Kanye West = Resident Evil

First three entries were along the same lines (College Dropout, Late Reg, Graduation vs Resident Evil 1-3), then re-invented himself every release afterwards. Had a couple of spin-offs that were more for the fans (ie Cruel Summer, Kids See Ghosts compared to Code Veronica, etc.).

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 D1dnt read said
came in thinking this was a dumb thread, but these comparisons actually make sense
Literally my exact thoughts

Actually surprised!

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Da Ill One|M  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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Good thread... I'll think of some more after work

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marley peace k1 
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Super Smash Bros. would be like Drake

simple, appeals to everyone. known by everyone.

and as a "f*ghting" game it is not well received by purists, the same way hip-hop purists think drake is wack and overrated

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Jonny2soxs  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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Tetris =

The D.O.C

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Justin Igore 
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Everybody knows when something new comes but nobody is really spending money on it unless it’s a special event or they wanna buy cosmetics.

This is a genre in a big collective of others just like it but parents seem to not care if their kids play this one the same way they do with others.

It’s been repetitive for the last few years but they bring in other collaborators to stay relevant. Some of the collaborations don’t even make sense for the genre but it’s free so who cares?

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