May 8 - China’s foreign exchange reserves soar to $3.2 TRILLION

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May 8 - China’s foreign exchange reserves soar to $3.2 TRILLION

Beijing has continued to increase its foreign exchange reserves – already the world's largest – boosting them by $28.15 billion in April from a month earlier, to a total of $3.198 trillion.

The increase was due to the US dollar's decline against other major currencies held in the reserves, along with rises in global a*set prices, China’s central bank said in a statement on Friday.

The Chinese yuan appreciated 1.2% against the dollar in April, while the greenback dropped 2.1% against a basket of major world currencies.

Foreign capital inflows to China also picked up in April, after the country posted record economic growth in the first three months of the year.

Data from the Institute of International Finance showed that China accounted for 95% of foreign net inflows to emerging market equities last month at $13.5 billion, though flows into Chinese debt eased.

Statistics also showed that China’s gold bullion reserves stayed unchanged from the end of March, at 62.64 million fine troy ounces. The value of China’s gold holdings rose to $110.73 billion at the end of April, from $109.18 billion at the end of March.

According to the regulator, China has posted a preliminary current account surplus of $75.1 billion in the first quarter of 2021, equivalent to 2% of GDP. Preliminary capital and financial account deficit stood at $75.1 billion in January-March.

visit this link https://www.rt.com/busine .. serves-growth/


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foshoVoodoo  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x34
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tranny joe gonna be hating on china next week it's the kkk way

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ya give ur money to the chinese n pray u get it back lol

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boobalo1  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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So they buying everybody’s debt

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 DannyStr8G said
ya give ur money to the chinese n pray u get it back lol

I have few thousand invested in Chinese stocks, I pray

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fu*k China, they're responsible for this Covid sh*t. nasty fu*king people, eating anything that moves. Filthy, wretched people. They're government enable's that behavior, knowing about the dangers but does nothing to stop it. China has had the same culture for 2000 years, they will never change. Not surprised what they're doing. This was part of their diabolical plan all along. The west is soft and weak so China will continue with its agenda to fu*k everyone over and take what it wants.

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 boobalo1 said
So they buying everybody’s debt
technically yes, but to be more specific they're buying government bonds (in that currency) which helps both nations by 1) helping fund the selling nation and 2) investment and diversification for china. people view it as if china can suddenly call in the debt and bring a nation to their knees but that's not how it would happen, it would hurt that nation but it would simultaneously hurt china's investment as well. they wouldn't do it because it makes zero sense business wise. it's more like china making sure they have options; other currencies or commodities like gold just in case their other investments or their own currency eats sh*t. it's basically a backup plan, a hedge.

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