Is Esham underrated?

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Jonny2soxs  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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Is Esham underrated?

Influenced Eminem , Kid Rock , created the jugalos , ICP

Writes / produces ALL his own music

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 1 month ago '19        #2
Dak Prescott 
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hell yeah, no pun intended.

i still get down to his early shiznit

 1 month ago '18        #3
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I used to have this dudes stuff in the 90's. I used to buy everything. I never really liked his stuff that much. But you've got to give him his props...he's one of the pioneers in D-town.

 1 month ago '18        #4
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 1 month ago '20        #6
Hector MI 
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He has always had a stigma attached to him, but in his catalog, there are many, many songs that don't fit that stigma.

I started listening in '90, been to several shows, and spent a lot of money on albums, episode, and merch.

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Fucc yea he is

ICP, Eminem and most of Detroit looked up to this mans sound at some point in life.....

 1 month ago '08        #8
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Honestly, I don't know if I'd say he was underrated. Had a big cult, never really went mainstream. His biggest record was probably Sunshine.

He was pretty much "horrorcore" before Gravediggaz and everyone else. I had all his sh*t from Boomin Words from Hell up to Mail Dominance, including Natas albums. He's a Midwest legend, so I won't necessarily say he's underrated.

Same boat that I put Tech9ne in. It's like if you know, you know. They're going to get respect in the circles they choose to be in, and they probably don't want to be in other circles anyway.

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