people are eating rotten raw meat to get high.....can cause explosive incontinence

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people are eating rotten raw meat to get high.....can cause explosive incontinence

visit this link https://www.the-sun.com/l .. -incontinence/

PEOPLE are forcing down chunks of rotten, raw meat in a bid to get high in the latest bizarre social media trend.

Coronavirus lockdowns have driven some people to attempt strange challenges but doctors have warned that this latest trend could cause serious illness

image People who have tried the raw, rotten meat have also experienced "explosive incontinence" after practising primal eating.

Those taking part in the trend have dubbed it as "high meat" and use meat that has been left to rot over a period of weeks, months and in some cases years.

The participants don't cook the meat, and instead eat the grey flesh raw

image The meat used is often covered in slime and little patches of grey mould - with some of the meat even having turned grey or brown as it decomposes.

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and Clinical Director of Patientaccess.com at the very least, eating rotten meat carries a risk of causing tummy bugs.

She added: "At worst, it can cause serious illness – severe tummy pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration.

"While fans may talk about the Inuit people’s habit of eating kiviak - basically a seal’s carcass stuffed with whole birds and left to ferment – fermentation (used in producing yoghurt, alcoholic drinks and sauerkraut) is very different from rotting."

image One Twitter user said a friend had convinced them to eat the meat raw and rotten and that it "actually felt great", they were also asked if they became sick after eating the meat and they replied "not at all".

Another explained: "Normally I has mason jars where I leave meat or chicken in it. Let it sit in the fridge for a few weeks and then eat it.

"I get an immediate high. Rotten meat is the best cure for depression."

There are many risks a*sociated with eating raw meat, such as Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli - all of these are destroyed when meat is cooked properly.

If you eat rotten meat then it's likely you will get food poisoning with symptoms including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

It's not clear why these people have experienced the sensation of getting high after eating the meat

The reaction could be down to a number of things including the delirium caused be severe poisoning or the reaction to the bacteria hitting the stomach.

People who champion the primal diet - which includes eating raw meat have however admitted that it can have adverse effects.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz, one of the main advocates of the primal diet previously said that it made people "ill and explosively incontintent", which they dubbed detoxification

image One YouTube user also previously filmed himself eating raw, rotten meat that was a year old.

User sv3rige described the taste as "overwhelming and spicy".

He said it was dry because of how long it had been sitting there and continued to eat the whole jar of meat

image He said: "Very strong, not bad. It really gets to your throat big time.

"It doesn't taste bad."

His facial reaction to the dish however doesn't seem positive as he grimaces as he continues to spoon it into his mouth.

He added: "I'm not sure if you should eat this much at once



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Milk Bone 
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Just a prime example of why they need to legalize marijuana


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Big High RN

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Ok I’ll admit it this is a prime example of crazy white people sh*t

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That Key Food diet

 2 months ago '04        #7
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You gotta be a fu*ked up individual to be doing that bullsh*t

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make this a challenge!!

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 JayMurdoch said
Just a prime example of why they need to legalize marijuana


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 LuxG2 said

Big High RN
That the Puffco peak pro I see homie?

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 Facts B said
That Key Food diet
Ahhhh you’re wrong for this one hahahaha.

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