Are the early 00's superhero movies underappreciated?

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 2 months ago '09        #1
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Chalky  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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Are the early 00's superhero movies underappreciated?

When I was a kid/teens I loved all of them except for Elektra dat sh*t was pure booty.


All three are classic (even garbage a*s 3)


X-2 is still the best x-men movie to date. the Nightcrawler scene is still undefeated


Thomas Jane was a badass punisher, i remember when he made dat n*gga hold the grenade and he'll die once his arm got tired. that was some cold blooded sh*t. the n*gga said you k*lled my son dude with the grenade screms and explodes punisher then gon say "both of them"

i'm probably one of the few that enjoyed both F4 movies

Prime Jessica Alba image dude who played doom was solid.

can't remember Daredevil and Ghost rider



hulk was decent but had ugly a*s cgi

Batman begins was fire. scarecrow was dope.


 2 months ago '09        #2
Chalky  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5 OP
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damn bump

 2 months ago '06        #3
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fu*k that, most of the movies you posted were wack as all hell. When the X-Men came out not dressed in their standard costumes/uniforms I knew it was wrap for that entire series.

Batman Begins is the only one you posted that's undeniably good

 2 months ago '20        #4
OnlyFactz100  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x32
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These are the only ones I can actually tolerate maybe because I was a kid when they were out and being a superhero was what you wanted to be when you grew up. Now I can't stand superhero/comic movies. They're all played the hell out to me. I'm team Scorsese when it comes to that genre nowadays.

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 2 months ago '13        #5
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Daredevil was a*s from what I remember. fu*ked wit xmen and spiderman and punisher. batman begins no doubt

 2 months ago '15        #6
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so underrated but MCU gonna do them even more justice

 2 months ago '15        #7
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No blade ?

 2 months ago '04        #8
Mike T  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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for not posting Blade. Stan Lee said the og Wesley single handly kept the lights on at Marvel for years when all the other money dried up.

In the film historical sense my n*gga..we have to appreciate them. They were wack when I was a kid & they're still wack. The world was just ready to see something else other than Batman & Superman films from Marvel/DC.

The wackness of those films showed John Fav & Robert Downy. What not to do, what translates from comic to film, what the audience reacts to, do ppl care if you tie characters from multiple films?

the only thing they might be under appreciated for is that they were COMICBOOK FILMS & not FILMS ABOUT COMICS. Them 2000's movies flowed like comics. Chris Nolan came through & crushed the buildings. by making classics that hit every aspect of a film that happened to be based on comics.

 2 months ago '06        #9
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I agree with you OP. They weren't the high level big budget movies we see now but they were still good. I'd watch the OG Spiderman or Xmen movies before I'd watch Thor or doctor strange.....however your post is blasphemous for not including blade...almost slapped lol

 2 months ago '14        #10
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I guess that Punisher movie didn't do so well but I love it. Must have watched it a thousand times.

And if not anything that Hulk movie gave us a classic theme

[spoiler - click to view]


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 2 months ago '05        #11
Flatbush85  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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I remember I decided to binge watch all three X-Men movies. I have never been so bored for an entire day. I tried to redeem the day by binge watching the Episode 1-3 Star Wars and wanted to yawn my lungs out.

 2 months ago '04        #12
Vince McMahon  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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The Daredevil Director's cut

First 2 X-Men movies were fine for their time. X2 was the goat but I haven't watched it in years so I don't know how well it holds up

The Spidey trilogy was cringey, cartoonish back then so it probably still holds up great today Sony shouldn't have shoehorned Venom into the 3rd one. Green Goblin and Sandman vs Black suit Spidey in 3 and then Spidey and a good guy Harry vs Venom and
[spoiler - click to view]

in the 4th one

I saw most of the FF movies on regular tv. Not horrible but nothing to be excited about.

Ghost Rider was hilarious. Punisher was good. Hulk was horrible. Batman Begins was great. And how could OP forget the first Iron Man movie

 2 months ago '18        #13
DUCEDUCE  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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I liked all those movies except f4 sh*t was corny. Spiderman 2 best spidermovie ever f*ght me if you dont like it.

 2 months ago '19        #14
ZigZag  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x20
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X-men 1 & def 2.
Blade 1 & 2
spiderman 1 & 2

fantastic 4 2 with doc doom & silver surfer

iron man 2

 2 months ago '18        #15
Most Palone 
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 RickJamez said
No blade ?
Right n*gga trippin

 2 months ago '14        #16
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Hollywood is finished

 2 months ago '12        #17
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Nice scene. Movie could've been better. It wasn't Thomas Jane fault.

 2 months ago '07        #18
young mad 
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Nostalgic for sure..Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins were my favorite from that era. Fantastic Four (some of my favorite comics) movies were cool just to see them on screen. X-men was really dope, the first two films.

 2 months ago '16        #19
Hoggystyle  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x7
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Batman and x men was tight the rest was

 2 months ago '04        #20
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i thought everyone loved the first 2 spidey movies

 2 months ago '17        #21
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Spiderman 2 is widely regarded as one of the best superhero movies ever made. X2 also fire

 2 months ago '07        #22
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They aren't

 2 months ago '10        #23
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hot gahbage

 2 months ago '15        #24
Mia 305 
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a lot of comic book movies "classics" have little replay value

 2 months ago '06        #25
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The Spiderman films are far from underappreciated.

Depending on whom you ask, they're what started everything we see today as far as interest in Superhero films.

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