Discovery+ Greenlights True Crime Anthology Series ‘Confessions Of A Crime Queen’

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Discovery+ Greenlights True Crime Anthology Series ‘Confessions Of A Crime Queen’


Confessions of a Crime Queen is described as a first-of-its-kind anthology series.

Each season will focus on the true story of one larger-than-life woman who created and led a multi-million-dollar criminal empire before a dramatic fall from power. The subject will be portrayed by an A-list actress who will also interview the real life female crime lord at the center of the story.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his G-Unit Film & Television banner, Rich Bye and his Goodbye Pictures and Lionsgate Television are behind it.

Jackson’s G-Unit currently produces

- Power Book II: Ghost, the first of three new installments of Starz’ Power Universe.

- Starz’s Black Family Mafia, a Lionsgate production

- For Life at ABC and the comedy Family Affair, which landed at ABC after a multi-network bidding war in November.

- The 50th Law at Netflix & A Moment In Time: Massacre

- Unt. Female Sports Agent and The Case Of Cyntoia Brown at Starz

- Twenty Four Seven at Paramount+

source - visit this link https://deadline.com/2021 .. on-1234749282/

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Props to 50

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Curtis gonna Keep giving us sh*t we want

50 cent is top 5

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n*gga looking like tommy WRIGHT III

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Adam Is BeTTeR 
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This has mad potential

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Wtf that n*gga got in his head?

It's gone end up a smiley tho

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Fiddy bout that money


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 Capodecina said
Fiddy bout that money

Not bad if you take away the goatee

Sign me up


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