Apr 18 - New York........makes $15 Low Income Broadband Tier Available to All Who Qualify

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Apr 18 - New York........makes $15 Low Income Broadband Tier Available to All Who Qualify

visit this link https://stopthecap.com/20 .. l-who-qualify/

Low income New Yorkers will soon be able to subscribe to internet service at speeds starting at 25/10 Mbps for $15 a month, thanks to a new law passed by the state legislature and signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

To qualify, a consumer will need to show proof of active enrollment in any of the following programs:

Free or discounted school lunches
the Supplemental Nutrition a*sistance Program (SNAP), commonly referred to as “food stamps”
A senior or disability rent increase exemption

Almost every internet service provider of consequence in New York will be required to introduce a low income discounted internet program by June 2021. Consumers will be offered at least two options, depending on the technological capacity of a provider’s network:

$15/month basic service at speeds of at least 25/10 Mbps
$20/month enhanced service bringing download speeds up to 200 Mbp.

Rates will be fixed for at least five years, after which providers can increase prices based on the rate of inflation or by a modest percentage allowed by the state. In 2023, the New York State Public Service Commission will be permitted to require increases in the minimum download speeds offered.

The measure is part of New York’s effort to expand broadband availability and affordability across the state. Earlier broadband funding programs helped expand service into rural, unserved areas. This year, the legislature and the governor are targeting the digital divide between those who can and cannot afford internet access

The state’s largest cable operator, Charter Spectrum, already offers low-income customers its own Spectrum Internet a*sist program, with similar qualifications. The company charges $14.99/month for 30/4 Mbps internet service, but excludes current customers from enrolling and may reject customers with past due balances owed in the past.

Gov. Cuomo announced the initiative at the State of the State Address in January. Critics called the plan “window dressing,” noting the state’s largest telecommunications companies including Charter Spectrum, Verizon, Altice, and Frontier already offer internet discount programs

Many also continue to question the governor’s contention that 98% of New Yorkers can now access high-speed internet and the overall cost and quality of service.

To a*sist residents in finding a suitable provider, the state launched an Affordable Internet website to help consumers sign up for discounted service. In some cases, additional discounts may be available.

The legislation also mandates the Public Service Commission to study and report back on internet accessibility and affordability by this time next year. The PSC will scrutinize how many New York homes and businesses still lack access to high-speed internet, as well as studying how reliable service providers are, what rates they charge, and the current state of competition in New York


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High taxes at work.

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Cuomo throwing weed and fast internet at New Yorkers,

" y'all forget them grubby a*s hoes fu*kin wit MEEEEE" ~ Andrew "The Don' Cuomo


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Not bad but it should start off at $10 for 10 years
Newsom needs to look into this

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It should be this way everywhere; I've come across way too many people who don't have internet access outside of their phone.

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