"Whitewashed" Unmasking the World of Whiteness

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"Whitewashed" Unmasking the World of Whiteness



 1 month ago '05        #2
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thanks op. need more examining of white consciousness an all it entails

 1 month ago '17        #3
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Great post!

 1 month ago '20        #4
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For The seasoned and unseasoned chicken!!!!

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 1 month ago '04        #5
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My man good to see you posting topics that mean something... Salute

 1 month ago '20        #6
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The world planted seeds in my mind, Strange Fruit

 1 month ago '16        #7
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America is going to die by racism.

 1 month ago '16        #8
kuul  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x11
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A lot of white people wasnt accepted coming to america. Interesting.

 1 month ago '05        #9
EL Smoothz 
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Interesting post. Thanks for sharing

 1 month ago '20        #10
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The "powers that be" literally built this country on racism and division because they saw the profit in it. Bottom line ..US mentality has always been .. sacrifice n slaughter whoever u need to ..to get where u wanna be...cause its all about the dollar.

It's literally ingrained in everything from education.. housing..banking . to the justice system. And the descendants of the people that designed it to be this way .. claim their innocence cause they say "well I never owned slaves" and deny the fact they indirectly (and in some cases directly).. benefit from the policies and laws from back then that put their family in position to get ahead at the expense of slaves and their descendants.

And the ones that accept it and admit it throughout history have been accused of suffering from "white guilt" ..and basically demonized by other white people.. to make em feel as if its something wrong wit admitting what their ancestors did was just fu*ked up .. cause staying in denial means they don't have to deal with reparations..

Then u got immigrants from other countries.. that never even came from that way of thinkin.. and only have a basic understanding of the history of racism in this country.. that been comin here and eventually adapt these racist views..because "that's just the way it is" .. cause America makes em feel like they have to pick a side.. once it starts to become a part of their daily life.

Then they instill these same views and values in their kids.. and the cycle continues... forever... and ever. Never ending f*ght because again..the foundation of this country was built on division. Separate by class.. then let everyone ignorance keep em at war wit eachother...and figure out how to profit off it all.

I was listening to this podcast...where this lady was breaking down how the rich white people in this country at one point basically manipulated poor white people to f*ght against integration and equal rights.. basically saying "Hey you're white like us. Help us and we'll help you" but really just used em an sh*tted on em when they didn't need em anymore.

I always just remind myself..none of this is by accident.. chance.. or coincidence..its strictly by design.

This is exactly what they wanted when they built this system.. and made sure every piece was perfectly put in place.. to eliminate any chance of disruption to the operation and progress of their vision.

And as fu*ked up as it is.. the only way to escape it..is to leave this country and move somewhere that more fits the environment u see yourself living in..cause this sh*t will never change.

Just my 2 cents..

Good looks on the video OP

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 1 month ago '08        #11
MotorBoat Jones 
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Book marked

 1 month ago '05        #12
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good sh*t, OP …let's you know racism isn't leaving

 1 month ago '12        #13
The Consultant 
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No need to watch something I already know.

 1 month ago '05        #14
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will add to Watch Later

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