Jun 3 - Yukmouth Speaks about the chain

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Jun 3 - Yukmouth Speaks about the chain

With all the rumors and false stories hittin' the message boards and websites Yukmouth wanted to make sure and post his side of the story in his own words. He asked us to post the following along with 2 pics of his holding his chain.

"Look.... 1st of all, I'm a real n*gga.... I don't need off duty police, marshals, security or a hundred n*ggaz 2 go out 2 a club or anywhere!!!! I rock all my ice & kick it with no secrity, cuzz I'm a bozz! I don't need that sh*t cuzz when the sh*t goes down, secrity aint gone die 4 you!

Anyway, these n*ggaz jumped me cuzz I was 1 deep & he was seven or eight deep! One of his homies pulled out a strap in the club on securty, then ran out the door with my chain (like I said,security aint gone die 4 you,they moved out the way & let the n*ggaz run out the club with my sh*t!)

Next day, I have my folks who know Spider 2 call & see what's up. My nigg called me back & said Spider was at the jewlery shop trying 2 sell my sh*t, do I want him 2 go get it... I told my homie 2 go meet the n*gga 2 get the sh*t. He called me when he got there then put Spider on the phone, the n*ggaz hopped on the phone saying buy the sh*t back & I'm straight, I'm not takin no pictures in it or nothin. I asked what you need? He said 1500, I said I aint payin 1500, you need 2 just give the sh*t back. He said he need sumthen cuzz he lost a watch & earring & his hommie lip got busted yada yada yada.....I told him 2 put my folks on the phone...I told my nigg 2 do what he gotta do 2 get the sh*t back. I met up with my nigg a couple hrs later & he got my sh*t back, that's it. That's the real fu*kin story!

So 2 all you fake azz internet reporters puttin xtras on it,need 2 find out the real before they start talkin sh*t about a n*gga!!!! 1st they all on my d*ck,then they hop on dude d*ck like he a gangsta!!look it took seven n*ggaz & 1 n*gga witta gun 2 put a scratch on my nose!!!!that's it..I'm not lumped up,no black eyes, no broken ribs, no nothin!!!my hommie that was with me got bit on his arm, so a scratch & a bite from seven n*ggaz? That's all!! That's how bi*ches jump you, they leave scratches & bites, gangstas leave lumps & bumps!! I look like nothin happened 2 me peep the photos below & see I got my sh*t back!!! It's like this.... dude on some publisity stunt sh*t! He on the radio, he doing interviews & sh*t! It's all good.

Hear what I got to say about all them Gay-Unit f*g**ts on my new mixtape all out War vol. 2 in stores June 21st!"


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This was how y’all got word on the streets back then . Such primitive posters. n*ggas from Venus gonna laugh

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Blood Money  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x86
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