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Jun 3 - Free & Kelis Get Nasty, Goodie MOb Back w/ Cee-Lo & 50 Cent Discredits Game's Gangsta

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Jun 3 - Free & Kelis Get Nasty, Goodie MOb Back w/ Cee-Lo & 50 Cent Discredits Game's Gangsta

In this week's Pulse Report, the streets are buzzing about Free and Kelis freaking the own versions of "Wait," Goodie Mob regrouping, and 50 Cent ridiculing The Game,

1. Free and Kelis wanna whisper in your ear. Free always warns 106 & Park Freestyle Friday contestants to abstain from cursing and using s3xually explicit lyrics during battle, but she sure didn't practiced what she preaches on Ying Yang Twins' "Wait"(Whisper Song) remix. On the track, which also features Busta Rhymes, Lil Scrappy and Missy Elliot, Free borrows the twin's whisper flow and blasts a hole into her PG-13 image when she offers, "I got a nice little … and my a$s poke out / automatically I can ride a… no doubt/I'm known for getting all the haters mad / I can go slow but go crazy fast/ I give amazing head / Backside a little softer than a baby's a$s / And that's wild soft / I let a rich ni99a hit it on his golf course."

Not to be outdone, Miss Milkshake, Kelis, recently dropped her own solo version of the "Whisper Song." Leaving the singing aside, Nasty Nas' wifey gets x#x-rated with lines like, "If you want me to get in your bed / You can lick it while I grab on your dreads / If you like to f#@$ / Well I like to put my legs up / Let you lick all in my butt." The singer then remixes Ying Yang's chorus by offering, "Wait till you taste my c1it" moments before instructing to "Eat the pu$$y up." The hook is then followed with a series or orgasmic moans. Believe it or not, Kelis takes it up a few notches on the second verse. Building on the oral s3x theme, Kelis requests, "Just eat this cat like a dog / Don't stop till you hear me go awwww and oohhhh! / Yeah something like that / But I catch a real feeling if you do it from the back / Eat my pu$$y in the shower when it's clean and fat / I don't need no soap just lick my crack."

2. Goodie MOb reunites. After years apart, word is Goodie MOb is trying to patch things up. SOHH.com source have revealed that Cee-Lo has rejoined GM and Big Boi is presently in talks to sign the group to his Purple Ribbon imprint. Other acts on the roster already include Bubba Sparxxx, Sleepy Brown and ki1ler Mike. Since Cee-Lo's departure, Goodie MOb released one album entitled, One Monkey Don't Stop No Show. Meanwhile, Cee-Lo dropped two solo sets, Cee-Lo Green and his Perfect Imperfections and Cee-Lo Green is the Soul Machine.

3. 50 discredits Game's Gangsta. 50 Cent recently took more shots at Game's street credibility. In recent reports, Chuck Taylor revealed that he kept an AK-47 in his house. However, Fiddy believes that the former G-Unit member only flaunts his weaponry to toughen up his image. "He does that to make people think he's a gangster but he's not. I don't say things like that because law enforcement might be reading, but I'm well protected," the Queens rapper recently told FHM Magazine. 50 also mentioned that his security was willing to terminate anyone who poses a threat to him. When asked who would win a fight between him, Eminem and Game, Fiddy told FHM, ""Me. Of course I would win. And if I lost, people would come back afterwards and shoot them."

4. Spider Loc serves Yukmouth. Word is G-Unit's latest recruit, Spider Loc caught up with the camp's rival, Yukmouth in Hollywood's Club Chi a few nights ago. Loc confronted Yuk about the constant trash talking and mixtapes disses targeting G-Unit. Word is Loc whooped Yuk's a$s and snatched his chain in the process. Sources say comedian Alex Thomas and Suge Knight witnessed the beating. Rumors have it that Yuk even phoned Loc the next morning and apologized for past G-Unit disses and offered him $1500 to get his chain back.

5. Peas' Apl.de.Ap and Fergie confess past substance abuse. In a recent interview with "Extra," Apl. de. Ap of Black Eyed Peas admitted that he was once addicted to speed. Apparently, as Elephunk was blowing up, the rapper's addiction spiraled out of control and nearly broke the band apart until front man Will.I. Am intervened. "It's been an overwhelming year for us," Apl. revealed. "It was like an escape for me." Will added, "We took him to rehab. We said, ‘Just go in for five minutes and talk to these people.'" The group's drug problems go further than Apl.'s recent addiction. Lead singer Fergie also admitted that she overcame crystal meth briefly before joining the group.

 http://www.sohh.com/thewi .. contentID=7153


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