10 Air Jordans That Have Never Been Retroed

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10 Air Jordans That Have Never Been Retroed

Via: visit this link https://picassobaby.com/2 .. -been-retroed/

XVII College Blue- When it comes to the 17s, you either love them or hate em. As old heads, we love most of 17s. The fact that these came with an ďenhanced CDĒ and a briefcase took it to another level. It was the first Jordan shoe to come in something other than a shoebox. But these are one of the very few original models that Jordan has never re-released. There have been one or two models of the 17 that have been retroed, but never the original Washington Wizards white and college blue. Jordan should do us all a big favor and release these as they did with the originals with the enhanced cd and briefcase. Wait, most computer/laptops donít even play enhanced CDs anymore, so maybe just a streaming version would work. Doesnít matter to us, just release them!

XVII Varsity Red- The cool thing about the 17s in white/red is the fact they they came with an all red briefcase. If you donít know what we are talking about, go look it up. There are very few DS Air Jordan 17 red still hanging around anywhere 19 years later, so these would be great to come out again. Maybe the Jordan Brand is waiting for next year and make it a 20 year anniversary release?

XXI White Varsity Red- If you have never worn the Air Jordan 21s, they are actually super comfortable to wear. Jordan Brand had included inserts in the soles allowing you to change the pods in the heal depending on the intensity of your playing style. The first time (and last) Jordan has done such a thing. One of the great features of the Jordan 21 is its simple design, much dressed down from the previous model which were the 20s. Its such a simple and clean design, Jordan needs to bring it back.

XX White Varsity Red- The Air Jordan XX was a big release for the Jordan Brand. The company celebrated 20 years of being in business and did so by releasing its most advanced shoe ever. Now, when we say advances in this case, itís 2005 advanced. In addition, the Air Jordan XX was designed in a way that no other Jordan had been designed, which the strap celebrating different Jordan moments. Itís strange to us, that an anniversary shoe such as the original XX has never been re-released.

XIV White Columbia- The 15s are another hate it or love it model. Some sneakerheads love the old 2K designs and some think they look completely ridiculous. The Carolinas were released in 2000 and have been missing ever since. Jordan has re-released the originals (stealth black) a few times and even retroed them with the obsidian colorway, but never released the Carolina blues again. The 15s turn 21 this year, so we think itís the right time.

XXII White Varsity Red- Similar to the 21s, Jordan brand went for a more sleek and simple design than in years passed for the 22s. If you havenít worn the 22s, they are actually great to ball in. Jordan at the time also released a limited ďbasketballĒ version that didnít end up being a hit like expected. These shoes fit great and to us still look clean. Why hasnít Jordan Brand touched these again? We have no idea. The original shoes were released in a one-off Big Mac style shoe box, and would be interesting to see how fans feel about it in 2021.

XX3 Premier- The 23s were a huge deal when they were released, obviously for being the 23rd Jordan ever created. The shoe itself is amazing, and looking at the original models, most have aged well and still look amazing. There are a few variations of this shoe that Jordan has never re-released, and we are wondering what exactly is the hold up? Itís been exactly 13 years, so come on MJ, hurry up we want the 23s back!

Air Jordan XVII Low All Star Lightning- Another 17 variation that Jordan has never re-released. Maybe Jordan has something against the 17? These were worn by MJ during the All-Star Game, so maybe Jordan Brand should release this one as an all star exclusive as well. Oh yeah, and throw them in an all yellow briefcase like the other 17s. They would go crazy on Snkrs for it.

VI Low University BlueĖ A long time favorite of fans is the Air Jordan 6. Some may say its the best model of the original 23. Jordan Brand has retroed some versions of the 6 lows over the years, but never the university Carolina Blues. Maybe, with all the other 2002 releases on this list, Jordan will smash the market with a re-release of all the 2002 kicks in 2022.

XVI Cherrywood- One of the true rare airs, as there are very limited images of MJ wearing these. It seems he was more a fan of the Ginger 16s than these ones. These got released in 2001, and have never been on the shelves since. We love the 16s, so these are a pair we would love to see Jordan bring back. How about a limited 2-pack special Jordan Brand with these and the Gingers together???


 4 weeks ago '06        #2
soso24  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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Worse era of Jordan kicks to be fair...

 4 weeks ago '20        #3
Gen Anti Fruit  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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Keep’em all!!

 4 weeks ago '17        #4
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We good

 4 weeks ago '18        #5
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17's would be dope but I doubt they come in the briefcase the trophy room pair didn't

16 cherry 21,22 needs to happen and the bred 19's but I really just want these to drop again


 4 weeks ago '05        #6
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I still have all three pairs that came in the briefcase in their briefcases to this day.

 4 weeks ago '21        #7
Young Defiant 
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jordans are forever overhyped sh*tty material shoes that only idiots will continue to purchase in different colors as if they aren't the same shoes.
imagine being that pathetic lmao.

 4 weeks ago '19        #8
blackadamwarloc  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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damn them hoes ugly (except them 6s)

only Jordan’s worth wearing are 1-13

 4 weeks ago '20        #9
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And that’s your reason they never got retroed
sh*ts is trash

 4 weeks ago '16        #10
NEWYORKTlMES  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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White/ blue 17s and the 20s are heat..ya don’t know sh*t on this site

 4 weeks ago '04        #11
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Yo I’m ashamed at the fact that I had the Cherrywoods in high school

 4 weeks ago '06        #12
philly337  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Had the 1st two...didnt like the others

 4 weeks ago '05        #13
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Always liked those 23's though..

 4 weeks ago '15        #14
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Came in for the Cherrywood’s. A True classic

 4 weeks ago '13        #15
North!!!  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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17s and 21s hard

 4 weeks ago '15        #16
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the 21s and cherrywoods are dope - they def need to re release those

 4 weeks ago '17        #17
Thierry Henry 
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They need to retro the 19 SE's, those things perform on the court. They have double stacked zoom on the heel for bouncy comfort


 4 weeks ago '04        #18
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Man I use to want those Cherrywood 16s bad.

 4 weeks ago '11        #19
Panthro 808  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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Black and box toe. Grown man ishh!

Last edited by Panthro 808; 03-13-2021 at 09:57 PM..

 4 weeks ago '13        #20
ma chis mo 
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I used to hoop in the XX. The fu*king strap would always come loose during games. I was constantly bending down to strap them back up. They were amazing besides that though. I miss hooping in them man.

 4 weeks ago '18        #21
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I seen a chick I work with rock those 21s in the gym and they looked good on her. Gotta have a small foot but the other ones yeah I see why lol but give a year or two your favorite rapper will be wearing them and it's gonna start a frenzy.

Low top uptowns white on whites are flying off the shelfs lol so will these

 4 weeks ago '06        #22
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i was a fan of the 15s,16s, & 17s....i'll take them all. especially them cherrywoods

 4 weeks ago '04        #23
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I love those 17s so fu*king much. I have the black ones with the case. Ive been waiting forever for the blues and the reds but like the list says, they never made them again

Edit: I only like 1-13 and 17

 4 weeks ago '06        #24
Big Bear 
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 LurkinSince2012 said
We good
Not we

 4 weeks ago '07        #25
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This was a major flashback to my childhood. On the real those had to be the worst.

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