Your Favorite Rappers Best Line?

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 13 years ago '04        #61
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The voice of racism preaching the gospel is devilish
A fake church called the prophet Muhammad a terrorist
Forgetting God is not a religion, but a spiritual bond
And Jesus is the most quoted prophet in the Qu'ran
They bombed innocent people, tryin' to murder Saddam
When you gave him those chemical weapons to go to war with Iran
This is the information that they hold back from Peter Jennings
Cause Condoleeza Rice is just a new age Sally Hemmings
I break it down with critical language and spiritual anguish
The Judas I hang with, the guilt of betraying Christ
You murdered and stole his religion, and painting him white
Translated in psychologically tainted philosophy
Conservative political right wing, ideology
Glued together sloppily, the blasphemy of a nation
Got my back to the wall, cause I'm facin' a.ssassination
Guantanamo Bay, federal incarceration
How could this be, the land of the free, home of the brave?
Indigenous holocaust, and the home of the slaves
Corporate America, dancin' offbeat to the rhythm
You really think this country, never sponsored terrorism?
Human rights violations, we continue the saga
El Savador and the contras in Nicaragua
And on top of that, you still wanna take me to prison
Just cause I won't trade humanity for patriotism

-Immortal Technique "the 4th branch"
 06-06-2005, 11:03 PM         #62
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cuz them n*ggas that u went to school with, will catch u while u in ya new whip
and turn ya brains into cool whip
n*ggas that u run around gettin with aint gon help u do nothin but carry a casket

jadakiss(lox)-fu*k you
 13 years ago '05        #63
RaYpE.dP5 1 heat pts OP
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 06-10-2005, 10:15 AM         #64
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[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yo yo, it's several different levels to pickin up shovels
and dumpin you in ditches under sea level
Frontin you when I'm wit this
Let me refreshin you n*ggaz til you my position in this
Beef! - Leavin you under Venice, opposition finished!
There it is, we invaded created a Pyramid -
of a Haven of names, so blame Dre, and that ear of his
So {*heavy breathing*} breathe, I'd rather REACH for your neck
And I never HEAT you for respect, unless you GREET me wit less
I got a skunk, in my trunk
I'm lyin, I got a pump in my trunk
Your dyin, how many lumps n*ggaz want?
Who's ready for y'all? We ready for y'all
We too incredibly raw, for any artist that said he would draw
I stand firm, and it hurts to live it
You open that can of worms, I hope you ready for the dirt that's wit it
Slap a hoe, snatch a mic!
Bein brought to y'all in black and in white
(IT'S the NEW!) Joe Jackson and Ike, we renegades

There's several different levels to Devil worshippin: horse's heads,
human sacrifices, canibalism; candles and exorcism
Animals havin s3x with 'em; camels mammals and rabbits
But I don't get into that, I kick the habit - I just,
beat you to death with weapons that eat through the flesh
And I never eat you unless the fu*kin, meat looks fresh
I got a lion in my pocket,
I'm lyin, I got a nine in my pocket
and baby I'm just, dyin to c*ck him
He's ready for war, I'm ready for war
I got machetes and swords for any f*g**t that said he was raw
My uz' as, heavy as yours, yeah you met me before
I just didn't have as large an arsenal of weapons before
Marshall will step in the door, I lay your head on the floor
With your body spread on the bedspread, red on the wall
red on the ceilin, red on the floor, get a new wh0ore
Met on the second, wet on the third;
then she's dead on the fourth - I'm dead wrong

There's several different levels of k!llin people: pull in the regal
Gettin mad at you and throw your friends off a steeple
Of a church, till it hurts, and my muscles are sore
Its the pain from workin out not even seein the gore - i might
Chomp and or bite, when we get in a f!ght
And im never endin your life, unless there is a visible knife
I got mick Jagger in my home,
Im lyin, i got a dagger in my home
And man, ill stab your face until it foams
Your ready for more, theyre ready for more
I got 2 50 inch swords for anybody who comes to my door
My knife is bigger than yours, yeah im leavin you sore
Im tryna get rich, im really tired of bein poor
Cortez will step on the floor, put your head on the wall
Slam it in doors, till blood poors, im still doin it more
I hit you twice, in the head, when i met you before
stabbed on the second, shot on the third;
Then your dead on the fourth - I'm dead wrong

-sh*t's crazy!
 13 years ago '04        #65
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was this thread suppose 2b ya favourite rappers best lines or best verse's
 06-10-2005, 10:24 AM         #66
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cant even pick one line from those verses
 13 years ago '05        #67
RaYpE.dP5 1 heat pts OP
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$247 | Props total: 217 217 your favorite of your favorite rapper
 13 years ago '05        #68
RaYpE.dP5 1 heat pts OP
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$247 | Props total: 217 217 your favorite of your favorite rapper
 07-28-2005, 03:57 AM         #69
Dec. 31, 1984 
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somebody wake me i'm dreamin, i started as a seed of semen, swimmin upstream planted in the womb while screamin, on the top was my pops, my momma screamin stop, from a single drop this is what they got

2pac - Still I Rise
 07-28-2005, 04:07 AM         #70
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"im far from broke, got enough bread and mad hoes ask bevis i get nothing but head" - Big L

propped u bro
 13 years ago '05        #71
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i heard this when i was 9 and its one of the tightes rhymes ive heard ever

krs one

step into a world

All music lovers in the place right now
That never understood the way that KRS got down
Yo I'm strictly about skills and dope lyrical coastin
Relying on talent, not marketing and promotion
If a dope lyrical flow is a must
You gots to go with a name you can quickly trust
I'm not sayin I'm number one, uhh I'm sorry, I lied
I'm number one, two, three, four and five
Stop wastin your money on marketing schemes
and pretty packages pushin dreams to the beams
A dope MC is a dope MC
With or witout a record deal, all can see
And that's who KRS be son
I'm not the run of mill, cause for the mill I don't run

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 13 years ago '05        #72
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now im ya favorite rappers favorite rapper still drink not spill red jersey buy Jeezy still crippin
 13 years ago '04        #73
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well, yall n*ggas know jada got so much sh*t but one of my personal favorites is when he say "The only security i roll with is my social"
 13 years ago '05        #74
RaYpE.dP5 1 heat pts OP
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 13 years ago '05        #75
RaYpE.dP5 1 heat pts OP
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 09-22-2005, 02:48 AM         #76
real madrid=1 
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First of all this is NAZ ima braveheart veteran you'll already know who am better then you'll know the beef in the hood it will never end never hit the club unless i get my berreta in the letter N short for Nasir more drama than the president of north korea we get it krunk with lil john he the livest in the south fu*k around and you get wires in your mouth cowards i despise and my power keep on rising peopple wanna hate but they keep recognising who next label ima burry CEO-rapper and A&R go to the rap cemetery and you all got guns but you scare to use em 6 million ways to die so choose one----NAZ :applause:

Last edited by real madrid=1; 09-22-2005 at 02:50 AM..
 09-22-2005, 04:02 AM         #77
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 RaYpE.dP5 said: your favorite of your favorite rapper
Verses too? you asked for it

Well this Bun-B bi*ch and I'm the king
I'm movin' chickens got 'em finger lickin'
Stickin' n*gga's who be trippin'
You need a swift kickin' yo azz is ripe for the pickin'
Now down as my pocket's stickin'
I be thinkin' n*gga's slippin' you sick
When I be clickin' now take a look at the
Bigger n*gga Marl liquor swigga
Playa hata ditch digger figure
My hair trigger you bound one hot one in yo liver
You shiver shake and quiver
I'm free from n*gga you wetter den a river
For what it's worth it's suburblous some n*gga's doin' dirt
fu*k her first and take off her skirt
Make the pu**y hurt Mister Master
Hit the Swisha faster then you keep a
Blister bastard fu*k her sister faster
Hit the elbro for sale yo
Brother better have my mail hoe
Before I catch a murder case and go to jail hoe
Hell no, time to bail hit the trail so
We can sell mo fu*kin' yell get the scale
No other bullet duck or get shoved
Inside this game they better buck us
Cuz the clucker's they love us
Make them class d!ck suckers
Check they jelly like smoker's
I hit like nun-chuckers
Cuz Short Texas bring the rukus
This for my muthfu*ker's
Cookin' cheese to crooked geez
Rockin' up quarter key's
Just to get the hook with ease
Wanna bee's get on yo knee's
Fill the squeeze from them HK one three's
From here to over sea's
We do what we please
No trip cuz we flip
Light up a dip
I'm breakin' 'em off from they hip to yo lip
Go ask that boy Skip
That n*gga Bun rip
With one clip, soon as the gun slip
Now I done ripped out my Barile
Flyin' through yo belly belly and
Some smelly red jelly is drippin' out of ya belly
Servin' 'em like a Deli jumped on my cellular telli
Hoe sell it like it's goin' out of style
You can't see me Marcus so have a
Motherfu*kin' Sweet and smile

^^ Bun B on "murder"

Hell yeah! It's that same n*gga runnin' with the AK-47
Bustin n*ggas in the belly
Give them muthafu*kas more than just a headache
Get back at that n*gga faster than FedEx
They're runnin retreatin screamin Mayday we're goin down
Now why the fu*k is n*ggas tellin lies and rumors?
Talkin about we split up
Cause I see Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh
n*ggas really need to shut that sh*t up
If a muthafu*ka really want to rumble we can tumble
We wilder than any animal that's in the jungle
The name of the game is block the basket, strike him out
Hit the goal make the quarterback fumble strategize
Any n*gga hatin' ain't a friend of mine
n*gga considered the enemy n*ggas that's when you die
I never keep my enemies close
Cause I got a perfect view of 'em in my scope
That's close enough
Leather Face'll fu*k a n*gga up and smile
And hit 'em with the millimeter
And I show a bi*ch k!ll a n*gga see me drivin
bi*ch come on and try to rob me
I'm willing to bet that 'cha get lit up
Get off of me baby (baby),
Keep on comin' and there's gon' be drama (drama)
Tellin you n*ggas you better not fu*k with me
Cause I ain't that quiet n*gga that I used to be
Look how the haters give a n*gga attitude
n*gga sick of being humble now I'm like fu*k that I gotta get mine
They try to show a n*gga love, but fu*k that it ain't no love
Cause in the game you get fu*ked every time
Got this feeling inside my bloodline
Somebody finna get fu*ked up! If a n*gga don't get some satisfaction
Blastin' like a madman
Gettin' with the static n*gga lovin the action
Yeah My Bone Thug n*ggas come on
If any one of you n*ggas got any problems
Thinkin' you tough and you really want to solve 'em
Don't be mumblin speak a little louder
While you steady talkin' like you liver than the next n*gga
We'll already be up in you now hater feel us
Who the realest The Bone Thug k!llas
If there's any objections n*ggas deal with 'em
Realer than them other muthafu*kas talkin' about they thugs
Jumpin all on the bandwagon
Wanna be like us, wanna cuss, wanna bust they guns
Thugged out with they pants saggin they actin'
But when it's really time to show some tactics
The n*ggas don't have 'em
We murdered the bastards, puttin em all in bodybags and caskets
Drop 'em in the river, splash that's that
Cause when we clash ain't no comin back
Huntin' n*ggas from the past
We gon' settle this sh*t right here
f!ght to whoever blood be spilled first
Who will be the n*gga ridin' away in a Hearse?
Not me I'm determined to wake up and still be livin' in the morning you
feeling me
Quicker than a clocked damn missle
Hit a bi*ch directly in the middle, right between your eye
Then we makin' sure that n*gga die
Shoot a couple more times and ride out (ride out, ride out)
n*gga we ride out. (ride out, ride out)
n*gga we ride out. (ride out, ride out)
n*gga we ride out

^^ Krayzie Bone on "Battlezone" this one's more about flow than'd have to hear it. (pasted the lyrics so some of them aren't right)

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 13 years ago '05        #78
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YO, it's a miracle snakes, how I skip through the states
And the crispiest Apes, all my whips up to date
See this pistol and 8, It'll sit you is space
You won't be able to sleep when I get you a wake
That's a funeral, holla, get a funeral, holla
Necessary you'll get pretty at the funeral parlor
Roses, Dandelions send a few to yo father
We manuever for dollas, in the newest impalas
Listen beat it I'm hot every season I rock
Chinchilla filler, leave you n*ggaz to freeze on ya block
We don't believe that you pop, I'll put this eagle to pop
You'd rather cop the plea and go plead to the cops
And say sh*t like J, I don't need to be locked
The year, the week or a day, I got a seed on the way
{talkin'} What?, Stop cryin' now, Let's keep it movin'
Sissy I'll let a rattle clap, 60 up in this bastards cap
Dig me I'm what you rappers lack, sicker than all your battle raps
Slither up in the asta hatch, or watch young move
On junk food, Twinkies sit on the caddilac
sh*t I go glock for glock, let's see you dodge a shot
I get the hotties hot, just off my rocky rocks
Them make the goggles drop
Tyra Banks find the top models, sh*t I'm lookin' for the models top

j.r. writer just a hot verse off of stop-n-go one of my fav.
 09-22-2005, 05:04 AM         #79
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Ah yo its poison, ecstacy, coke
You say its love, it is poison
Schools where I learned they should be burned, it is poison
Physicians prescripting us medicine which is poison
Doctors injecting our infants with the poison
Religion misoverstood is poison

Sisters up in my hood trying to do good given choices
When pregnant drop out of school or have abortions
Stop working hoping that they find a man that will support them
Up late night on they mothers cordless, thinking a perm or
Bleaching cream will make better when they gorgeous
White girls tanning, lypo suction
Fake t*tties are implanted, fake lips thats life destruction
Lightskin women, bi-racial hateful toward themselves
Denying even they blood
I don't judge Tiger Woods but I overstand the mental poison
Thats even worser than drugs

man a coupla dope rants in this track

NAS- Poison from Stillmatic (What comes Round)
 09-22-2005, 05:07 AM         #80
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Actully this is what really surprises me, a lotta catz put Nas down as their top lyricist/rapper yet he only got a cuppla mentions in this thread altho' Jay-z who incidentally was ghost written on 80% of his material is mentioned...dunno if people realised that Jay-z employed teams of ghost writers but hey!


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