Your Favorite Rappers Best Line?

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Michael Jackson was an as-hole lowkey lmao
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Image(s) inside Who breaking this 5'10 bi-ch off?
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Video inside Hell Rell Get's Knocked Out in NYC Street.
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look what energy drink abuse did to this man :imout:

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 12 years ago '05        #41
Nyse03 14 heat pts14
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"U couldn't catch me in da streets without a ton of refer/ that's like Malcom X, catchin da jungle fever/"
"Holdin a M-16/ see with the pen i'm extreme/ now, bulletholes left in my peepholes/ Im suited up in street clothes/ hand me a nine an i'll defeat foes/ yall know my steelo/ with or without da airplay I keep some E&J sittin bent up in da stairway/"
"When i was young at dis i used 2 do my thing hard/ robbin foreigners take they wallets, they jewels and rip they greencards/ dip 2 da projects flashin my quick cash/ an got my first piece of smokin blunts wit hash/"
"How ya livin large?/ a broker, charge cards or mediocre?/ U flippin coke? or playin spit, spades, an strip poker?/"
"Back in '83 i was an MC sparkin/ but i was too scared 2 grab da mics in da parks and/ kick my lil raps cause i thought n*ggas won't understand/ an now in every jam im da fu*kin man/"...."i hate a rhymebiters rhyme/" (<<<--i.e. jigga)

All off of Illmatic
 12 years ago '04        #42
torious 66 heat pts66
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cuz life aint sh*t but stress fake n*ggas and crab stunts
so i guzzle my hennessey while pullin on mad blunts

no lie just know i chose my own fate
i drove by the fork in the road and went straight
 12 years ago '04        #43
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Wide open with banged out cutlery from a slang mouth teacher
And money is an ugly god we all fall for
I got land mammal, cannibal, natural evolving squackbox
That means when I wake up and decide to comprise the new sh*t
It's not some watered down version of what my favorite crews did
Puff the magic komodo bi*ch
Rappers stuffed komonos and shark fame at a perfect working unit
Look, I'm done
B-boy, feed that to the needy
Shut your liquor hole, fu*k you in 3D

-Aesop Rock

that fu*k you in 3d gets me everytime...
 12 years ago '05        #44
Oh_Yea 13 heat pts13
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smokin' and drinkin' n*gga do u think i'll faith i is valid...
 06-01-2005, 02:03 AM         #45
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"And that be who but 'Kiss, no security
The burner and some n*ggaz that I grew up with"
 12 years ago '04        #46
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"My styles louder than a stereo//
Fouler than a snake, When I k!ll these fu*kin' rappers & show up at their burial//
I don't wanna worry ya'll//
But I want you gone & this M-16 is the only way to hurry ya'll//
Here's my last proposition//
I'm treatin' rap like crack. If I don't sell the most I gotta k!ll the compettion//"

-Styles P. ft. MOP "Ya'll Don't Wanna"
 12 years ago '05        #47
RaYpE.dP5  OP
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thats a dope line...
 06-02-2005, 01:05 PM         #48
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 RaYpE.dP5 said:
whose your favorite rapper, and what do you think his best line is...lets compare

n*ggaz toast death and pain, like slaves on ship talkin bout who got the flyest chains.

Talib Kweli
Reflection Eternal
 12 years ago '05        #49
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ONe of my fav is Juelz Santana the line is from crunk music "I'm the last of the best one word to describe me spectacular .....yes
 12 years ago '05        #50
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"Let me take you to a place where the sun don't shine
Killers don't talk, little kids dont mind
Men don't work, Don't take care of babies
You bought my album but bootleggers don't pay me
City where the wild cats don't give a fu*k
Junior high schoolers don't say no to drugs
Liquor Stores don't ask shorties for they I.D.'s
This is the place of doe nuttin suprise me
The Ghetto"

- One Be Lo "The Ghetto"
 06-02-2005, 01:28 PM         #51
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" I was out in the trenches, which enables me to paint such a powerful picture, like Apocalypse Now" Cormega

You would have to know the movie reference for it to make any sense...
 12 years ago '04        #52
Tha Infamous Rh 
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The Whole fu*k you song by the lox!

Yo, everybody's a snake
That's why I try to keep the grass cut
So I can see 'em when they coming
Then I heat they up
Cuz' them n*ggas that you went to school with
Will catch you while you in your new whip
And turn your brains into Cool Whip
n*ggas that you running round getting with
Ain't gon' help you do nothing but carry your casket
Got the nerve to ask Kiss why I smoke so much
And how I'm such a young n*gga that seem to know so much
While you was running round pumping for n*ggas
I was listening
And you still pumping for n*ggas
I'm coming through visiting
You heard, L-O-X came through in a yellow Lex
And hop out with the Air Force One's with yellow checks
And you liable to see me Dolo, icing the Rolo
Burner under the Polo, alot of y'all is homos
Funny style n*ggas never down with me
Type that go to the bathroom, sit down and pee
I'll empty your house, back of your cribs, smacking your kids
Bullets going through your leather, cracking your ribs
Don't even hit me on my hip if I ain't give you a call
And I ain't got a home phone number, I live on the road
Now I'm getting bigger checks, conference calls with bigger 'xecs
Bigger bracelets with bigger begets,
fu*k y'all
All I do is get high, and think of faving you all
Motherfu*kers hit 'cha knees and just pray to the Lord
I'd rather die today than live tomorrow
Then watch you crab motherfu*kers just steal and ball
Put in my work, you might get put in a church
Funeral time, everybody kissing the corpse
Learn the ropes, stone rip if you soft, you pissing me off
Call me S.P., and I spit on your boss
You can die cause this sh*t might happen to me
But I'mma still happen to be, packin the 3
fu*k with bi*ches that be wrappin the keys
And the n*ggas that bug over drug money, clappin the D
Shoot in the breeze, 9 in the boot, full of trees
1 in the morning, catch me with a gun on the corner
Let you know it's all real and you can front if you wanna
I understand, fu*k it dog, die in the can
I say you pu**y, you won't die for your right-hand man
As well as your left, n*ggas trip, fell into death
They touch you, only thing else to say is fu*k you
[Sheek Luchion]
A-yo, y'all n*ggas ain't hardcore, all my n*ggas is homicide
What you know about getting shot, letting the drip dry
Letting the spit fly, seeing sparks whiz by
Putting a M*A*S*H on n*ggas like Klinger and Horgi
So soft you smushy, I blast 'til your sh*t is gushy
Should be the head Cat in the Broadway play, you pu**y
fu*k with Sheek, Ouija board spell "death"
You can talk that beef sh*t, I hope that deep sh*t
Be as deep as you inside the fu*king cement
Or you can deep sea dive, with no scuba gear
I'll drown you with your snorkel on, bi*ch, breathe out of there
Whole team rich, never seen a summer like this
Baking hot, and you can sled ride down my wrist, neck, and hand
When it comes to coke, I can make a snowman, sh*t
Play in this sh*t make a angel with it
And I don't give a fu*k about that 380 that y'all share
Between the 10 y'all with the same 8 bullets from last year
When I bust I use snubs, denim flee in the spot
The hand I write with need a oven glove, my sh*t so hot
I want the most, Roley only work when it's next to my post
fu*k a present gimme a yacht master, regular bezzy
Then I'm good when I'm in the hood and I'm on the block
You got a gut feeling about sh*t, n*gga, that means you shot, what
 06-02-2005, 04:03 PM         #53
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"the devil grows inside the hearts of the selfish and wicked/
white, brown, yellow and black colored is not restricted/
you have a self destructive destiny when your inflicted/
and you'll be one of gods children and fell from the top/
there's no diversity because we're burning in the melting pot/
so when the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never/
because the dance with the devil might last you forever//"

"Immortal Technique will destroy your religion you stupid bi*ch
You're faker than blue-eyed crackers nailed to a crucifix"

-Immortal Tecnique
 06-02-2005, 04:15 PM         #54
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Aint no d!ck like the one I've got/
Big rip the twat/in the basement of weed spots/
even vacant lots/
bi*ches know the spe- on the P-U-S-S-Y/
You suggest I/take it out the anal/fu*kin Big is fatal/
Dangerous, you should see me swing the jimmy/
when the Henny's in me/
I'm fu*king green bi*ches, like kirk/
when the c*m spurts/I'm out bi*ch/
You know what I'm about bi*ch/
Hit em, split em, forget em/
fist fu*k em, dump em, in the truck and/
find another trick/to lick d!ck/from the tip/
down to the a**hole/lips red like tabasco/
A little rascal/call me chupsy-ubsy or stymie/
Let me fu*k you from behindsy/
The shake/Big break/hoes torsoes/
Gotta go/see your groupies at my next show
-c*nt Renaissance (Biggie)

And it weights a ton/
ree geez motherfu*kers, I'm a son of a gun/
Black master of any trade under the sun/
Talk sharp like a razor blade under the tongue/
clear my path and come get your captain hung/
Trying to breath like black'll collapse your lungs/
Young chump you could choke off the web I spun/
I done cleared 'em out from the threat I brung/
You done heard about what set I'm from/
My n*gga, word-a-mouth little rule-a-thumb/
Y'all better bow down when the ruler come/
I'm a real hood n*gga not a hood-a-lum/
The way Thought put it down be confusin' some of y'all/
cats can't walk while chewin' your gum 'n all/
What a keyboard got do with a drum 'n all/
School 'em on stage like I'm doin' a seminar/
Professional type/I'm adjusting my mic/
Go to war kid I'll give you any weapon you like/
Give you something to run from/
bust off your dum-dum/
Stop kid, that hot sh*t you know where it come from/
It's philly world-wide phenomenom/
And reinforcin' that sh*t is my 9-to-5/
And when I finish making you recognize/
I'm getin' at a couple civilized women that's tryin' to ride/
You were waitin' on the raw to come off the oil/
You wanna get the bi*ches up off the wall/
Just to see you smile and enjoy yourself/
To keep you in health/this for all of y'all/
I'm quick on the draw like Black McGraw/
And I can't tell what y'all cats rappin' for
-Web (Black Thought of the Roots)

2 of the Best Verses I've EVER Heard
 12 years ago '05        #55
HARBINGER|M 448 heat pts448
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Jerzzzzzz.... Joey... Jump Off....
 12 years ago '05        #56
RaYpE.dP5  OP
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 06-03-2005, 04:21 AM         #57
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"thats too much pork for just one fork/and i'll pass/can't even tell the difference between her stomach and her marks on her t*tties like a road map"

Devin Tha Dude! devin only talks that real sh*t (p.w.a) not that fake gangsta sh*t he really reps what he's about
 12 years ago '05        #58
RaYpE.dP5  OP
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iight ill prop you
 12 years ago '05        #59
RaYpE.dP5  OP
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'123 thats the speed of the seed, abc thats the speed of the deed, you can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream, id rather live it, cause dreamers always chase but never get it...'
AESOPROCK - no regrets
 12 years ago '05        #60
RaYpE.dP5  OP
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'i dont usually fu*k w/ the internet, or chicks with birth control tucked in they arms like nicorette, you really fu*kin that much or you tryina get of cigarettes, if she thinks its fly she aint met a real n*gga yet'
-talib kweli

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