PRODUCTIONS by The Neptunes

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PRODUCTIONS by The Neptunes

*NSYNC Girlfriend
Girlfriend (remix) featuring Nelly
504 Boyz D'Game
702 Star (featuring Clipse)
I Still Love You
AIR Don't Be Light Remix
Alana Davis My Life
Best Part of Me
Bye Bye
New Glasses
All Saints Black Coffee Remix
Angie Martinez Dem Thangz feat. Q-Tip
Angie Stone Everyday (remix)
Baby What Happened To That Boy (feat. Clipse)
Babyface There She Goes
Stressed Out
Backstreet Boys The Call (remix)
BAPE Bape All Stars
Beanie Sigel Don't Stop
Beenie Man Jamaica Way
Reggae Party
Beenie Man & Mya Girls them Sugar (remix)
Ben Harper Steal My Kisses (remix)
Beyoncé Work It Out
My First Time
BlackStreet Tonights The Night
Bow Wow Take Ya Home
The Don, The Dutch
The Movement
I'll Move On
Boyz 2 Men Good Guy (remix)
Brand Nubian Don't Let It Go To Head (remix)
Britney Spears I'm A Slave 4 U
Baby Can't You See
Boys Remix (feat. Pharrell)
Busta Rhymes What it is (featuring Kelis)
As I Come Back
Pass the Courvoisier Part II (feat. P. Diddy & Pharrell)
Call The Ambulance
Light Your On Fire
Cardan Feelin' It
Ooh Ah
Clipse Guns n' Roses
Lord Willin' , album
When The Last Time
I'm Not You Feat. Roscoe P. Coldchain & LOX
Blaze of Glory (feat. Pharrell & Ab-Liva)
Hot Damn (feat. Ab-Liva, Pharrell & Rosco P. Coldchain)
Common Come Close (featuring Mary J. Blige)
I Got a Right Ta (featuring Pharrell)
Cuban Link Still Tellin' Lies
Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger Remix
Destiny's Child Emotions Remix
Dirt McGirt Pop sh*t
Elan All Night
Eric Benet Love Don't Love Remix
Fabolous Young'n (Holla Back)
Tit 4 Tat
Young & s3xy
Faith Burnin' Up
Goin' Out (feat. Clipse)
Rock N' Roll
Foxy Brown Candy (featuring Kelis)
Garbage Adrogyny
Guru's Jazzmatazz All I Said (featuring Macy Gray)
Supa Luv (featuring Kelis)
Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl
Half-A-Mil Thug Ones
Harlem World Fiesta
Not The Kids
Hikaru Utada Blow My Whistle (Rush Hour 2 soundtrack)
Ice Cube Late Night Hour
Ja Rule Pop n*ggas
Jadakiss Knock Yourself Out
Hot Sauce To Go
Janet Jackson Boyz
Jay-Z I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
Excuse Me Miss
F#@K All Night
n*gga Please
A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier
Change Clothes
Jermaine Dupri Let's Talk About It (featuring Clipse)
Joe Isn't This The World
Justin Timberlake Señorita
Like I Love You
Take It From Here
Rock Your Body
Nothin' Else
Last Night
Let's Take a Ride
Kardinall Offishall Belly Dancer
Kelis I Don't Care Anymore (P. Collins)
Caught Out There
Good Stuff
Get Along With You
Ghetto Children
I Want Your Love
No Turning Back
Roller Rink
In The Morning
Wouldn't You Agree
Young Fresh n' New
Popular Thug (featuring Pusha T)
Flash Back
Daddy (featuring Malice)
Scared Money
Shooting Stars
Digital World
Perfect Day
Easy Come, Easy Go
Get Even
Mr. UFO (featuring John Otsby of Spymob)
Little Suzie
The Spot (B-side)
Popular Thug (feat. Nas)
Protect My Heart
Sugar Honey Iced Tea
Rolling Through The Hood
Kid Rock Cowboy (remix)
Krayzie Bone I Don't Know What (featuring Kelis)
Latrelle My Life
Dirty Girl
Long Time
House Party
Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz Stick That Thang Out
Lil' Kim How Many Licks (remix)
Limp Bizkit N2gether Now (remix)
Nookie (remix)
LL Cool J I Wanna See You on the Floor
Luv U Better
Niggy Nuts
Clockin' G's
U Should
Ludacris Southern Hospitality
It Wasn't Us (feat. I-20)
M.C. Lyte I Can't Make A Mistake
It's All Yours
Mariah Carey Say Something (feat. Snoop)
To The Floor (feat. Nelly)
Mary J. Blige Steal Away
Mase Looking At Me
Maxi Priest Brenda's Got a Baby (featuring Beanie Man)
Moby Honey (remix)
Ms. Jade The Come Up
Mystikal Shake Ya
Been So Long (Danger)
Jump (Any Given Sunday Soundtrack)
Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall)
Go 'Head
The Return
N.E.R.D. Lapdance
Things Are Getting Better
Truth Or Dare
Run To the Sun
Baby Doll
Am I High
Rock Star
Bobby James
Stay Together
In Search of...
Tape You
Loser (feat. Clipse)
She Wants To Move
Don't Worry About It
Fly Or Die
Backseat Love
Wonderful Place
Drill Sergeant
The Way She Dances
Chariot Of Fire
Waiting For You
Find My Way
N.O.R.E. Superthug
Cocaine Business (Hysteria)
Oh No
Head Bussa
Consider This (featuring Kelis)
Full Mode
Put 'Em Up
Nas Nas' Angels...the Flyest (feat. Pharrell)
Nelly Hot In Herre
Flap Your Wings
Play It Off
Neptunes Upcoming Projects
Nick Cannon Untitled
Nivea Independence Day
No Doubt Hella Good
In My Head
Ol' Dirty Bastard Recognize (remix)
She's Cold
Got Your Money (featuring Kelis)
You Don't Want to fu*k With Me
Omarion Touch
P. Diddy Diddy
P. E. 2000 (remix)
P. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz & Pharrell Show Me Your Soul
Papa Roach Don't Look Back (feat. N.E.R.D.)
Perry Ferrell Glory
Pharrell Frontin' (featuring Jay-Z)
Philly's Most Wanted Suckas
Suckas (remix featuring Beanie Sigel)
Cross The Border
Philly Celebrities
Street Tax
Dream Car
Ladies Choice
Please Don't Mind (featuring Andre Wilson)
Pras Whatcha Wanna Do
Prince Greatest Romance Ever Sold (remix)
Ray J Out the Ghetto
Wait A Minute
Formal Invite
Let's Take a Ride
Robin Thicke Want To Love You Girl
Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil (remix)
Rosco P. Coldchain Album T/B/A
Hot (feat. Pusha T & Boo-Bonic)
Mask N' Glove Style
Sade By Your Side (remix)
Scarface Someday (feat. Faith Evans)
Sean Paul Bubble
Shyne n*ggas Gone Die
Slim Thug I Ain't Heard Of That
Like A Boss
Snoop Dogg From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace
It Blows My Mind
Drop It Like It's Hot
Let's Get Blown
Pass It Pass It
Solange Crush
Super Cat The Don of Dons (Put De Ting Pon Dem) (feat. Jadakiss)
SWV Use Your Heart
When This Feeling
T.I. I'm Serious
What's Yo Name
Freak Though
Talib Kweli Broken Glass
Tha Liks Best U Can
The Lox If You Think I'm Jiggy (remix)
TLC In Your Arms Tonight
Toni Braxton Hit The Freeway
Total When Boy Meets Girl
Usher I Don't Know
U Don't Have to Call
Vanessa Marquez Good Girl

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 05-26-2005, 01:22 PM         #2
Irvgeezy  OP
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propz man. you have some stuff i never knew they produced.
 13 years ago '04        #3
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Bye Bye Bye was produced by Max Martin and Denniz Pop.
 05-30-2005, 06:59 PM         #4
jordan23  OP
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Dam The Neptune Been Workin
 06-27-2005, 08:04 AM         #5
DilatedMan  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Did they produce Faith Evans-You Gets No Love and Slim Thug-Chicken Strip
 06-27-2005, 10:54 AM         #6
Lostsoul27845  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
Neptunes are sick wit But they don't get as much credit as they should
 13 years ago '04        #7
bigboi2006 2 heat pts
$1,299 | Props total: 8 8
Slims Neptunes trax alone........
Like a Boss
I Aint Heard of That
Chicken Strip
This is My Life
Do It For U
Put Ya Up Ma
You Too Clean
Ashy to Classy
Already Platinum
Playa Ya Dont Know (CRAZY Track on the retail of "Already Platinum"
Click Clack (SAME AS ABOVE)
 07-08-2005, 11:33 PM         #8
RomeoLuvCasanov  OP
$n/a | Props total:  
add to that

Sleepy Brown Feat. Pharrell, Big Boi - Life Of A Hustler (Margarita)
Thicke Feat Pharrell - I Want To Love You Girl
Vanessa Marquez Feat. Justin Timberlake - Want You To Know
Vanessa Marquez Feat. Pharrell - Friends Are

Last edited by RomeoLuvCasanov; 07-08-2005 at 11:34 PM..
 13 years ago '04        #9
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 13 years ago '04        #10
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Updated: 10th July 2005 Neptunes Production List

Done By Djfreakiii
Tha Freakness

Last Added 27thth June
For The nasty feat. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes (2nd Version) (DJ Version)
Jennifer Lopez- Love Don't Cost A Thing feat. Ghostface k!llah (Neptunes Remix) (DJ Version)
213 - To Be With Somebody feat. Pusha T. (Snippet)
Kenna - Sunday After You (Burning Down Mix)
Like I Love You feat. Clipse (Extended Club Mix I)
Like I Love You feat. Clipse (Extended Club Mix II)
Fam-Lay - Cup A Tea (Original) (DJ Version)
N¤E¤R¤D - Provider (Video Version)
Slim Thug - You Too Clean feat. Pharrell & Blunts L.L.A. (Remix)
Missy Elliott - On & On feat. Pharrell (Dirty)

Added New 10th July
Slim Thug - Already Platinum feat. Pharrell
Slim Thug - Ashy To Classy feat. Pharrell
Slim Thug - Click Clack feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.
Slim Thug – Dedicate feat. Pharrell
Slim Thug - Playa Ya Don't Know feat. Pharrell
Slim Thug - This Is My Life feat. LaToya Luckett (Ex DC Member) (2nd Version)
Jesse McCartney - She's No You (Neptunes Remix) (Without Rap)
Missy Elliott - The Right One For Me feat. Pharrell
Howard Stern - Untitled feat. Pharrell
Dizzee Rascal - Graftin' (Chad Hugo Remix)
Usher – I Heard A Rumour (Snippet)
LL Cool J – The Thruth
SWV - Use Your Heart (Interlude)
Wreckx N' Effect - New Jack Swing


The Hard Way (Pre-Release) (2004)
– To Be With Somebody feat. Pusha T. (Snippet)

504 Boyz

The Goodfellas (2000)
- D-Game feat. Pharrell & Clipse


Star (2003)
- I Still Love You feat. Pharrell
- Star feat. Clipse

(CDS) (2003)
- I Still Love You feat. Pharrell & Fam-Lay (Remix)


Everybody Hertz (2002)
- Don't Be Light feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix)

Alana Davis

Fortune Cookies (2001)
- Bye Bye (aka My Life)

Fortune Cookies (Pre-Release) (2001)
- Here Inside (aka Best Part Of Me)
- New Glasses

Alicia Keys

(CDS) (2002)
- How Come You Don't Call Me feat. Pharrell & Justin Timberlake (Neptunes Remix)

All Saints

Black Coffee Limited Edition (2 CD’s)/Saints & Sinners (Japanese & Australian Edition) (2001)
- Black Coffee feat. Pusha T. (Neptunes Remix)

All Star Tribute

What's Going On: All-Star Tribute (2001)
- What's Going On (This One's For You) feat. Pharrell, LL Cool J, Noreaga, Royce da 5’ 9’’, Faith Evans, Queen Latifah, Fabolous, Eve, Da Brat, Angie Martinez, Mobb Deep & Marc Dorsey (Neptunes Remix)

Angie Martinez

Up Close & Personal (2001)
- Dem Thangz feat. Pharrell & Q-Tip

Animal House (Pre-Release) (2002)

Angie Stone

Everyday/Heaven Help (CDS) (2000)
- Everyday feat. Pusha T. (Neptunes Remix)
 13 years ago '04        #11
$130 | Props total: 0 0

Birdman (2002)
- What Happened To That Boy feat. Clipse


Face 2 Face (2001)
- Stressed Out feat. Pharrell
- There She Goes feat. Pharrell

Face 2 Face (Pre-Release) (2001)
- I'm A Survivor
“Originally Intended For The "N¤E¤R¤D In Search Of…" Album”
Backstreet Boys

The Call Remixes (CDS) (2000)
- The Call feat. Pharrell & Clipse (Neptunes Remix)
- The Call feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix) (Without Clipse)

Basement Jaxx

(Vinyl) (2001)
- Romeo feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix)

Beanie Sigel

The B. Coming (2005)
- Don't Stop feat. Snoop Dogg

Beenie Man

Art & Life (2000)
- Ola feat. Steve Perry
- Girls Dem Sugar feat. Pharrell & Mya
- Jamaica Way feat. Pharrell & Kelis

Tropical Storm (2002)
- Bad Girl feat. Justin Vince
- Feel It Boy feat. Pharrell & Janet Jackson
- Bossman feat. Lady Saw & Sean Paul

(Vinyl) (Import) (2002)
- Feel It Girl feat. Pharrell & Joe

TBC (2002)
- Feel It Boy feat. Janet Jackson (Neptunes Remix)

Ben Harper

(CDS) (2001)
- Steal My Kisses feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix)

Beyonce Knowles

Austin Powers In Goldmember OST (2002)
- Work It Out

Dangerously In Love (UK DVD Special Edition)/Live At Wembley (2003)
- My First Time

Dangerously In Love (Pre-Release) (2003)
- Vulnerable feat. Pharrell

Black Rob

Promo (CDS) (2004)
- Business Never Personal


TBC (Pre-Release) (1992)
-TBC feat. Pharrell
“(First Neptunes “Pharrells Appearance” Production Unofficial)”

Blackstreet (1994)
- Happy Home
“(Chad On The Saxophon)”
- Tonight's The Night feat. SWV & Tammy Lucas
“(First Neptunes Production “By Chad” Official)”

Bow Wow (aka Lil' Bow Wow)

Doggy Bag (2001)
- Take Ya Home

Unleashed (2003)
- I'll Move On feat. Mario
- The Movement feat. Pharrell
- The Don The Dutch feat. Vanessa Marquez

Brand Nubian

Take It To The Head (Vinyl) (1998)
- Don't Let It Go To Your Head (Neptunes Remix)

Brian McKnight

Urban Renewal: The Songs Of Phil Collins (2001)
- I Wish It Would Rain Down

Britney Spears

Britney (2001)
- I'm A Slave 4 U
- Boys

Austin Powers In Goldmember OST (2002)
- Boys feat. Pharrell (Co-Ed Remix)

Britney Spears

In The Zone (Pre-Release) (2003)
- Baby Can’t You See
- I Don’t Want You feat. Pharrell
- Take Ya Home feat. Pharrell
- Cuz U’re Lookin’ So Good

Bryan Zentz

Seven Breaths (2004)
- D-Clash
- Troublesome Dub
“(Chad Co-Production)”
Busta Rhymes

Genesis (2001)
- As I Come Back
- What It Is feat. Kelis

Dr Dolittle 2 OST (2001)
- What It Is Part II feat. The Flipmode Squad

Busta… It Ain’t Safe No More (2002)
- Call The Ambulance feat. Rampage

I Know What You Want (CDS) (2003)
- Call The Ambulance feat. The Flipmode Squad (Remix)

Pass The Courvoisier Part II (CDS) (2003)
- Pass The Courvoisier feat. Pharrell & P. Diddy Part II

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Light Your On Fire feat. Pharrell

(Vinyl) (Limited Edition) (2004)
- Light That On Fire feat. Pharrell (N'E'R'D Remix)

DJ Whoo Kid & Busta Rhymes – Surrender (2004)
- Buss It Open feat. Pharrell (Snippet)
 13 years ago '04        #12
$130 | Props total: 0 0

Hey Young World (Pre-Release) (2001)
- Feelin' It feat. Pharrell (Bad Quality)
- Ooh Ah feat. Pharrell


TBC (2004)
- Come On feat. Pharrell & Swizz Beatz


Green Is The Soulmachine (2004)
- Let's Stay Together feat. Pharrell
- The Art Of Noise feat. Pharrell

Green Is The Soulmachine (Pre-Release) (2004)
- The Art Of Noise (aka Passion Fruit) feat. Pharrell (1st Version) (Bad Quality)


Exclusive Audio Footage (1999)
1 – The Prayer (Intro)
2 - Hear Me Out
3 - Power
4 – Interlude 1
5 - You Don't Even Know feat. Kelis
6 - Breakfast In Cairo feat. Noreaga & Kurupt
7 – Interlude 2 feat. Pharrell
8 - Hostage feat. Pharrell & Kelis
9 - Wild Cowboy feat. Markita
10 - Got Caught Dealin' Part I feat. Pharrell
11 - Interlude 3
12 - Taiwan To Texas feat. Pharrell
13 – Interlude 4
14 - Stick Girl feat. Pharrell & Kelis
15 - You Can't Touch Me feat. Lee Harvey & Nako
16 - Feel Like Me feat. Pharrell
17 - Bodysnatchers feat. Magnum
18 - Diana Ross feat. Pharrell
19 - Watch Over Me feat. Pharrell
20 – Interlude 5 feat. Nicole Wray
21 – The Funeral feat. Pharrell

Lord Willin’ (2002)
1 - Intro
2 - Young Boy feat. Pharrell
3 - Virginia feat. Pharrell
4 - Grindin' feat. Pharrell
5 - Cot' Damn feat. Pharrell, Ab Liva & Rosco P. Coldchain
6 - Ma I Don't Love Her feat. Pharrell & Faith Evans
7 - Fam-Lay Freestyle feat. Pharrell
8 - When The Last Time feat. Pharrell & Kelis
9 - Ego feat. Pharrell & Kelis
10 - Comedy Central feat. Fabolous
11 - Let's Talk About It feat. Pharrell & Jermaine Dupri
12 - Gangsta Lean feat. Pharrell
13 - I'm Not You feat. Jadakiss & Rosco P. Coldchain
14 - Grindin' feat. Pharrell, Baby, Lil' Wayne & Noreaga (Remix)
15 - Grindin' feat. Pharrell, Sean Paul, Bless & Kardinal (Selector Remix)

Training Day OST (2001)
- Guns N' Roses feat. Pharrell

(CDS) (1998)
- Got Caught Dealin' feat. Pharrell (We Get Money) Part II

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Blaze Of Glory feat. Rosco P. Coldchain & Ab Liva
- Hot Damn feat. Pharrell, Rosco P. Coldchain & Ab-Liva (Remix)

Barbershop 2 (Back In Business) (OST) (2003)
- pu**y feat. Pharrell

Promo (CDS) (2004)
- pu**y feat. Ab Liva & Sandman (Remix)

Promo (CDS) (2005)
- Stuntin' Y'all feat. Pharrell


(CDS) (2003)
- Comin’ Atcha feat. Pharrell


(CDS) (2001)
- I Can Do Too (Neptunes Remix)
- I Can Do Too feat. Queen Latifah (Neptunes Remix)


Electric Circus (2002)
- I Got A Right Ta feat. Pharrell
- Come Close feat. Pharrell & Mary J. Blige

Come Close (Vinyl) (2003)
- Come Close (Closer) feat. Erykah Badu, Pharrell & Q-Tip (Remix)
“(Guest Appearance)”

Cuban Link

24 K (2000)
- Still Tellin’ Lies feat. Tony Sunshine
 13 years ago '04        #13
$130 | Props total: 0 0
Daft Punk

(CDS) (2002)
- Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix)

Destiny's Child

This Is The Remix (2002)
- Emotion (Neptunes Remix)

Dirt McGirt (aka Ol' Dirty Bastard)

n*gga Please (1999)
- Cold Blooded
- Recognize feat. Pharrell & Chris Rock
- Got Your Money feat. Kelis

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Popsh*t feat. Pharrell

The Neptunes Present Clones (Pre-Release) (2003)
- She’s Cold

Promo (2004)
- Operator feat. Pharrell

(CDS) (2005)
- Operator feat. Pharrell & Clipse (Remix)

Dizzee Rascal

TBC (2005)
- Graftin' (Chad Hugo Remix)


Demo Session (2004)
- Life Is A Show feat. Kenna (Snippet)
“(Chad Production)”

All Roads (2001)
- Seeing Things feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix)

TBC (2001)
- All Night


Eminem Is Back (Import) (2001)
- She’s The One feat. Royce Da 5’ 9’’ (Remix)

Eric Benet

TBC (2000)
- Can't Wait To Take You Home feat. Pharrell
- Get On The Dance Floor feat. Pharrell

(Vinyl) (2001)
- Love Don't Love Me feat. Pharrell & Clipse (Neptunes Remix)


Ghetto Fabolous (2001)
- Holla Back (Young’n) feat. Pharrell

Real Talk (2004)
- Tit 4 Tat feat. Pharrell
- Young & s3xy feat. Pharrell & Mike Shorey

Faith Evans

Faithfully (2001)
- Burnin’ Up feat. Loon

(CDS) (2001)
- Burnin' Up feat. Missy Elliot & P. Diddy (Remix)

The First Lady (2005)
- Goin' Out feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.


Clipse - Lord Willin’ (2002)
- Fam-Lay - Bang Bang (aka Freestyle)

Fam-Lay - The Mixtape (2003)
- Available (Snippet)
- This Is Living feat. Pharrell (Snippet)

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Rock & Roll feat. Pharrell & Kelis

(Vinyl) (2003)
- Rock & Roll feat. Pharrell, Lil’ Flip & Kelis (Remix)

Promo (CDS) (2004)
- Ambulance feat. Pharrell

(CDS) (2004)
- Fresh N’ Drivin’ feat. Pharrell

(CDS) (2004)
- Git Busy feat. Pharrell

Demo Session (2004)
- Mr. Treat Your Nose (Snippet)

Grand Theft Ghetto (2005)
- Bang Bang feat. Pharrell, T.I. & Scarface Part II
- Cup A Tea (Original) (DJ Version) (03'-05')

Foxy Brown

Broken Silence (2001)
- Candy feat. Kelis
- Gangsta Boogie feat. Pharrell

Ill Na Na 2: The Fever (Advance) (2003)
- Yeah Come On (Magnetic) feat. Pharrell

Ill Na Na 2: The Fever (2003)
- Magnetic feat. Pharrell
- The Original
 13 years ago '04        #14
$130 | Props total: 0 0

(CDS) (2002)
- Androgyny (Neptunes Remix)

Guru Jazzmatazz

Streetsoul (2000)
- All I Said feat. Macy Gray
- Supa Love feat. Kelis

Gwen Stefani

Love, Angel, Music, Baby (2004)
- Hollaback Girl

Love, Angel, Music, Baby (Pre-Release) (2005)
- That's The Way feat. Pharrell
- You Started It feat. Pharrell


Milion (2000)
- Thug Onez feat. Noreaga, Kool G & Mussollini

Handsome Boy Modeling School

White People (2004)
- Class System feat. Pharrell & Julee Cruise
“(Guest Appearance)”
Harlem World

The Movement (1999)
- One Big Fiesta feat. Mase
- Not The Kids feat. Rashad


(AV8 Vinyl) (2004)
- Phenomenon feat. Pharrell
”(Pharrell Production)”
Hikaru Utada

Rush Hour 2 OST (2001)
- Blow My Whistle feat. Foxy Brown

Howard Stern

TBC (2001)
- Untitled feat. Pharrell

Ice Cube

The Greatest Hits (2001)
- In The Late Night Hour feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.
 13 years ago '04        #15
$130 | Props total: 0 0
Ja Rule

The Last Temptation (2002)
- Pop n*ggas feat. Pharrell


Kiss Tha Game Goodbye (2001)
- Knock Yourself Out feat. Pharrell

Kiss Of death (2004)
- Hot Sauce To Go feat. Pharrell

Janet Jackson

TBC (2001)
- Boys
- Ecstasy (Bang Bang)
- (Busta Rhymes) - What It Is


In My Lifetime Vol. 1 (1997)
- The City Is Mine feat. Blackstreet
“(Neptunes Co-Production)”

The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000)
- I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me) feat. Pharrell

Blueprint 2: The Gift And The Curse (2002)
- fu*k All Night feat. Pharrell
- Excuse Me Miss feat. Pharrell
- A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier feat. Pharrell
- n*gga Please feat. Pharrell & Young Chris

Blueprint 2.1 / Bad Boys 2 OST (2003)
- Excuse Me Miss Again (La La La) feat. Pharrell

The Black Album (2003)
- Change Clothes feat. Pharrell
- Allure feat. Pharrell

Jennifer Lopez

The Crayons Mixtape (2003)
- Love Don't Cost A Thing feat. Ghostface k!llah (Neptunes Remix) (DJ Version) (03')

Jermaine Dupri

Instructions (2001)
- Let's Talk About It feat. R.O.C. & Clipse (Remix)

Jesse McCartney

(VLS)/Beautiful Soul (Import) (2005)
- She's No You feat. Fabolous (Neptunes Remix)
- She's No You (Neptunes Remix) (Without Rap)

Jo Jo Pelligrino

Promo (CDS) (2003)
- Saturday Nite Gangsta


Better Days (2001)
- Isn’t this The World

Justin Timberlake

Justified (2002)
- Last Night feat. Pharrell
- Senorita feat. Pharrell
- Like I Love You feat. Clipse
- Rock Your Body feat. Vanessa Marquez
- Take It From Here
- Nothin' Else
- Let's Take A Ride

Like I Love You (Remixes) (2002)
- Like I Love You feat. Clipse (Extended Club Mix I)
- Like I Love You feat. Clipse (Extended Club Mix II)

(CDS) (2004)
- I’m Lovin' It feat. Vanessa Marquez

(Vinyl) (2004)
- I’m Lovin' It feat. Vanessa Marquez & Snoop Dogg (Remix) (Bad Quality)

(Vinyl) (2003)
- Rock Your Body feat. Pharrell, Clipse & Vanessa Marquez (Remix)
- Rock Your Body feat. E-40 & Vanessa Marquez (Remix)
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Kardinal Offishall

(Vinyl) (2003)
- Belly Dancer feat. Pharrell


Kaleidoscope (1999)
1 – Intro (Kaleidoscope) feat. Pharrell
2 - Good Stuff feat. Pusha T.
3 - Caught Out There
4 - Get Along With You
5 - Mafia feat. Pharrell & Markita
6 - Game Show
7 – Suspected feat. Pharrell
8 - Mars feat. Pharrell
9 - Ghetto Children feat. Pharrell & Marc Dorsey
10 - I Want Your Love
11 - No Turning Back feat. Pharrell
12 - Roller Rink feat. Pharrell
13 - In The Morning feat. Pharrell
14 - Wouldn't You Agree feat. Justin Vince

(CDS) (1999)
- Caught Out There (Extended Remix)

Wanderland (Import) (2001)
1 - Intro (Wanderland)
2 - Young Fresh & New
3 - Flashback
4 - Popular Thug feat. Pusha T.
5 - Daddy feat. Pharrell & Malice
6 - Scared Money
7 - Shooting Stars feat. Pharrell
- Go Away (Hidden Track II)
8 - Digital World feat. Rosco P. Coldchain
9 - Perfect Day feat. No Doubt
10 - Easy Come, Easy Go
11 - Junkie For Your Love
12 - Get Even
13 - Mr. U.F.O. Man feat. John Otsby (from SpyMob)
14 - Lil' Suzy
- I Don't Care Anymore feat. Pharrell (Hidden Track I)
- Outro (Wanderland) (Hidden Track III)

Wanderland / Urban Renewal (2001)
- I Don't Care Anymore feat. Pharrell

Wanderland (Vinyl) (B-Side)/Young, Fresh N’ New (Vinyl) (2001)
- Spot

Wanderland / Tasty (2001/2003)
- Flashback

Tasty (2003)
- Intro
- Milkshake
- Protect My Heart feat. Pharrell
- Sugar Honey Iced Tea feat. Pharrell
- Rolling Through The Hood

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Kelis - Popular Thug feat. Nas (Remix)

DJ Cutmaster C - Charlies Angels (2003)
- Milkshake feat. CNN (Remix)

DJ Envy Presents - Cruisin' Part. 2 (2003)
- Milkshake feat. LaLa (Remix)

Ryder Musik (Dipset Byrdgang G) (2004)
- Milkshake feat. Jim Jones (Remix)

Promo (CDS) (2004)
- Freak Me Slow

Trick Me (CDS) (2003)
- Milkshake feat. Pharrell & Pusha T. (Neptunes Remix)


New Sacred Cow (2003)
1 - Within Earshot (Intro)
2 - Freetime
3 - Man Fading
4 - Sunday After You
5 - Vexed & Glorious
- A Better Control (Interlude)
6 - Red Man
7 - Hell Bent
8 - Yeneh Ababa (Rose)
9 - War In Me
10 - New Sacred Cow
11 - I'm Gone
12 - Siren
13 - Love Hate Sensation

New Sacred Cow (UK Import) (2003)
- Freetime (Chad Hugo Remix) (Bonus Track)

(CDS) (2004)
- Sunday After You (Burning Down Mix)

“(Chad Production)”

A Tear Falls In Brooklyn (1997)
- If It Ain’t Love (Neptunes Remix)
- The Day The Earth Stood Still

Kid Rock

Promo (CDS) (1998)
- Cowboy feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix) (Clean)

Krayzie Bone

Thug On Da Line (2001)
- I Don't Know What feat. Kelis
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L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle

Live On MTV Awards (2001)
- Carmen feat. Kelis (Neptunes Remix)


Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl (Advance) (2001)
- Long Night
- Dirty Girl feat. T. I.

Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl (Retail) (2001)
- You Don't Even Know (Da Da Da) (aka You Don't Even Know)
- House Party
- Dirty Girl (Without Rap)
- My Life
- Infatuated (aka Infatuated With Your Love)

Lenny Kravitz

Bad Boys 2 OST (2003)
- Show me Your Soul feat. Pharrell, P. Diddy & Loon

Lil' Flip

(Vinyl) (2004)
- Package Of Power feat. Pharrell

Lil' Jon
Crunk Juice (2004)
- Stick That Thang Out (Squezzer) feat. Pharrell & Ying Yang Twinz

Lil’ Kim

(Vinyl) (2000)
- How Many Licks feat. Pharrell, Lil' Cease & Snoop Dogg (Neptunes Remix)

Limp Bizkit

New Old Songs (2001)
- N 2gether Now feat. Pharrell & Method Man (Neptunes Remix)
- Nookie feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix)

LL Cool J

DJ Whoo Kid (2001)
- I Wanna See You On The Floor (Planet Neptune) feat. Pharrell (Neptunes Remix) (DJ Version)

Ten (2002)
- U Should feat. Marc Dorsey
- Luv U Better feat. Pharrell & Marc Dorsey
- Niggy Nuts feat. Pharrell
- Clockin' G's feat. Pharrell
- Amazin' feat. Kandice Love

Hush (CDS) (UK) (2005)
- The Truth
“Written By Pharrell”

Loon (Limited Edition) (2003)
- s3xy Mama feat. Pharrell (Bonus Track)

Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz

(Vinyl) (2001)
- What's That Sound feat. Pharrell

What's That Sound (Vinyl) (2001)
- What's That Sound feat. Pharrell & Angie Martinez (Remix)


Back For The First Time (2000)
- Southern Hospitality

(Vinyl) (2000)
- Southern Hospitality (Remix)

(Vinyl) (UK) (2000)
- Southern Hospitality feat. Ms. Dynamite & Max (Remix)

(CDS) (2001)
- Fatty Girl feat. Pharrell, LL Cool J & Keith Murray (Neptunes Remix)

Mick Boogie Vol. 3 (2001)
- Fatty Girl feat. Pharrell, LL Cool J & Keith Murray (Fat Albert Neptunes Remix)

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- It Wasn't Us feat. I-20

TBC (2003)
- TBC feat. Da Brat

TBC (2004)
- She’s A Freak feat. Pharrell
- Like That feat. Pharrell
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Mac Mall & JT

Illegal Game (2004)
- Love The Game feat. Miss Dre
“(Pharrell Production)”
Mariah Carey

The Emancipation Of Mimi (2005)
- Say Something feat. Snoop Dogg
- To The Floor (akaTonight) feat. Nelly

Mary J. Blige

No More Drama (2001)
- Steal Away feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.


Harlem World (1997)
- Looking At Me feat. Pharrell & P. Diddy (Album Version)

(Vinyl) (1997)
- Looking At Me feat. Pharrell & P. Diddy (Vinyl Version)

Master P.

TBC (2000)
- Truck Driver

Maxi Priest

CombiNation (1999)
- Mary's Got A Baby feat. Beenie Man (Neptunes Remix)

MC Lyte

Seven & Seven (1998)
- I Can't Make A Mistake
- Closer feat. Space Nine
- It's All Yours feat. Gina Thomson

Mike Etheridge (aka Mike E.)

(TBC) (1992)
- Before We Get Too Close
- Circles
- Masterplan
- More & More
- No Doubt
“(Chad Hugo & Teddy Riley Production)”

Missy Elliott

The Cookbook (Pre-Release) (2005)
- The Right One For Me feat. Pharrell

The Cookbook (2005)
- On & On feat. Pharrell

Ms. Jade

Girl Interrupted (2002)
- The Come Up feat. Pharrell


(CDS) (2002)
- Thugmania feat. CNN
- Thugmania feat. CNN & Pharrell (Remix)


Mind Of Mystikal (1995)
- Not That n*gga feat. M. Tyler

Let's Get Ready (2000)
- Danger (Been So Long) feat. Nivea
- Family feat. Latrelle
- Shake Ya feat. Pharrell

Any Given Sunday OST/Let’s Get Ready (2000)
- Jump

(Vinyl) (2000)
- Jump feat. Latrelle (Vinyl Version)

Tarantula (2001)
- Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against The Wall) feat. Pharrell
- Go Head feat. Pharrell
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N’ Sync

Celebrity (2001)
- Girlfriend

(CDS) (2001)
- Girlfriend feat. Nelly (Remix)


In Search Of… (Digital) (Import) (2001)
1 - Intro (In Search Of...)
2 - Lapdance feat. Lee Harvey & Vita
3 - Things Are Getting Better
- Skit 1 (Hidden)
4 - Brain
5 - Provider
6 - Truth Or Dare feat. Kelis & Pusha T.
7 - Run To The Sun
8 - Stay Together
- Skit 2 (Hidden)
9 - Baby Doll
10 - Tape You
- Tape You Part 2 (The Basic) (Hidden)
11 - Am I High feat. Malice
12 - Rock Star (Poser)
13 - Bobby James
- Everybody Is A Star (Pa Ra Ra) (Hidden)

In Search Of… (SpyMob) (2002)
1 - Lapdance feat. Lee Harvey & Vita
2 - Things Are Getting Better
3 - Brain
4 - Provider
5 - Truth Or Dare feat. Kelis & Pusha T.
6 - Run To The Sun
7 - Stay Together
8 - Baby Doll
9 - Tape You
10 - Am I High feat. Malice
11 - Rock Star (Poser)
12 - Bobby James

Fly Or Die (2004)
1 - Don't Worry About It
2 - Fly Or Die
3 - Jump feat. Joel Madden & Benji Madden (Good Charlotte)
4 - Backseat Love
5 - She Wants To Move
6 - Breakout
7 - Wonderful Place
- Preservation
8 - Drill Sergeant
- Waiting For You
- Find My Way
9 - Thrasher
10 - Maybe feat. Lenny Kravitz & Questlove
11 - The Way She Dances
12 - Chariot Of Fire

TBC (2001)
-TBC feat. B Real (from Cypress Hill)

Lapdance (CDS) (2001)
- What's Wrong With Me

(Vinyl) (2002)
- Rock Star (Poser) (NFL Remix)

Provider (CDS) (2002)
- Provider (Video Version)

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Loser feat. Clipse

Taxi 3 OST/Fly Or Die (2003/2004)
- Find My Way

Promo (CDS) (2003)
- Locked Away

Neptunes Present...Star Trak The Mixtape Vol. 3 (Hosted By Kelis) (2003)
- Don't Worry About It (Mixtape Version) (Bad Version)

(Vinyl) (2004)
- She Wants To Move feat. Q-Tip, Common & De La Soul (Remix)

TBC (2004)
Whatz Nu pu**ycat feat. P. Diddy & Mario Winans


Charlie’s Angle: Full Throttle OST (2003)
- Flyest Angels feat. Pharrell & Raje Shwari


Nellyvile (2002)
- Hot In Herre

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- If

Sweet & Suit (2004)
- Flap Your Wings feat. Pharrell & Vanessa Marquez
- Play It Off feat. Pharrell

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon The Mixtape (2004)
- Just Another Case feat. Pharrell (Snippet)


(B) Ape Sounds (2004)
- Planet Of The Bapes ((B)ape Sounds Allsta!!) feat. Igniton Man, Pociomkin, Yoshi, Boy-Ken, Hi-D, Keyco, Ani, CQ, Wise, Ilmari, Verbal, Ryo-Z & Dj Kairo


Nivea (2001)
- Run Away (You're Not Around) feat Pusha T. (Remix)

(Pre-Release) (2001)
- Independence Day

Nivea (Limited Edition AUS) (2002)
- You're Not Around

No Doubt

Rock Steady (2001)
- Hella Good

TBC (2001)
- Magic feat. Beenie Man


N.O.R.E. (1998)
- SuperThug (What What) feat. Pharrell & Tammy Lucas

Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler (1999)
- Oh No feat. Pharrell
- Cocaine Business feat. Kelis

(Vinyl)/The Best of Capone-N-Noreaga : Thugged Tha fu*k Out 2 CD’S (1999)
- Oh No feat. Caponne, Big Punisher, Jadakiss, Angie Martinez, Mussalini & Maze (Remix)

God’s Favorite (Pre-Release) (2002)
- No Love For bi*ches (Bad Version)

God’s Favorite (2002)
- Nothin' feat. Pharrell
- Grimey feat. Pharrell
- Head Bussa feat. Pharrell
- Consider This feat. Kelis

(CDS) (2002)
- Nothin' feat. P.Diddy, Foxy Brown, Capone & Awnpoynt (Remix)

God’s Favorite / I Spy (OST) (2002/2003)
- Full Mode feat. Pharrell & Capone

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Put ‘Em Up feat. Pharrell
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O (2005)
- Touch feat. Pharrell & Vanessa Marquez

Promo (CDS) (2005)
- Touch feat. Pharrell, Vanessa Marquez & Noreaga (Remix)

P. Diddy

TBC (1999)
- P.E. 2000 (Neptunes Remix) (Snippet)

The Saga Continues (2001)
- Diddy feat. Pharrell

Papa Roach

The Biker Boyz OST (2003)
- Don’t Look Back feat. N*E*R*D

Perry Farrell (of Jane's Addiction)

TBC (1999)
- Glory


TBC (2000)
- Save The Babies feat. Brandy

The Neptunes Present... Clones (2003)
- Frontin' feat. Jay-Z

Cutmaster C-Why Ya'll So Mad (Mixtape) (2003)
- Frontin' feat. Mobb Deep (Remix) (DJ Version)

(Vinyl) (2003)
- Frontin' feat. Jay-Z (Promo Version)

Fam-Lay – The Mixtape (2003)
- Frontin' feat. Jay-Z & Fam-Lay (Remix)

Pharrell Rohff

Taxi 3 OST (2003)
- Where's Yours At feat. Pharrell

Philly's Most Wanted

Get Down Or Lay Down (2001)
- Cross The Border
- Cross The Border feat. Pusha T. & Fabolous (Remix)
- Dream Car (Do You Wanna Ride)
- Ladies Choice feat. Pharrell & Kelis
- Philly Celebrities
- Please Don't Mind feat. Andre Wilson
- Radikal feat. Pharrell & Kelis
- Street Tax feat. Clipse
- Suckas Part I
- Suckas (For Da Gangsta's) feat. Pharrell & Beanie Sigel Part II

(Vinyl) (2001)
- Please Don't Mind feat. Pharrell

TBC (2001)
- Blaze It Out feat. Ray J.

TBC (2003)
- Thriller 2000

Promo (CDS)/Alpha Project Vol. 2 (2003)
- Cocoa Leaf (No Relief) feat. Clipse & Rosco P. Coldchain

Promo (CDS) (2004)
- Lil' G's feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.


(CDS) (1999)
- What’cha Wanna Do (Bang Your Head) feat. Kelis & Clipse (Neptunes Remix)


The Greatest Romance Ever Been Sold (The Remixes) (2002)
- The Greatest Romance Ever Been Sold feat. Pharrell & Q-Tip (Neptunes Remix)


(CDS) (2005)
- For The nasty feat. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes

DJ L & Busta Rhymes-The Slaughter 3 (2005)
- For The nasty feat. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes (2nd Version) (DJ Version)


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