gta v online glitch lets you mod the lobby in ps4

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gta v online glitch lets you mod the lobby in ps4

its legit bruhs go be one of the first to have this glitch & watch the lobbies with mics go crazy

Director Mode Online, Massive Glitch,

•Posted byu/hashkingkong
5 hours ago
Director Mode Online, Massive Glitch, With full tutorial and Save. Need Save Wizard.
visit this link https://gofile.io/?c=gjiQJk

Download this save file and apply it to your save With Save wizard.

Of course scan it for virus if necessary.

Enjoy this massive glitch.. ��

DMSPMP has never been public, today we have 3 for you.

SP 2 MP - DM w/ SP 2 MP - DirectorModeOnline

With these glitches, it is more than a glitch. You will have: Frozen money. RP glitch. Scene creator online for placing props in public lobby. Change the weather in public lobby. Spawn any modded vehicles you make in save editor. Godmode. Teleport. Peyote plants online to become any animal and make Modded outfits.

So, Hello.

Today we have for you the big 3 all in one.

You will need Save Wizard.

Steps as follows. Read this carefully.

Director Mode Online.

Load given save (above), Once in game. Go to Creator and test a capture job. (create and save one if you do not have one already)

While in the test, Pause, Online, GO. Now Disconnect and Reconnect your internet and come back to the game and accept the alert on screen.

If not trevor, switch to trevor.

Accept the call and once connected pause, rockstar editor, Director mode.

Enter director mode and make your way to a movie theater.

While in the theater, use the director menu to return to trailer and accept the alert.

While on black screen you will find a recent activity in your ps menu, "start GTA online" press this and decline the ingame alert.

Press "start GTA online" again from your recent activity.

Accept the alert and quicky disconnect the internet.

Return to game and now Switch to Franklin, Accept lesters call, hang up the phone and wait 20-30 seconds.

You will turn into trevor and then into the heist room with lester.

Skip the cutscene, Pause and press creator.

Once in creator, Find a recent activiy "start GTA online" and have the alert on screen.

Press the alert, disconnect the internet, go back to the game, reconnect the internet then "start GTA online" from a recent without going back to the game.

Press square on the retry alert and wait as you load online, You will now get "Mission failed" as you load into an online session.

Suspend GTA and go back to gta. Now press X on the "mission failed" alert and complete the mission.

Once completed, walk outside, pause enter rockstar editor then director mode and Enter director mode.

Pause and go online, Decline the return to trailer alert.


load the save and follow steps above to step 9.

pause, press creator and now follow steps 13 -15 above.

SPMP complete.


Follow all steps from 1-16 but now walk outside and wait for a call from Jimmy. Once connected pause + enter rockstar editor then director mode and enter director mode.

Pause and go online.

Many things are possible with this, Will continue to edit the post. Thanks.

Frozen money.

You are frozen money when you enter online with director mode, to end frozen money simply press exit director mode from the menu. You will have to switch cars and get some RP to save both frozen money purchases and RP from RP glitch. Which can be achieved by standing beside a hidden playing card or other collectable on the map while you have frozen money.

To spawn vehicles.

Simply, find the vehicle in the director mode garage you wish to spawn then hold touchpad to close it. Then find new session and now, touchpad until you can hear a click. Then press X To spawn the vehicle in the clouds. It will be with you when you spawn.

To turn into an animal,

While in any SPMP state, find an SP peyote and eat it. You will become an animal for the duration of your life.

To change the weather, use godmode, spawn props and teleport can all be found in the director menu. Scene creator is where you will find the use of props online. You must always be in godmode while you have director menu online, if you die, the glitch is over.

Live @ : visit this link https://youtu.be/LT_8BCzzujM



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I was hoping for video.

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Yeah without a vid fu*k it.

Anyway, I been on my OG GTA account recently just fu*king around.. Shout out to the BXPA OG's. I ran into a crew member who didnt know what the fu*k bxpa was about or bx.. Really just a bunch of randoms now it seems like

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