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May 20 - Tony Yayo: Predicate Felon Unbarred

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May 20 - Tony Yayo: Predicate Felon Unbarred

Wasn't sure if this had been posted yet:

With his album, Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon hitting stores in June, Yayo recently released the CD's lead single "So Seductive" featuring 50 Cent. Though 50 has also been featured on Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and The Game's first singles, Yayo asserts that he and the rest of the unit can hold it down on their own.

"With 50, he has the notoriety of hit records. I actually wrote ‘Seductive' before he wrote ‘Candy Shop.' [that's why] you hear him say ‘so seductive [in the ‘Candy Shop' intro]. 50, he plays a big part in all our albums. I feel like we can stand on our own cause we're writing all our material," Tony told SOHH.com. "50, he just adds on. I love to hear 50 get on a record. I love the way 50 rides the beat. I did ‘Seductive,' 50 came on it and I was like, I gotta keep him on it cause it sounds ten times better with him on it."

Since 50's Get Rich Or Die Trying, all G-Unit releases, including solo albums, have sold well over the 1 million mark. Now that he's finally up to bat, the self-proclaimed "Talk Of New York" says he intends to eclipse his teammates' first week sales.

"Truthfully, I kind of wanna do between 6 and 700,000 [albums sold] my first week. If I do anything lower than that, it's still good. But I just feel like… that's what I want to do. That's what I got my mind set for," Tony revealed. "We do friendly competition me, Banks, and Buck. Banks sold more than Buck. Buck wanna sell more than Banks. I wanna sell more than both of them. Banks and Buck, they have their albums done now. So on the second albums, they wanna top their last albums. We're trying to outdo ourselves and the friendly competition is what keeps us going hard."

Though he takes pride in being gangsta, Yayo doesn't want kids to follow suit. The Queens rapper insists that he's not glorifying prison, but describing the "harsh realities of my life." Tony also said he's campaigning to make sure kids aren't misled by his content.

"My campaign is when I talk to kids or I talk to people, I'm telling them, in no shape or form am I glorifying my lifestyle. I'm just telling you what I went through. A lot kids look up to us. I'd rather tell a kid that then tell a kid, ‘Yeah, I had fun in jail,'" Yayo explained. "I never asked to be a role model. I'm just gonna tell kids, if you're thinking about doing the crime, you better be ready to do the time. These are the consequences with it."

After dissing Fat Joe on 50 Cent's "I Run New York," Yayo has once again taken shots at Crack on his recent "Welcome To Jamrock" freestyle. While Joe has recently declared that he's second to Tupac Shakur in street credibility, Yayo dismissed the comments as borderline blasphemous.

"He [Fat Joe] quoted that the only one that had more street credibility than him in the industry was Tupac. And I'm like, how can you compare yourself to Tupac. I would never compare myself to Tupac or Biggie. You could never get in them man's sh0es. Them dudes was the greatest. Stuff like that just get me mad. Then I hear stuff about 50," Tony complains to SOHH.com. "Out here in New York, I never heard of Fat Joe on the streets. I'm in the streets. I be in the Bronx. I be in Queens. I be in Brooklyn. I'm all over. I don't see dudes. People say they don't see 50. The reason they don't see him now is cause he's shooting a $100 million movie with Jim Sheridan. That's why you don't see him in the hood and at the end of the day people get mad. They wonder why --cause we're too busy and these other artists is mad."

Tony Yayo's Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon featuring 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Joe and production from Dr. Dre, Eminem and Havoc hits stores June 28.


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