Joe Biden is most affected by Trump-Zelensky phone call scandal, says expert


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Joe Biden is most affected by Trump-Zelensky phone call scandal, says expert


/. A new scandal in Washington that led to an official impeachment inquiry against US President Donald Trump deals a mightiest blow to former US Vice President Joe Biden, weakening his positions in the Democratic nomination campaign, Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Middle Tennessee State University, Andrei Korobkov told TASS.

"Wherever the investigation of Trump’s latest activities leads, Biden’s image that was carefully constructed over the last year has been destroyed," the expert said. He pointed out that this image was of a politician "who is not very bright, not very smart and not very good at debating" but is "very experienced, loyal to [his] party and overall very honest

The professor explained that in light of the July phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky the public attention is drawn to Biden and his son Hunter’s business affairs in Ukraine. "[Biden,] affable person seemingly adored by political activists, turned out to have been masterminding corruption schemes for many years that enriched his son," Korobkov highlighted. "Considering the situation in the Democratic Party rattled by a deep schism between the party administration and the left wing, especially left-oriented youngsters, it is clear that Biden as a candidate (in the 2020 US presidential election - TASS) is done."

"The scandal is only beginning to gain traction, the public focus is slowly moving to China. It is highly possible that new facts will surface revealing similar schemes involving Biden father and son in other countries," the professor added.

Senator Warren wins

Korobkov believes that Biden’s standings in the Democratic Party have been likely damaged beyond repair. "Even if everything comes to a standstill today, younger 20-year-old left-wing activists who loathe the very words ‘capitalism’ or ‘businessman’ will naturally not be sympathetic towards what happened. Because it is completely irrelevant whether Biden broke the law or not. What is important is the fact that Biden took his son to clearly look for gains. And the son made a big fortune out of thin air," the expert clarified.

"The Bidens made millions of dollars in Ukraine and China. And it is well possible that these are not the only countries where this was happening," he added.

According to the expert, "the main winner here is Elizabeth Warren, of course." The senator from Massachusetts is also vying for the Democratic nomination to take on Trump in 2020 and has lately caught up with Biden in opinion polls. "He positions are growing stronger, especially in light of [senator from Vermont Bernie] Sanders losing support and now experiencing serious health issues," Korobkov said.

He underlined that the current situation practically erases any possibility of Biden defeating Trump in the election. "It is just silly to imagine Biden going head-to-head with Trump at debates," he pointed out. "Biden cannot even put up an effective defense at mild Democratic primaries where he is presented as a center figure, as a star."

The expert noted that both Warren and Sanders, left-wing politicians, "will scare the American middle class to death" and are "completely hopeless" judging by their chances to win the election. "The Democrats won’t be able to take home a victory with these candidates," the professor added.



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