Jul 11 - 17,000 Walmart workers strike in Chile


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Jul 11 - 17,000 Walmart workers strike in Chile

More than 17,000 workers at Walmart Chile began the largest private-sector strike in the country’s history Wednesday.

The walkout is in response to mass firings and the expansion of a “multifunctional” work regime for the remaining workers. A total of 124 of the company’s stores will be closed indefinitely, while intermittent strike action will take place in the other 276.

The introduction of automated cashiers and other equipment by Walmart has already left at least 2,000 families in Chile this year without a living, while delivering major profits for the company’s wealthy investors. With the thuggery that characterizes the American financial and corporate aristocracy, the company immediately and openly offered “a major contribution to the union for the investment in the training of its a*sociates.”


This bought the company a temporary reprieve. Since June 25-27, workers had voted overwhelmingly—91.75 percent—to strike, but the Inter-company Leader Union (SIL) agreed to prolong the legally mandated five-day “conciliation period” until the strike began yesterday.

Amid growing outrage among workers, with many online charging that the union would “keep all the money,” the president of the SIL, Juan Moreno, felt compelled to initiate the strike and note, “when we speak of training, it has to guarantee actual employment,” on top of the union’s demand for a meager 4 percent raise.

Despite the enormous support for the strike, the workers’ chief concern is the role of the union, which is seen as subservient to the company. The SIL had already cancelled a strike after a similar vote in 2017 and imposed a miserable 7 percent raise over two years.

Workers have also correctly expressed little to no trust that the union will prevent retaliation from a company that infamously hands its managers US-written scripts for the summary firings of strikers that begin, “Thank you for visiting with us.”

Marco, a warehouse worker who spoke with the WSWS, noted that he distrusts the intentions of Juan Moreno and the union because he thinks that they “have political interests in mind.”

Lorena, a former Walmart worker in the center-south province of Bío Bío, told the WSWS that she had to quit six months ago after falling ill and receiving no compensation or help from the union. “I’ll only tell you this: the company as much as the union disappointed me. I lost almost five years of my life,” she said.

These are concerns and experiences shared by countless workers on social media, some of whom charged Moreno with only seeking to rise up the hierarchy of the Stalinist Communist Party-led Chilean Workers’ Union Central (CUT), to which the SIL belongs. Several other workers charged that Moreno makes 4 million pesos (US$5,847) monthly, a figure that couldn’t be confirmed independently but would place him comfortably in the top 1 percent in Chile.


Walmart is the largest private employer and the largest company by revenue on the planet. Operating 11,368 stores in 27 countries, Walmart has 2.3 million employees—1.5 million in the US alone—and had a record revenue last year of US$500 billion. This figure compares to Chile’s annual GDP of US$298 billion and is nearly 10 times its tax revenue.

The Walton family, heirs of the multinational, have a net worth of $175 billion, according to a February report by Bloomberg that found that the company had made $14 billion dollars in profit since the beginning of the year. This is the result of an increasingly aggressive quest for cash by finance capital that seeks to extract profits by further destroying the living standards of workers everywhere.

Anthony, who works at a Walmart supermarket named Acuenta in southern Chile, described to the WSWS the labor conditions of “multifunctionality” that are being imposed under the threat of firings. “A worker who is a cashier is taken from her post to work in restocking on the floor, picking up boxes of products, working under pressure because of the lack of existing personnel. Many young workers end up asking for leave due to stress.

“The people a*signed to cleaning have to work as cashiers and leave the cleaning undone, being forced to cover areas without personnel. Sometimes the store and the bathrooms are left in unusable conditions.

“Workers have to move shopping carts from the parking lots, to clean the floor because there is no cleaning personnel, which goes against the law. There are currently three workers with medical leaves due to stress and back and muscle injuries from overwork. The appropriate clothing is not offered, and we have to buy it ourselves in order not to get sick from the cold.”

visit this link https://www.wsws.org/en/a .. /chil-j11.html

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The introduction of automated cashiers and other equipment by Walmart has already left at least 2,000 families in Chile this year without a living, while delivering major profits for the company’s wealthy investors.
The automated cashiers and equipment are like the Skynet of retail and fast food restaurants. People are getting replaced and losing their jobs.
Raising minimum wage in the US just helps smaller and medium sized businesses justify buying in to replacing manual labor with automated equipment, where as before the minimum wage increase, it was worth it to employ humans.

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some people will never have anything but a cashiers mindset. It's not the companies responsibility to sacrifice profitability to accommodate mediocrity. Don't want to be replaced by a robot? Make sure you're more valuable than the simple tasks a robot can do some people gonna be mad about it but it is what it is.





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