Two-thirds of DDoS attacks target communications service providers


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Two-thirds of DDoS attacks target communications service providers

Communications service providers were targeted by 65.5 percent of DDoS attacks in the third quarter of 2018 according to a new report.

The Q3 2018 Threat Report from Nexusguard shows attackers contaminated a diverse pool of IP addresses across hundreds of IP prefixes by using very small-sized junk traffic.

"Perpetrators are using smaller, bit-and-piece methods to inject junk into legitimate traffic, causing attacks to bypass detection rather than sounding alarms with large, obvious attack spikes," says Juniman Kasman, chief technology officer for Nexusguard. "Diffused traffic can cause communications service providers to easily miss large-scale DDoS attacks in the making, which is why these organizations will need to share the load with the cloud at the network edge to minimize attack impact."

Nexusguard analysts believe that attackers conducted reconnaissance missions to map out the network landscape and identify the mission-critical IP ranges of targeted CSPs. Then they injected bits and pieces of junk into legitimate traffic, whose size easily bypassed detection thresholds.

These attacks often used open domain name system (DNS) resolvers to launch what is commonly known as DNS Amplification, whereby a targeted IP address receives only a small number of responses in each well-organized campaign, leaving little or no trace

Among other findings of the report are that China advanced its lead in global attack origins, contributing more than 23 percent of worldwide campaigns. 15 percent of attacks originated in the US.

It also shows that Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) amplification attacks rose 639.8 percent compared to Q2 2018 as a result of the new pattern targeting CSPs.

You can find out more in the visit this link full report which is available from the Nexusguard website.
visit this link https://betanews.com/2019 .. tion-services/

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The problem why, these major companies will never hire real black hatters. Is due to their old a*s mindset from the 80's n 90's, in regards to how employees should be run. One example, when you're in IT dealing with security or actually most legs. You don't need to physically be at a fu*kIN building. My n*gga, clock in remotely at home or anywhere where you can hit your VPN. 2nd the traditional 8-5, 9-5 sh*t. My n*gga for what? We're in 2019, almost 20 mutha fu*kin 20. An n*ggas, still on a grandad type of schedule. Like DDOS, is dictated to a time sheet. Third the fu*king pay... my God it took most of the companies years if not decades. To understand the importance of IT, and they pay peanuts but want you to have every CERT, under the sun. Finally, their still under the idea that if someone smokes weed, they're going to fireball their company to DOOM.




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