May 6 - Master P. Launches New Rim Line

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May 6 - Master P. Launches New Rim Line

Mogul Percy "Master P." Miller has signed a multi-million dollar deal to launch a new line of automotive rims, called P. Miller Rims by Ashanti.

Miller, who also has his own P. Miller Clothing line as well as Respect Denim which is only available in Europe, said that launching his own brand of rims was a natural progression of business.

"Every kind of car out here has some kind of rim," Miller observed. "Even in the hood, you see the ghettoest cars with rims. So I figured why not add that Master P. flavor to them?"

Miller said the deal came about after a trip to China, where he met the owner of Ashanti Rims.

"I been in China for the past 3 years, trying to make and then bring rims back here," Miller explained. "But with customs and all that extra government bullsh*t it was just a long up hill battle for me."

Obstacles aside, Miller's new rim line will feature colored rims, polished chrome rims, hydro chrome polished rims, diamond cut rims (with real diamonds) and other unique designs.

"I made a rim to fit every lifestyle with the quality that I think everyone deserves but may not normally get," Miller said.

P. Miller Rims will launch nationwide on June 21st, the same day as the mogul releases his latest album New No Limit album, Ghetto Bill Gates.

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