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Apr 27 - Green Lantern I was betrayed by jada.

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Apr 27 - Green Lantern I was betrayed by jada.

What Exactly Happend
& Why he has left Shady Records

Rap Basement: Let's start off with you just explaining what happened with the situation.

DJ Green Lantern: Well basically I am leaving Shady Records do to a situation that may have caused tension between Em & 50, so I removed myself from the situation.

Rap Basement: So you left on your own?

DJ Green Lantern: Yes. It was a mutual agreement. It was like "Alright you can leave" because it was that powerful of a situation. Usually if you want to leave on your own, they aren't letting you leave, so it was definitely a tension situation. So you could say that if I didn't leave I would have got dropped, you could say that I'm cool with that, it's like whatever. Let me explain it a little more... Basically it was a situation where I was recorded without my knowledge speaking with Jadakiss about something’s that were mentioned, about some of his songs responding to 50 Cent and in that sense I could say that I was wrong, it was inappropriate for me to comment at all with Jada about his situation with 50 Cent. But, and this is where my point & intention comes in with the rumor that is going around, absolutely no inside information on behalf of what 50 Cent was going to do was given to Jadakiss. I.E. Snitching, do you understand what I'm saying? (Yea, totally) I don't have inside information; I don't run with 50 Cent. G-Unit is its own self contained unit. I don't run with them, that's not to sh1t on them or any disrespect; people know that I just do my own thing, I'm signed to Eminem. I don't know 50 Cent's plans, and the point is there's a rumor going around out there that I gave up information when that's not the case. People haven't even seen the DVD and they are making judgments based on the fact that...

Rap Basement: Speaking of that, will you tell us what exactly did you say?

DJ Green Lantern: Yeah. I'll explain the whole sh1t. It is what it is. Basically Jadakiss had a camera on him and he had me on speakerphone and you hear me tell him "Yo, that's the jab, where's your knock out?" And what his thoughts were to 50?

Rap Basement: Well that can be taken either way though you know?

DJ Green Lantern: Well it's not. I'm looking at Jadakiss like that’s my boy in the polite manner that's me saying "yo dawg that wasn't it" The whole streets knew that song wasn't it, this was the day after it dropped and in a very polite manner I was basically saying "yo that was a jab, where's the real sh1t?" That wasn't me saying I want you take out, I want you to knock out 50 Cent, NOT AT ALL. But even then I'll let people run with that, but I refuse to say that I gave up information about 50 or what 50 was going to do. There's a line that is being twisted. There's a point in the conversation where I say something like "yea you know they are going to bring the young boy out" which means, Which means basically to me all that means is "you know Banks is probably going to come at you", that's not information, that’s the streets speculation, that’s just side walk talk, barbershop talk. It's not some "I just came from the office and I found out they..." The bigger point is even saying anything with Jadakiss about 50 is inappropriate and it's wrong and I feel bad about that. I'm not making excuses I just want to explain... It was at a point the day after the mixtape awards and I had won a mixtape award with Jadakiss and I hadn't spoken to him in a minute so I called him up to tell him we won these awards and I'm all high on life and I'm all amped up and I chose to talk to him about his record that he just released the day before and I got a little lose with the talk but that's not to say that I have or feel any ill will towards 50 Cent.

Rap Basement: You must be feeling pretty upset at the whole filming thing. Well what is your relationship now with Jadakiss?

DJ Green Lantern: Well what can I say... I worked with him for a few years, I helped hustle/run with the last album, about me doing "the champ is here", the song & the whole mixtape. I feel a little betrayed and I feel like it was really unfair for him to do that because it didn't hurt anybody but me. What's crazy is I've yet to even speak to him. He's not picking up his phone which some people would use the word coward, but I'm going to save that until I speak to him but that's going to handle itself. I'm going to handle that myself. Trust me that will get handled. Everybody knows that's some fu#ked up sh1t, to have someone basically wear a 'wire' and somebody basically talks about your own lieutenant and captain, well motherfu#ker you're acting like the lieutenant and captain. That's how I feel about it but I haven't even spoken to the dude yet. I'm not even supposed to be talking right now because I was supposed to wait until they put out the press release that I left but the reason that I am even talking because people that tell the story have to twist it to make it more sensational then it actually is. What I mean by that is, people have rumors that I gave out information on 50 Cent and that's false. As far as what 50's going to do etc. those are people who wanted to sensationalize the situation to get more press or whatever to say their website or whatever. The fu#ked up part is 1000x more people are going to see that rumor and lie, then are say going to see the DVD and where I come from that's that only charge that matters, you're guilty until proven innocent. I have to protect my rep, I'm know I'm going to have to deal with the fact that I'm talking on sh1t but at the same token I'm not about to lay down and have people call me a snitch. You might say yo Green you suck for even talking about 50, and I'll take that but in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM did I snitch. On that piece of sh1t DVD called "On the come up part 5" and judge yourself and you will see that, that little piece is side walk talk, barbershop banter but it looks crazy because it's coming from Green Lantern who's signed to Shady, but in reality it's my dude, you understand what I'm saying? It's nothing. So basically at the end of the day I'm off Shady Records now.

Rap Basement: So what's your situation & relationship with 50 Cent now?

DJ Green Lantern: I don't have a situation with 50. I don't have a relationship with 50 Cent. This is not to burst anyone’s bubble in Shady/Aftermath land, we don't go bowling at night. G-Unit is a self contained unit. I never see Swifty for example on the D12 side, because he lives in Detroit, I live in New York. We dont see each other, that's it. So when you say what's your relationship with 50 I didn't really have one to begin with but if you ask him he's probably mad like "fu#k, green lantern get him out of here" and I would say the same thing, and that sh1t looks like I'm running against 50 when I'm not.

Rap Basement: Have you talked to Eminem since this all went down?

DJ Green Lantern: Ya, basically I don't want to put a conversation I had with Em out there but I told him listen man I know what it looks like, I know what it's going to do, why don't I just remove myself from the situation and it was a mutually agreed upon thing.

Rap Basement: Can you tell us about your plans for the future as far as the album? Title? Etc?

DJ Green Lantern: The album is going to be renammed to Invasion because that's my whole movement, and I've been wanting to rename it to Invasion for a minute now, this just gives me an excuse to do it. Basically my album is 80% done, it's not all the way there yet. It's going to come out, when it's done and where I figure out where I'm going to put it, where I'm going to go...

Rap Basement: As far as a label?

DJ Green Lantern: Well all this sh1t just happened, but I got a bunch of heavy interest, like a bunch of people who are really interested in it, but at the same time I don't even like saying that because it's so early in the situation, and I don't want to look like 'oh hey I'm doing good because I'm over here' or whatever, it's not even like that. I'm just chillen right now. I'm just going to make some more records, take some meetings, talk to some people and you will seen an annoucement in a minute.

RapBasement: Is there anything you want to add?

DJ Green Lantern: I appreciate everything Em and Paul Rozenberg have done for me in the last 3 years of working with them. I wish the best for everyone at Shady, Aftermath and G-Unit.

Rap Basement: Is there anything you want to the fans out there?

DJ Green Lantern: Basically to the fans out there, at this point in the situation, if I've let anyone down I appologize and I regret acting inappropriate. I hope you continue to support me.


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