man who plays the punisher explains the process of a fight scene & that he cares


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man who plays the punisher explains the process of a f*ght scene & that he cares


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Is that what itís like on the Netflix shows? They look really expensive but I imagine the pace must be intense.

Intense, man. Yeah. The prison f*ght in season two of Daredevil, we did that in one half-day. We did that after lunch. We tried to get in one or two takes, and what that requires is getting in that prison and practicing the hell out of it in the little bit of time off that you have, and again, itís not for everybody. Some people really donít like working that way. In the moment sometimes I get frustrated by it, but looking at it in retrospect I enjoyed that. I enjoyed having to get it. I enjoyed trying to get it once in sort of a dangerous and dirty way. Sometimes you get hit, sometimes you get bumped, but Iíd rather do it like that than do it a hundred times and lose that sense of danger, and lose that sense of anything can happen here. I think that that sort of color really affects the scene on the screen.

How excited are you to show the world your own superhero tv series, coming up? We all love The Punisher and want to see more of him.

How do I feel about it?

Yeah, itís got to be exciting, rightÖ?

Yeah, I mean look, man, Iím nervous. You know? Iím very nervous. I care a lot about Frank. I care a lot about this character. I think that this character resonates with the law enforcement community, resonates deeply with the military community. Thatís something I care a ton about. The comic book audience is an audience that I respect and revere, and I want to do want to do right for them and by them with this character. Itís a big responsibility and I just want it to be good. I just want it to work. And I f*ght like hell when weíre making that show to try to make it a certain way, and I hope that the f*ghting pays off.

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 There is some other sh*t about some other stuff but you can read that sh*t I'm not posting all that
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