:Question: New speakers, why are they crackling?

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 04-23-2005, 02:57 PM         #1
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:Question: New speakers, why are they crackling?

All right, first off, let me tell you what I have in my car, it might help. I have a 1993 Geo Storm with two 12" subs and a 1600 watt punch amp. I just installed two 5 1/4" alpine speakers in the front of the car, and left the factory ones in the back. My CD player is some 60 dollar thing I bought at Wal-Mart (i suspect this is the problem). Now.... when I turn the volume up to where I had it with the factory speakers (51) the front speakers seem to make a crackling sound when theres too much sound going on in a song. It only is for a second but it happens about every ten seconds. I have the bass on 0 on my CD player and the treble was on 7 (max) when I had the factory speakers, with no problem, since I installed the alpines I dropped the treble down to 6 and it seems to help a little. The speakers dont make the sound when its at a volume of 47 or lower but after that it gets bad. Is it because im using the sh*tty walmart CD player or shuold I lower the treble?


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