Lor Scolla's Murder Payback for his Friends Action

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Lor Scolla's murder Payback for his Friends Action

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The death of popular local rapper Lor Scoota — riddled with bullets in the front seat of his Gray Honda Accord as he left an anti-violence event at Morgan State University last June — transfixed his friends and fans in Baltimore and beyond.

Little noticed at the time was another shooting across town a few hours earlier. Investigators now say that it was that shooting that set the brazen attack on Scoota into motion.

Authorities say Scoota's alleged k*ller, Cortez Mitchell, targeted the rapper because a friend of Scoota's had shot a friend of Mitchell's.

He still wound up in the crosshairs.

"It's like the old saying: If I can't get you, I'll get someone close to you," said Detective Curtis McMillion, who investigated the case. "That's just the way the streets is."

Scoota's friend, Fred Catchings, is scheduled to go on trial this week on charges of attempted murder. He has pleaded not guilty. His attorney declined to comment.

Mitchell, who police say k*lled Scoota, was himself shot to death in his car four months later — more retaliation, authorities believe.

The sequence is outlined in court filings in Catchings' attempted murder case in the shooting of Mitchell's friend, Davonte Robinson, and in a police document that lays out the department's argument for closing Scoota's k*lling.

Scoota and Catchings, now 24, both grew up around Pennsylvania Avenue. It's where Scoota honed his skills as a rapper and found inspiration for his lyrics.

His mother described the process.

"Most of the time when he was around me, he was with that notebook, with the earphones on," Leta Person recalled last week.

As Scoota was rising to the top of Baltimore's rap scene, Catchings was incarcerated and battling ongoing legal troubles.

As a youth in the state's juvenile justice system, he escaped from custody twice, state police said, scaling a fence at the Charles H. Hickey School in Baltimore and later fleeing from BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport as officials attempted to transfer him to a facility out west.

At one point while being escorted in handcuffs through the Baltimore Juvenile Justice Center, he kicked a table into the stomach of a pregnant case worker, a prosecutor said in court records. The prosecutor said Catchings then yelled that he hoped she lost her baby.

Catchings' father says his son suffered from the harmful effects of lead paint, a common affliction among young people in West Baltimore.

"It's kids malfunctioned from lead, and they don't care about nothing," Frederick Catchings Sr. said.

Catchings Sr. said his son received a six-figure settlement in a lead paint lawsuit, but the money was quickly spent and did nothing to fix his problems. In late 2014, Catchings was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He was accused of shooting a man in the face after trying to steal a puppy.

Catchings was acquitted by a jury in January 2016 and released from jail.

Scoota's mother recalled her son's reaction: "Ma, guess who's home?"

Davonte Robinson, 24, was walking in the 1400 block of N. Mount St. near Gilmor Homes at about 1 p.m. last June 25, police say, when cameras captured Catchings jumping from the passenger seat of a black SUV and opening fire.

Robinson was struck in the back, buttocks and thigh, but would survive.

Police say Catchings' actions sent Robinson's friends out into the city to seek revenge. They found their opportunity several hours later, police say, at an anti-violence charity basketball game that Scoota was hosting and Catchings was attending at Morgan State in Northeast Baltimore.

The event broke up shortly before 7 p.m. Security cameras captured Scoota walking to his car. Another vehicle passes him, then makes a sudden U-turn and heads back in his direction.

Police were called to the 2700 block of East Cold Spring Lane at 6:57 p.m. Officers arrived to find Scoota's car crashed into a corner store with the rapper's body inside, dead in a hail of bullets.

A few months earlier, Scoota had released "Bird Flu," an ode to drug dealing that became one of the most popular songs in local rap history. He collaborated with another area star, Shy Glizzy, on a video for the song that fall. Over the next year, he collaborated with The Game and won praise from P. Diddy.

[pic - click to view]

 http://www.baltimoresun.c .. 610-story.html

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