Rest In Peace: Blade Icewood Of The Street Lordz

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 04-20-2005, 09:53 AM         #1
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Rest In Peace: Blade Icewood Of The Street Lordz

Mix Tape Detroit.com is very sad and shocked to have to break this kind of news..
Less than 1 week til his solo release Blood Sweat n Tears, Blade Icewood was shot for a second time in less than 7 months, sadly this time it was fatal....
All we know so far is that he was parked up on 7 mile before being shot and k*lled...
Blade was shot last september several times and was paralized from the chest down...
Mix Tape Detroit will update all the fans thru the night and coming days as we receive more details...
All we can say is that we have lost another brother to the continuing gun violance in Detroit...
It is a sad day in the Motor City and our hearts go out to the Icewood Family and the Street Lordz...
God Bless you Blade.... You were loved by many and will be missed by all..
Stand up Detroit and pour out a little liqour......

Mix Tape Detroit radio has an exclusive interview with Blade as he was putting the final touches to the album just 2 weeks ago, check it out...


He Features On The New Royce Album 'Independent's Day' On A Track Called 'Chips On The Pistons' !!

R.I.P Blade Icewood !!!

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