illmatic 2... (by the #1 nas hater).. the album we deserve

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illmatic 2... (by the #1 nas hater).. the album we deserve

I HATE nas... don't get it twisted, but a long time agp, he was my favorite rapper, actually my first favorite rapper... it took me a long time to find dj free versions of these tracks... but now Illmatic has its rightful brother... i can't believe some of these tracks never made an album, i got the full 'on da real' w/ 2 nas verese, and 2 cormega verses.. 100% unedited.. new concept for me, i was tryin to make this feel more like an album then a mixtape...

this is a 5 mic collection of one of the greatest

this 100% VBR, 100% DJ Free, 100% Greatness

This Is an Epic

Illmatic 2 (The Album We Deserve)
1. Calm Down (Feat Tragedy and Noreaga)
2. 2nd Coming
3. Worst Enemy
4. The Foulness
5. Analyze This (Feat Jay-Z and Lord Tariq)
6. On Da Real (Feat Screwball, Havoc and Cormega)
7. Progress (Feat Nature and Dr Dre)
8. The Cookout (Feat Nature)
9. I’m High
10. One on One
11. Fast Life (Remix) (Feat Kool G Rap)
12. The Rise and Fall (Feat AZ)
13. Understanding (Feat AZ and Biz Markie)
14. One and One (Feat Large Professor)
15. Queenstyle (Feat Noreaga)
16. Small World
17. Sometimes I Wonder
18. Time (Feat Nature and AZ)


i'm finishing tagging now... links in the jukebox this afternoon

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