Nokia 8 Release Date, Nokia 6 sale, Foldable Smartphone, Digital Assistant

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Nokia 8 Release Date, Nokia 6 sale, Foldable Smartphone, Digital a*sistant

Nokia basically just confirmed a new phone will launch in late February


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Nokia launched its Nokia 6 smartphone recently, but for the time being only China will be able to buy the phone when it launches later this month.

Which has left the rest of the world eager to see what else HMD Global, the company with the Nokia licence, has in-store for the rest of us.

Speculation over a higher-end handset, rumoured to be called the Nokia 8, has been at a high in recent weeks, and now HMD has sent out invites to an event at MWC.

The invites state that the company will reveal "the next exciting chapter in the Nokia consumer story" at the tech show, which gets underway on February 27 in Barcelona.

HMD is holding its own event on February 26, so we haven't got long to wait until we find out just what's going on over at Nokia HQ.

Whether the new phone will be available globally remains unclear, but we're fairly hopeful this next instalment will indeed launch in markets outside China.

At CES 2017, photos of what YouTube channel TotalTech claimed was the Nokia 8 surfaced, but Qualcomm has since stated the phone in question was reference design and not the rumoured Nokia 8.

Speaking to TrustedReviews, a Qualcomm spokesperson said: "They are our reference design devices that we use for demo purposes. They are the latest iteration of the devices we use for benchmarking and demo events."

While HMD hasn't confirmed exactly what it will unveil at MWC, it seems fairly certain that it will be the higher-end handset, though that remains unconfirmed. Stay tuned for the latest on the Nokia 8 as MWC nears.

Nokia 6 Registrations Cross 1 Million Ahead of January 19 Flash Sale

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As anticipated, the Nokia 6 smartphone has received plenty of interest in China ahead of its January 19 flash sale. The device managed to garner 250,000 registrations in the first 24 hours on JD.com, and now over 1 million people have registered to buy it - as seen on the retailer's website. This milestone is huge for Nokia and HMD Global as well, as it testifies the number of loyalists that still exist for the venerable brand.

The Nokia 6 is a mid-range smartphone that has currently launched only in China. HMD Global plans to sell the device exclusively on JD.com via the flash sale model for now. The first Nokia 6 flash sale will be held on January 19, and the website unfortunately does not provide international shipping. HMD Global has also not announced Nokia 6 global availability yet.

Nokia working on its own digital a*sistant called Viki


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‘Hey, Viki, what’s with all these new digital a*sistants that are popping up?’

That’s a question people might soon start asking, with Nokia reportedly the latest to start work on its own voice-activated digital a*sistant software.

According to a newly surfaced trademark filled by the Finnish manufacturer, Nokia is looking to bring the f*ght to the likes of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and the Google a*sistant with its own digital a*sistant dubbed Viki.

Described as a means of combining “all data sources into a single chat and voice based interface,” Viki will reportedly allow users to talk to their phones in order to perform searches or trigger a number of features such as setting alarms or checking the weather.

New Nokia 8 Flagship Leak Reveals Stunning Technology

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The presumptively titled Nokia 8 is expected to ship with two variants - a premium model with a SnapDragon 835, 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB or 128 GB of storage, microSD card support and a 24 megapixel camera with electronic and optical image stabilisation. The lesser model would be the second device in Qualcomm's shaky rig with a SnapDragon 821, 4 GB of RAM and a smaller camera.

Details are expected to be announced at the HMD / Nokia Mobile event on Sunday February 26th in Barcelona, the night before Mobile World Congress opens.

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