Dec 13 - Electoral College Members Demand Info on Russia Hack Before Voting

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Dec 13 - Electoral College Members Demand Info on Russia Hack Before Voting

Electoral College Members Demand Info on Russia Hack Before Voting

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Bipartisan Electors Ask James Clapper: Release Facts on Russian Interference in U.S. Election

Open Letter to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper:

We are Electors who were selected by the voters of our states to represent them in the Electoral College on December 19, 2016. We intend to discharge our duties as Electors by ensuring that we select a candidate for president who, as our Founding Fathers envisioned, would be “endowed with the requisite qualifications.” As Electors, we also believe that deliberation is at the heart of democracy itself, not an empty or formalistic task. We do not understand our sole function to be to convene in mid-December, several weeks after Election Day, and summarily cast our votes. To the contrary, the Constitution envisions the Electoral College as a deliberative body that plays a critical role in our system of government — ensuring that the American people elect a president who is constitutionally qualified and fit to serve. Accordingly, to fulfill our role as Electors, we seek an informed and unrestrained opportunity to fulfill our constitutional role leading up to December 19th — that is, the ability to investigate, discuss, and deliberate with our colleagues about whom to vote for in the Electoral College.

We further emphasize Alexander Hamilton’s a*sertion in Federalist Paper #68 that a core purpose of the Electoral College was to prevent a “desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” The United States intelligence community has now concluded with “high confidence” that a foreign power, namely Russia, acted covertly to interfere in the presidential campaign with the intent of promoting Donald Trump’s candidacy. During the campaign Russia actively attempted to influence the election outcome through cyber attacks on our political institutions and a comprehensive propaganda campaign coordinated through Wikileaks and other outlets.

Allegations that Donald Trump was receiving a*sistance from a hostile foreign power to win the election began months before Election Day. When presented with information that the Russian government was interfering in the election through the course of the campaign, both in private briefings and public a*sessment, Donald Trump rejected it, refused to condemn it, and continued to accept their help. Donald Trump even made a direct plea to the Russian government to interfere further in the election in a press conference on July 27, saying, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

According to reports in the Washington Post, New York Times, and other outlets, the United States intelligence community has now concluded definitively that the Russian interference was performed to help Donald Trump get elected, yet even today Mr. Trump is refusing to accept that finding. In response to the reports, the Trump transition office instead released a statement which called into question the validity of United States intelligence findings, and declared the election over despite the Electoral College not yet casting its votes. Trump’s willingness to disregard conclusions made by the intelligence community and his continuing defense of Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin demand close scrutiny and deliberation from the Electoral College.

Separate from Mr. Trump’s own denials of Russian involvement in the election, the confirmed communication between Trump’s aides and those a*sociated with the Russian election interference activity raise serious concerns that must be addressed before we cast our votes. Trump-confidant Roger Stone confirmed during the campaign that he was engaged in back-channel communications with Wikileaks founder Julian a*sange, responsible for releasing much of the Russian-hacked Democratic communications, and indicated that he was aware of the hacked content prior to its release. Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page reportedly visited Moscow in July of this year, just prior to the release of hacked DNC communications, during which it was believed he met with the Putin aide in charge of Russian intelligence on the U.S. election. Page returned to Moscow this week where he claimed to be meeting with Russian business and thought leaders.

In addition to Donald Trump and his aides’ conduct, revelations about their further involvement with the Russian government over the course of the campaign demand further investigation, as well as full disclosure of findings from any ongoing or closed investigative efforts:

Russian government officials revealed that they had maintained contact with the Trump campaign during the election, and stated that they were familiar with most of the individuals a*sociated with Mr. Trump.
Media inquiries into whether the FBI was investigating Donald Trump’s July plea for Russian interference in the election resulted in a “Glomar response” neither confirming nor denying the existence of an investigation, rather than the more typical response of denying the request outright.
U.S. intelligence officials reportedly probed Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page in regard to travel to his Moscow during the campaign.
The FBI reportedly began an inquiry into Trump a*sociates following reports of a multi-million dollar business relationship with pro-Putin figures in Ukraine and Russia, and reports of an effort to sway American public opinion in favor of Ukraine’s pro-Putin government.
Michael Flynn, Trump campaign aide and the announced incoming National Security Advisor, traveled to Russia in December of 2015 for a gala event celebrating RT, a state-controlled propaganda network, at which he was seated next to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The Electors require to know from the intelligence community whether there are ongoing investigations into ties between Donald Trump, his campaign or a*sociates, and Russian government interference in the election, the scope of those investigations, how far those investigations may have reached, and who was involved in those investigations. We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States.

Additionally, the Electors will separately require from Donald Trump conclusive evidence that he and his staff and advisors did not accept Russian interference, or otherwise collaborate during the campaign, and conclusive disavowal and repudiation of such collaboration and interference going forward.

We hope that the information and actions described in this letter will be provided in an expeditious manner, so that we can fulfill our constitutional duty as Electors.


Christine Pelosi (CA)

Micheal Baca (CO)

Anita Bonds (DC)

Courtney Watson (MD)

Dudley Dudley (NH)

Bev Hollingworth (NH)

Terie Norelli (NH)

Carol Shea-Porter (NH)

Clay Pell (RI)

Chris Suprun (TX)

Newly Added Electors:

Vinz Koller (CA)

Katherine Lyon (CA)

Andres Ramos (CA)

Jerad Sutton (CO)

Robert Nemenich (CO)

Jason Palitsch (MA)

Parwez Wahid (MA)

Paul G. Yorkis (MA)

Robert Leonard (MD)

Salome T. Peters (MD)

Stuart Appelbaum (NY)

Melissa Mark-Viverito (NY)

Stephanie Miner (NY)

Melissa Sklarz (NY)

Sam H.W. Sappington (OR)

Beth Caldwell (WA)

Bret Chiafalo (WA)

Deb Fitzgerald (VA)

Terry C. Frye (VA)

Presidential electors interested in adding their names to this letter should contact ElectoralCollege16@gmail.com

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usa! usa! usa! :mjcry2:

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usa! usa! usa! :mjcry2:

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There has been no proof of Russian Hacking

CONFIRMED: Russia NOT behind Clinton leaks, evidence emerges they were work of Washington insider
Alexander Mercouris
1 day ago 11,585

Former British ambassador Craig Murray confirms DNC and Podesta leaks were the work of a Washington insider; and says he knows identity and has met with this person. FBI meanwhile casts doubt on CIA claim DNC and Podesta leaks were the work of Russia.

165Share on FacebookTwitter
Craig Murray, Britain’s former ambassador to Russia and a close friend of Julian a*sange, has now confirmed that he knows the identity of the person who leaked the DNC and Podesta leaks to Wikileaks, and that this person is not Russian and has no connection to the Russian government.

On the contrary, he is a Washington insider.

Craig Murray has moreover told the Guardian that he has actually met with this person.

Anyone wanting to know more of what Craig Murray is saying should read his statement on his blog. Indeed it should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in the truth of this affair.

On the subject of his personal knowledge and reputation for truthfulness and credibility Craig Murray has this to say

“Now both Julian a*sange and I have stated definitively the leak does not come from Russia. Do we credibly have access? Yes, very obviously. Very, very few people can be said to definitely have access to the source of the leak. The people saying it is not Russia are those who do have access. After access, you consider truthfulness. Do Julian a*sange and I have a reputation for truthfulness? Well in 10 years not one of the tens of thousands of documents WikiLeaks has released has had its authenticity successfully challenged. As for me, I have a reputation for inconvenient truth telling.”
To which I would merely add what I said about Craig Murray on 31st October 2016

“I have previously put on record my own strong doubts that Russia is behind the DNC and Podesta leaks. Now Craig Murray – a former British ambassador who (unlike me) is a personal friend of Julian a*sange – has come forward to say that he knows 100% as fact that Russia is not behind the leaks.
Craig Murray is a man of proven integrity who as a former senior diplomat has handled classified intelligence material and who therefore knows how to separate fact from fiction. If he says he knows 100% for sure that Russia is not responsible for the DNC and Podesta leaks, then given the sources he has that is good enough for me, as it should be for all reasonable people.”
In other words those who are actually in a position to know and whose record of truthfulness is beyond doubt confirm that the DNC and Podesta leaks were not done by Russia.

Moreover it appears that the FBI, the organisation which as I have repeatedly pointed out has sole competence in this matter, is also casting doubt on the CIA’s claims of Russian involvement in the leaks.

In light of all this the fact the CIA, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Democratic Party, certain hardline Republican Senators, and the mainstream media, are all persisting with an allegation that is obviously untrue, is deeply worrying.

It shows that my concerns yesterday that the situation in the US is beginning to acquire the trappings of a pre-coup situation were not exaggerated. Certainly the US has never been in this sort of situation before.

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the governments main goal is to manage people, avoid unrest, keep stability and the status quo, if you think they're going to risk not casting their vote in their states that people voted for you're being naive.




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