Oct 9 - Bill Clinton Squirms as Protesters Across Country Yell at Him ‘You’re a Rapist!’


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Oct 9 - Bill Clinton Squirms as Protesters Across Country Yell at Him ‘You’re a Rapist!’


The ultimate fallout of Friday’s tape release showing Republican nominee Donald Trump using lewd and disturbing language towards women may be the death of Bill Clinton’s legacy as the world is reminded of the half-dozen r*pe allegations against the former US President.

One has to wonder whether Donald Trump’s campaign is on the verge of explosion or whether Hillary and the media are playing with fire by exposing a recording of the Republican nominee making lewd statements in private captured by a hot mic given the history of her husband Bill Clinton.

While the media bashes Trump, too many establishment politicians to count pull their endorsements and calling for him to step down as the nominee, and Twitter gets lit up with the fallout of a major political candidate being captured on video saying that he just “grabs [women] by the p----,” a new trend appears to be developing of turning the tables on the Clintons on the topic of violence against women.

The trend started yesterday when Juanita Broaddrick, who accuses Bill Clinton of having r*ped her 38 years ago in Arkansas and says that Hillary Clinton threatened her into silence, tweeted in defense of Trump’s disturbing statements that there is a difference between actions and words – and that the actions of both Hillary and Bill Clinton are "horrific."

Yesterday at a rally in Milwaukee a heckler began to yell over the former President that "You’re a rapist" leaving the seasoned politician left to squirm uncomfortably as the rest of the Pro-Clinton crowd booed the protester.

​Catching his wits, Bill Clinton tried to play it off saying, "They had a bad day yesterday, so they’re trying to make it up" referring to the Trump campaign before saying "This is the matter with politics. When other people pour poison down your throat don’t drink it. Give back good."

Juanita Broaddrick spoke in favor of the protester who maligned Bill Clinton’s campaign appearance tweeting, “What a brave man. If anyone knows him tell him thanks for me."

One week earlier during the Fox and Friends news segment a protester lurked behind the camera and started yelling the same state, "Bill Clinton is a rapist" before being carried away by a security detail.

​While the pro-Hillary media stretches Trump’s very obscene statements to suggest that the Republican is a s*xual predator, one is left wondering how much longer they can hold the floodgates back of the Clinton’s not so stellar reputation on such matters of decency, s*xual violence, and treatment of women.
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