EXCLUSIVE: First Mainstream Media Report Of Lil Wayne Being Hooked On Meth

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EXCLUSIVE: First Mainstream Media Report Of Lil Wayne Being Hooked On Meth



visit this link http://mtonews.com/popula .. -crystal-meth/

Popular Rapper Is HOOKED ON CRYSTAL METH . . . That’s What All The SEIZURES ARE ABOUT!! (Has METH Infiltrated HIP HOP)

According to a popular entertainment insider, a rapper we all know is allegedly HOOKED ON CRYSTAL METH. The person who spoke to us asked for COMPLETE ANONYMITY.
The insider told us, “He’s been on that stuff for years. If he doesn’t get it every few hours, he has seizures. Only the people closest to him know about this. He really needs help.”

Wow – we heard of rappers smoking weed, sippin’ lean or taking bars or PERCS. But we’ve never heard of rappers ON METH!!
I fu*king told y'all man

TMZ bout to report it next

The truth is finally coming out


Y'all n*ggas are never getting Carter 5


Good thing Carter 6 is already out


God damn, TMZ is reporting he lost his house too

visit this link http://m.tmz.com/#article .. swatting-call/


Now will you crusty a*s Wayne stans finally believe me?

It's over for Wayne, thug bout to buy this house too.

Speaking of the new, improved Wayne, let's see what he has been up to

visit this link https://www.instagram.com/p/BKJ56IKh0aC/

Well damn



Breaking records Wayne will never achieve

I hope Wayne's sorry for bashing him cause this n*gga might be his only hope at relevance again.

This thread has been brought to you by 300 Entertainment


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Meanwhile at Young Money Headquarters, in the ICU of a hospital in Dagsboro, Delaware, Wayne prepares himself a hit of meth that could Improve nest production in Wasps by 71%

Lil Twist has snuck his trusty meth pipe into the hospital where Wayne is being treated for yet another seizure

Wayne hits the pipe violently, as he has not had his precious crystal in days

One of the nurses approaches Wayne's bed and says

"What are all these old computers doing here, and why does it say "jung Munneh" on the wall here?

Wayne is irritated

"Because it's my office bi*ch"

He says as he blows a yellow cloud of meth smoke right in her face.

She runs to go get the doctor

The doctor approaches later and Wayne is writing Carter 5 verses and talking to himself

"Sir, were moving you to a different part of the hospital, the nurses are concerned with your behavior"

He grabs Wayne's arm to get him out of the bed but Wayne punches the man in the face and then jumps behind his bodyguard. A strategy Wayne uses in every f*ght.

He reaches for the body guards weapon and shoots the doctor right in the retina. tears, blood, eye debris and hair splatter all over the heart monitor by Wayne's bed

He piggy backs onto his body guard and the two make their escape

Later that day, Wayne's bus driver is undergoing an important heart surgery. They are waiting for the only doctor in the area that can do the procedure.

One of the nurses gets a call

She listens and then hangs up the phone

She walks to the bus drivers family and tells them the bad news

"Unfortunately, Dr.Salinsky was shot and k*lled at another hospital today. Your husband will not make it"

The family huddle together and cry, saying their last goodbyes to the dying bus driver

They missed a show at Weinersnchitzel, chilli cheese fries for a year, one cupon for 50% off any 2 corndogs and roughly $13.99, a severe blow to Young Money Finances


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“There’s not a fuxking chance in hell he’s clean. As big as the rock is. At 50.”
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