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Apr 8 - 50 Cent Calls Jadakiss His 'Disgruntled Employee' On 'I Run New York'

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 04-08-2005, 09:34 AM         #1
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@ 09:34 AM 04-08-2005 [emoji] Apr 8 - 50 Cent Calls Jadakiss His 'Disgruntled Employee' On 'I Run New York'

50 Cent is off in Canada filming his acting debut with Jim Sheridan, but he says it doesn't matter where he is, he's still the king of the Big Apple, and no one is going to dethrone him.

50 struck back at Jadakiss Thursday night on DJ Kay

Slay's "Drama Hour" radio program on New York City's Hot 97, when Slay played a 50 Cent/ Tony Yayo record called "I Run New York."

"The walls have ears, lil' n---a, I run New York," 50 says on the chorus of the record. "Even when I ain't here, lil' n---a, I run New York."

50 goes on to proclaim that he also runs Interscope Records and that his labelmate Jada is nothing more than "a disgruntled employee."

"Been in the game 10 years and he still ain't rich," Fif raps. "Even his mama upset that he still ain't sh-- / But he keep runnin' his yap like I'mma take that / One more word out his mouth and I'll push Style's sh-- back."

Later in the record, an excited Yayo gets on the mic and also takes aim at Jada and his crew from Yonkers, proclaiming that "The LOX made more money in the shiny suits," and that "Fat Joe ain't a gangsta."

As the record comes to a close, 50 decides to just talk, and asks somebody to tell P. Diddy to get out of the mirror so 50 can proposition him with a business deal. 50 says he wants to buy Jada's publishing from Puffy.

Don't expect this lyrical feud to end any time soon. Although "My Fo, Fo," — the song Fat Joe said would be his only response to 50 — has already come out, Jada has promised that he has a whole arsenal of records in his stash waiting for 50 (see "Jadakiss, Fat Joe Slicing Their 50 Cent Beef Different Ways").

50 Cent says he runs New York, but does he really have things locked down, or does someone else wear the crown? We want to know what you think.

For more on 50 Cent, check out the feature "All Eyes On 50 Cent: The Sequel."

To read more about Jadakiss and 50's beef, check out the feature "Jadakiss & Fat Joe Sound Off."

— Shaheem Reid


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