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 14 years ago '05        #51
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Don't be mad if the one ur bi*ch sweats is me/ cuz she ain't ur bi*ch if she's havin s*x with me/ c'mon b don't tryna fool us/ i'll leave u with more bumps than a school bus/it's gon take the riot squad to move us/hey u n*gga got gunz but do u bust? /I'm too much,/I'ma tell da truth u suck/muthafu*k classy gimme 2sl*ts n a few cups .....- Lloyd Banks on Still Dre freestyle
that track would k*ll any songs on hunger for more

 04-11-2005, 10:06 PM         #52
KedAKAKnowledge  OP
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"Sometimes I'm in Atlanta where they bank head bounce
And you can come, but after you give Banks head, bounce!"

-Lloyd Banks

 04-11-2005, 10:16 PM         #53
DaHansum1  OP
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And yall scared i can tell/ but imma get bucks like milwaukee cuz like sam i ca-ssel......WHOA

 04-12-2005, 03:17 AM         #54
spookdjw  OP
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Dont answer back this is hard sh*t to follow
and you cant spit ni99a so you obviously must swallow , muthafu*ker
Masta Ace

 14 years ago '04        #55
JoeyAvalanche 1 heat pts
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"Yo so behind the times like cool kids on ranches/
cuz Dizzy drop sh*t like birds from tree brenches"

"Im a disease, a sort of STD/
cuz i came to the stage just to burn emcees/

"Like new underwear cuz im fresh and more tighter"

<----- Dizzy aka Joey Avalanche

 14 years ago '04        #56
D1nOnlyMrM@ 46 heat pts46
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She had me on fire
she was hotter den hells kitchen
when i used da bathroom
my number 1's felt different
she was so fine dun up hair
nails right dat was so unfair
she coulda said im on fiya
Sonny i wouldnt even popped raw
movies i wouldnt bought da 5 dolla hot dog
Plus she was pure when i hit it,
I cant afford dis girly my insurance is twisted
I only spoke 2 her once since then
She played dumb, like Joe u da only one i been wit
Rookie i know she new
Wack head she aint practicin the no teeth rule
Besides boo is clueless told her i dont like nappy roots
She said why they move units
Besides what she be smokin
Played the movie widescreen
She gonna tell me half my tv broken
treat ya girl like if i was kobe
better keep the fire closely
cuz da clip will have u on one leg
like da heismen trophy
ima grown man i wont let dudes abuse me
and i think that word friends is used to loosely
we aint best buds cuz i lent u looseys
put one in ya head full,
and if ya feel like jumpin i provide da red bull
Get into some drastic things,
magneto style,
cant hold me into a plastic bing

 14 years ago '04        #57
Young Fab 1 heat pts
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stop postin yall own punchlines cause they ain't that nice

 14 years ago '04        #58
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 Maie said
Yall Punkz Iz Basic.
Ya Done Jus Face It
i'll put da metal to ya ' temple ' like MONKS WIT BRACES !

you dont wanna challange me mayne.!
i'll put da ' metal to ya chest ' like " MEDIALLIANS ON CHAINS "!

Matter Of Fact If You f*g**ts Caught REACHING FOR MINE?
i'll leave ya ' top covered in red ' like da PIZZA HUT SIGN

cuz i'll bring the ' peice thru ya hood ' like a " HIPPIES TRUCK "!

Noc's Not death?Try Me Son If You Worthy
I'll Put Da ' Answer ' To Ya ' Back ' Like An " IVERSON JERSEY "!

noc'll make dem HEATERS CLAP!
$-EyE try to beat us?SPLAT
i'll put da ' shells to ya dome ' like an ADDIAS CAP!

Listen I Stand Wit Pistons.!
Laugh When You Tramps Be Spittin
i'll have ya ' cry after this cut ' like SAMPSON bi*chIN

man ya whole fam can get it.!
when i put da ' hawk to ya dome ' like ATLATA FITTEDS !

-ME.aka Nocturnal Ryhmer!
All These sh*ts sound like cassidy reject lines

 14 years ago '04        #59
Young Fab 1 heat pts
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here some real punchlines:

throw bullets cause yall talkin sh*t that we don't like/
so my trigga finger itchin like mosquito bites/
so these hoes might be a sight on da news/
cause we roll we 40 9's like Rice and his crew/
how u on da block wit weight sayin u gettin da green?/
when da only time u push coke is on a vendin machine/
i smell victory and women are my grand prize/
who be blowin me out like they winnin by a landslide/
get sent up 2 da damn sky by dat glock, cuz/
cause when they see it they stomach bubble up like hot tubs/
i'ma pimp while yall suckas fallin in a love wit a bi*ch/
i'm rollin weed up and it's sticky like rubber cement/
4 all u n*ggas runnin ya lip i got Mags 2 spit/
and i'll put clips on a n*gga like a bag of chips/
he'll do backward flips cause i ain' scared 2 grab gats/
have doctors runnin test on u like lab rats/
yall rap about gats but our shellys blast out 'em/
and they'll split ya face in 2 like Nelly's last album/
u can tell he's a*sed out talkin bout he spray 'matics/
til he surrounded by flowers layin in a gray casket/
yall pussies is gay f*g**ts/
yall rappin like babies while my flow is so crazy it should be in a stray jacket/
-Young Fab a.k.a Unfu*kWitAble a.k.a Teflon-Don Juan

may not be da best but they damn sho betta than yalls

Last edited by Young Fab; 04-12-2005 at 04:24 PM..

 04-12-2005, 04:25 PM         #60
DeadLy CombO 47  OP
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my favorite ever is the big l line in my sig....

 04-12-2005, 06:30 PM         #61
Shakur195  OP
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"I snipe MC's like a marksman, heat of a arson
Yet I'll freeze ya' mind like a breeze from the Arctic"
- Cormega "Therapy"

 08-04-2005, 02:25 AM         #62
InfestedSTREETs  OP
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Boom doomy..zoomy gloomy you Boomy Foomy??soony doomy yah BOOMY GOONY!!!--Jim Jones..

thats a real Punchlines..

I Don,t Move quick so i never start boostin
thats why my coke gettin lil flips like a rapper from houston
me and my crew gotta spark clips//
put yah face in the toilet see if you could still talk sh*t//
i stay on top wit my crew..thats why my crooks smart//
fuk wit me and i,ll have you unda the sheets like bookmarks//
the beam will space yah//
my stash like staples all we got is "machines and papah"
on the block hot clappin two mags//
watch blood get fashioned on yahh head like hats and durags//
i don,t a team my hawk will blaze yah//
i don,t know so do what yah moms says and don,t talk to strangers// --Me a.k.a Me..=)

 08-04-2005, 02:47 AM         #63
BigSnapmactown  OP
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thsat sh*t big l said

ya mother shoulda swollowed you

 14 years ago '05        #64
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i got this 5 minute freestyle from dipset thats full of them. i usually hate dipset, but this sh*t is crazy. its the only thing i've really liked from them lyrically.

"When I rap it goes to show that Magic Johnson aint the only sick N living"-J.R Writer( I think)

"Ya think i'm spellin IVERSON when the beef all done/cause you'll be on the I.V in the E.R son."-40 Cal or somesh*t fu*k i don't know these peoples names lol.

"I come with more biscuits than a KFC 10 peice"-^same dude

"you couldn't clap and wave your gun if it came witha hand"-^same dude

the whole song of Fall Back with Banks,Fab, and Busta

"I'ma giant in rap its kinda hard for small forwards to guard centers"-lloyd banks
"guns are kinda like tattooes even bow wow got one"-lloyd banks

"if i sled through your area it'll prob. be with those crazy kids from Liberia/who don't think of bids when they airin ya/cause for a peak at ya fridge they'll bury ya"-fab

"I'm on the move like a Ryder Van/and i can walk through any gang territory with the same suit as Spider-Man"-fab

"I'm a winner with my first two, and i'm stuntin til my death/so i want spinners on my hurst too"-fab

"Cause i cut keys like a hardware store"-cassidy

"I don't gotta whip but i got my chicks Z3Key no top/dropped out like a GED"-Cassidy

"all i'm tryin to do is get brain like the scarecrow/on wizzard of oz like i aint lyin/alot of yall need courage like cowardly lion/all this powder i'm buyin i could make a brickroad and my ??? is the size of Swizz's nose"-cassidy

"I'm a grown a*s man i don't play with kids/i'll ??? the leg and rip you apart like a Mr.Potato head". -cassidy

i'd post more but most of them have already posted. cassidy got alot of punches, all of those are all from the same live hot 97 "freestyle" session thing with Enuff. theres a lot more than that in there, but i just put a few.

heres one from Fab..

"they wanna bury ya/so i travel with Asemi like eddie in Commin to America"-fab from keepin it gangsta remix.

I probably messed up a few of those, but oh well. they're probably isn't actual lyrics anywhere of the Cass thing, and i'm too lazy right now to find the others.

Last edited by benadreal; 08-04-2005 at 03:36 AM..

 14 years ago '05        #65
alkoholyck 2 heat pts
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come hard like seemen on ice - Tyna

I run this town like pop smurf - Tyna

C.O.N i be raising more hands than Hitler - Conpsy

Your so deaf, got u hard of hearing like phone s*x - Conpsy

with your pipe dreams, u soundin like cheech and chong - Conpsy

 14 years ago '04        #66
Mysonne 1 heat pts
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I'm like the 4 seasons when i bust the 4 cause when the fire pin When ta(winter) the spring(spring) son will (summer) fall (fall). papoose- Bloody Wars

Try to do me harm soldier and you'll be in a black bag like grass out the lawnmower.
-Lloyd Banks

Far from broke got enough bread and mad hoes ask beavis i get nuthing butthead.
-Big L

 08-04-2005, 02:11 PM         #67
Flozz  OP
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for me to expose you,dont take much/
these shots be "amerie",no song but u will get "touch"/
u kno cats spit like they hard on tracks/
my team will bomb out ur streets like the london attacks/
u aint gangsta cuz u seen or touch clip/
battle me,u know yo career already "blew-up/blue up" like u was a "crip"/

-Flozz Aka Me Aka Better Then You

 14 years ago '04        #68
Young Fab 1 heat pts
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like i said yall need to stop postin ya own lyrics cause yall wack. real talk

 14 years ago '05        #69
b_eazy 68 heat pts68
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i aint tryna be a hater, i jus say wut i think
but i seen better punchlines at the prom waitin for drinks

 08-04-2005, 03:53 PM         #70
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These aren't the best i've heard, but some that I had to rewind a couple times:

I'm like Fish in +The Matrix+/ Hopin she's the one that +ain't no replacin+..."
-Phonte "Ladies Jam"

"Phonte's the man to do it/ Ya'll spineless, while my sh*t is timeless like Jam and Lewis..."
-Phonte "Starvation"

"All in the same rhyme I hold down the street/ And the birds at the same time like +Control Alt Delete+..."
-L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Lou's Tavern"

"You nicer than me? n*gga please/ You could +battle like a samurai+/ And still take an +L in Japanese+"
-Chaundon "The Honorable"

*Notice they're all from Justus League.


 08-04-2005, 05:26 PM         #71
ADrake22  OP
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"They gassed him, so I had to throw the heat on
Til I left him soundin like Free, "Yo somebody throw a beat on"
Well Imma throw a beat on
Till his f*g**t a*s got Five Heartbeats left, and he about to lose Leon" -Murda Mook

"You and your crew a bunch of dopes
Ya'll aint touch nobody; only thing ya'll jumped was rope" -Murda Mook

"Goin flood the Island with quaters
Move work from Denver to D.C. like Portis" -Jadakiss

"Now everybody wanna be Pac till they a*s really get popped and they die on the third day" -Jadakiss

"Lloyd Bank$ took Fab whole style
Like you aint know; only thing missin is his chipped-tooth smile" -Sheek Louch

 14 years ago '05        #72
D-Man0201 2 heat pts
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"We in the '64, air horn blowing at my enemies, bullet proof cap, I aint going out like Kennedy" Lloyd Banks

 14 years ago '05        #73
D-Man0201 2 heat pts
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"Been sonning n*ggas so long, I think I gotta grandson" Big Pun off Banned From TV Song

 14 years ago '04        #74
D. Norman 6 heat pts
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I dont give a fu*k, But if ya know who WARBUX is, then u know homeboy got some of the sickest punchlines, fu*k a signed rapper, a grip of internet rappers come up wit better punchlines every week (none here so dont none ya hold ya breath)

 14 years ago '05        #75
D-Man0201 2 heat pts
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"Even if i studdered i would still sh-sh-sh*t on you!" Big Pun of Johnny Blaze

Aight thats the last one....



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