Weed Vs. Oregano...Can You Tell The Difference?

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Weed Vs. Oregano...Can You Tell The Difference?


Can you tell the difference? imageimage

An elementary school teacher in Benecia, Calif., pleaded not guilty on February 14 to felony poisoning and one misdemeanor count of supplying marijuana, after being accused of serving pot-laced food to her colleagues at a dinner party.

Teresa Badger, who, by all accounts, was a popular teacher, allegedly brought a dish containing weed to an after-work potluck at a fellow teacher’s house on November 21.

According to the Times-Herald:

“Later in the evening, several guests reported feeling sick or possibly high, police said. Two women were taken to the hospital, where blood work revealed at least one of them had marijuana in their system. A 15-year-old child also got sick after ingesting some of the pot-laced food the next day.”
Oddly, I can’t find any information about what kind of food she served, but some news outlets have definitively ruled out brownies as a possibility.

It sounds like no one has any idea why Badger decided to take the term “potluck” literally–she has no criminal record, nor was she known to be a stoner. Why WOULD a primary school teacher do such a thing? Some possibilities:

1) To play a joke and liven up an otherwise boring party. I can’t imagine primary school teachers cut loose much after hours.

2) To exact revenge on other teachers for stealing her lunch out of the break room fridge when it was CLEARLY marked “T. Badger”

3) To be nice and give her colleagues a good time. Weed ain’t cheap, and sharing is caring, after all!

Another possibility: Maybe, just MAYBE it was an honest mistake. The recipe could have called for oregano and she reached for ground ganja instead?

I guess until her court date on April 11 (I wonder if the judge was tempted to set it on 4/20) we won’t really know the whole story. In the meantime, here’s a good, basic recipe for quick, easy, and fudgy brownies–I’ve made these before and people love ’em. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to add any special ingredients–just be careful about who you serve them to!

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