Apr 2 - Paul Wall Talks Grill Biz

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Apr 2 - Paul Wall Talks Grill Biz

The king of chopped-and-screwed, Paul Wall, is knee-deep in the business of teeth, designing and marketing gold teeth for celebrity clients and ordinary folks with his TV Jewelry business.

The shop also supplies other jewels besides mouth grills. "There [are] a lot of people that come through there and get their grills done and get their diamonds worked," Wall told AllHipHop.com.

TV jewelry clients include rappers Mike Jones, Master P., Lil Jon and T.I., David Banner, and Chingy, Wall said.

After teaming with Vietnamese jeweler Johnny Dang, the Houston native opened up shop in Texas and Maryland and began promoting his business.

"We got a shop in Houston, Texas and Shores Town, Maryland called TB Jewelry,” Wall said. “[I] did a lot of grills for the greats. Myself, my boy Mike Jones, the Colonel Master P, he came through there. All of Lil Jon’s grills, my boy T.I. did his grill you know what im saying, David Banner, my boy Steven Jackson from the Indiana Pacers, Zero."

In related news, Paul Wall is preparing to release his debut album, People's Champ. The album will feature guest appearances from Lil Wayne, BG, TI, Mike Jones and others.


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