CREDITS: Joe Budden - Joe Budden

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CREDITS: Joe Budden - Joe Budden

ARTIST: Joe Budden
ALBUM: Joe Budden
YEAR: 2003

LABEL: Def Jam
RELEASE DATE: June 10, 2003

1. Intro
Produced by White Boy
"Intro" contains a sample of "Lock And Key", written by Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson & Neil Peart. Performed by Rush.

2. #1
Produced by White Boy
"#1" contains a sample of "I'm Still #1", written by Lawrence Parker, performed by Boogie Down Productions.
"#1" contains a sample of "The Bridge Is Over", written by Scott LaRock and Lawrence Parker, performed by KRS-One.
"#1" contains a sample of "Sound Of Da Police", written by Eric Burden, Bryan Chandler, Alan Lomax, Lawrence Parker and Rodney Lemay, performed by KRS-One.
"#1" contains an interpolation of "Baby Let Me Take You In My Arms", written by Abrim Timon.

3. Pump It Up
Produced by Just Blaze
"Pump It Up" contains an a sample from "Soul Vibrations", written by Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, George Brown, Robert Mickens, Claydes Smith, Dennis Thomas and Richard Westfield. Performed by Kool and The Gang.

4. Pusha Man
Produced by White Boy

5. U Ain't Gotta Go Home
Produced by White Boy

6. Walk With Me
Produced by White Boy

7. She Wanna Know featuring Lil' Mo
Produced by White Boy
"She Wanna Know" contains a sample of "I Love You So Much/Never Wanna Let You Go", written by Barry White, performed by Love Unlimited Orchestra.

8. Survivor
Produced by White Boy

9. Fire featuring Busta Rhymes
Produced by Just Blaze
"Fire" contains an interpolation of "Super Rappin'", written by Melvin Gover.
"Fire" contains an interpolation of "wh*res In This House", written by Frank Ski and Al McLaran, Jr.

10. Ma Ma Ma featuring 112
Produced by White Boy
"Ma Ma Ma" contains an interpolation of "Hail Mary", written by Rufus Cooper, Katari Cox, Yafeu Fula, Joseph Paquette, Tupac Shakur, Bruce Washington and Tyrone Wrice.

11. Calm Down
Produced by White Boy

12. Focus
Produced by White Boy

13. Give Me Reason
Produced by Just Blaze

14. Stand Up Nucca
Produced by White Boy

15. 10 Mins.
Produced, Arranged and Conducted by Lofey

16. Real Life In Rap
Produced by White Boy
"Real Life In Rap" contains a sample of "Right On Brother", written by Dennis Lambert and Brain Potter, performed by The Four Tops.

17. pr0no Star
Produced by White Boy


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