Ubisoft confirms far cry 4 character is gay

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Ubisoft confirms far cry 4 character is gay


From the very second the cover images and art were revealed for Far Cry 4 they have been the subject of second guessing and controversy. Between the Tibetan prayer flags, the apparent subjugation of another human being and the overwhelming amount of stereotypical images pertaining to effeminate, gay men, where do we begin? Ubisoft is the largest video game company in the world after the recent layoffs by EA.

Why then, do you need such blatantly obvious images in your games? You don’t need to attract attention.

We all know who you are. That is something you expect from a startup in order to get their name out there. I contacted Ubisoft Montreal, the studio in charge of development, in order to confirm. I obviously wasn’t the only one who thought this, as evidenced by this tweet by Polygon’s own editor Ben Kuchera. Look at the responses to it as well.

After a few calls and busy phone lines, I was able to reach Public Relations Manager Marie-Michelle Crevier. I asked her about the reason behind including the stereotypical images as well as making the character gay. The response of “What images are you referring to?” I admit took me for surprise. When I mentioned the all pink clad effeminate man with frosted hair, teased eyebrows as well as all the p*nis-centric images (of which I listed them all), the response changed to “We weren’t planning on releasing that information yet”. I attempted to confirm by asking again if he is gay but they are just not releasing the fact that he is gay yet. Ms. Crevier responded in the affirmative by saying “Yes. But sir you’ll need to contact the San Francisco office and speak to Scott Fry for any more information.

He’s the person handling PR for Far Cry 4″. Before ending the call, I asked Ms. Crevier the reason behind not releasing the information, especially after recent news on the lack of female and gay protagonists. I got the same response and referred to Mr. Fry again. The conversation was short and amicable and I thanked her for her time.

Now that I had confirmation, I attempted to reach Mr. Fry as to why but received negative results. Numerous calls, voice mails and twitter messages went unreturned over a period of four days. As much as I would have liked a response, it wasn’t really necessary as I already knew that Far Cry 4 would have a gay protagonist. It is still slightly disturbing that in 2014 major companies have to hide these facts, but I get it. Its about money. Unfortunately, it’s 2014 not 1814 and no one really cares so long as you make a good game. It’s also disturbing that it has to come down to stereotypes in these images as well. I think we are past that as a society.

I hope. Ubisoft’s E3 press conference is set for June 9th so maybe we will hear more then. Maybe not. In case you haven’t seen the image yet, it’s posted below for you to see. Don’t forget the conveniently placed logo of the”gay rainbow” as well. The preorder page is interesting too. Could it be more obvious the way he’s holding the giant spear weapon?

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