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Saigon Interview Talks About The 50 Cent/Jadakiss/Fat Joe Beef

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Saigon Interview Talks About The 50 Cent/Jadakiss/Fat Joe Beef

How have you been since our last interview?

I've been great man. Been great. I feel blessed. I feel special.

What's good with that Whoo Kid mixtape?

The Whoo Kid mixtape comes out on Friday, "Abandoned Nation Volume One." I'm doin a mixtape with 730, with you, of some exclusive, unreleased, lost-and-found sh1t, to show that I'm the underground champ since everyone wants to act like they're lyricists.

Who produced on this mixtape?

Scram Jones did five tracks, this kid Shuko from overseas did "Out There" and Just Blaze is on here.

What made you want to work with Whoo Kid?

My first mixtape was with Whoo Kid. Whoo Kid been around since the first cassette mixtape. I got a new song on there, I wrote the song in '97 when I was locked up. It's like the "Why" sh1t. I did that sh1t a long, long time ago. I know at least five different MC's that had a version of that song before it came out. It's not the hardest thing to think of. You can tell from the way my sh1t was written that I wrote it in jail with all the multi-syllables. I got jail rhymes, and I got the rhymes for dummies.

What's the difference between jail rhymes and dummy rhymes?

When you're rhyming in jail, they listen to every word. When you come out here, you got dummies who just want to laugh and have something that they can sing along with. They don't want to hear your introspective thoughts. That's the difference between my jail raps and dummy raps. I still write the jail raps. Even now I dumb them down so these dumb motherfu#kers can get it.

How much would you attribute your success today to your earlier mixtapes?

All of it. That's how I got heard. That's how people got up on Saigon. That's why Saigon is known around the world. I've sold 100,000 for all I know. I love it. I encourage motherfu#kers to get it out there because people like it and that's what got me where I'm at.

And that "Dirty Biz" track you did with G Rap is crazy…

I got the "Letter P" remix with G Rap too…I'm gonna give it to you so you can put it up on the site…

What happened with Nas?

I had did this "War" remix from the Nas album. I liked the song a lot so I added a verse on that. I'm not usually a fan of people taking records without permission but I did it anyway. Nas heard it, he liked it, he called me straight-up, not even a manager call, he called me straight-up, said "I like what you did with the record and I wanna fu#k with it." That sh1t meant a lot to me. We're also talking about doing some community work.

How important is it that rappers help the community?

I was tellin Nas "yo man you a powerful dude." You can never look at SoundScan and tell how powerful you are, because when a motherfu#ker sells a lot of records, that means suburban America is buying all the records. Marky Mark sold 5 million records, but that doesn't make him a good rapper. Nas has way more followers than these dudes that sell 5 or 6 million records. He has the hearts of the people, he just doesn't use it. He can lead people somewhere. He has a lot of power. Don't waste that power on just living it up and just having fun. He can touch more people than Malcolm touched, and look how powerful he was. You have a media, a means, to touch more people than he touched. He's a very righteous brother. He's a smart brother, and that's why it meant a lot when he reached out. I got my big brother Jay-Z holdin me down too. He's showed me a lot about this game. I can't lose. That's why I feel special. Not too many people get in this situation. I got Just Blaze on the beats. I need advice I can holla at Jay or Nas. Hip Hop is my A&R, my marketing guy is Al Branch, who marketed Kanye. I got the Dream Team! I'm set up to win. If I fail, it's on me.

A lot of people want half of what you got…

That's why I didn't jump on no deal. That's why I bubbled on the underground and waited. I could have signed a bullsh1t deal. Look at my situation. This sh1t is chess moves B.

Speaking of chess moves, we already talked about how 50 is playing chess too, what do you think about what 50 Cent is doing right now?

I respect 50 a lot. 50's the first person that told me to fu#k with Chris Landry. He had done the "Guess Who's Back" sh1t. I was reading your article and he said he didn't know me, that was a chess move. He taught me a lot. I learn from everyone I encounter. So I take that as a blessing and move on. This game is about winning and losing. That's why they call it a game. You got certain people that think they care about the culture so much that they'd rather be broke just to "keep it real" with the culture. Then they get mad at people who succeed and then they gonna try to pull them down. If you're really all about the culture, then go hard, go for the streets, bring it back to where it started at. People don't care about that. If Lyor came to those dudes with a deal they'd be like "ok where do I sign at." I'm not tryin to hear that sh1t. I'm gonna keep it real. My music is never gonna change. I'm never gonna go pop. I'm not doin none of that sh1t. The n1ggas I got around me won't let me change. If I looked at them and said "I need to do some commercial sh1t" they'd look at me like I was crazy.

What about the G-Unit situation…

When I first met them, me and 50 talked about it, I'm like, "you got to take off." I wasn't even trying to scream G-Unit. I'm not trying to be part of your crew. But I'm like, I can align myself with you so I can represent my Abandoned Nation sh1t. He was like "cool, I'm gonna holla at you." We'd build in the studio and sh1t. One day we was talkin' over the 2-way, and he didn't like the way I said something, and after that we never spoke again. I've seen him on mad occasions. It's all love. I seen Tony Yayo yesterday, it was love. He was congratulating me, sayin "yo I'm proud of you." We got the same accountant for taxes. There's no real drama with 50. I'm proud of him. A lot of people hate on him because he's so successful. If he was not as successful, he would not be getting as much hate as he gets. He knows how to trick the system. 50 can write hard songs all day, but they're not big hits. They won't get on the radio though. He tricked the game. He learnt from everybody, Jay, Nas, down South rappers…that's why he's the star he is.

Do you think Fat Joe and Jadakiss are taking "Piggybank" too seriously?

Yeah, because 50 is playing chess with these n1ggass. What he did is he hyped that whole record up for so long. They waited to hear the record before they went in. 50 said "I'm making a record about you." That's why 50 wins. He had everyone anticipating that record. This is how he played chess with these n1ggas. So the record comes out, he sells all these records, he sells over a million the first week. Then he has that press conference with Game talking about promoting peace. Now 50 Cent shows the people that he has a heart. Not Fat Joe and Jadakiss look like they're promoting bullsh1t. He's won already.

If you were Fat Joe what would you do?

They were stupid for going at him. If I'm Fat Joe, I'd be like "you won, you beat me, you tricked the game!" What Fat Joe did on the radio was perfect when he just talked on the radio.

If 50 disses you, what do you do?

It depends what he says. If he's making me compromise my manhood…me trying to go to war with 50 Cent, any of us trying, is like Iraq going to war with the U.S. There's too much power over here. Too much money power! They're walking with hundreds of millions of dollars. Their security guards could kill you and get away with it easy! Straight like that! Just like what happened with Snoop. Snoop can say "yo kill that n1gga" Bong bong bong!!!

What else do you have goin on?

I got a lot goin on. I got people from MTV and HBO callin me to do some TV work. They're lookin out for me. I get a lot of love in the streets. I feel the love now. Before I couldn't feel it. When a real n1gga says "I love your sh1t," they're not a d1ckrider, that's real. A lot of n1ggas get love because they're a star. I'm not no star man. I get that just because of my music.

Any Last words?

I'd like to thank y'all n1ggass for your support. I get a lot love on the HipHopGame jump-off. That sh1t means a lot to me. Don't think every rapper and their mama don't look at that sh1t B! Every rapper looks at that because they want to see what other n1ggas are sayin about their sh1t and what they're sayin about other n1ggas too! I'm glad y'all got that sh1t on there. You're the best sh1t on the whole internet to me man! I can't wait to post some new songs up there! I'm gonna be the reigning champ of the audio section B!

 http://www.hiphopgame.com .. page=saigon2k5


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